Dozens of men jumped into Akasha Cullen help! Beat, to ask his wife!

Dozens of men jumped into Akasha Cullen help! Beat, to ask his wife! Unfortunately, XXX actress wanted to commit suicide! Dozen men jumped into her help, and some of them asked her to marry.

Oana Neagu, known more by the name used in productions XXX, Akasha Cullen was on the brink of suicide, and the reactions of men were not left waiting. Dozens of men jumped into using pornstar and many of them were offered to marry her. Messages started coming waves. Most were from men, who wanted to know the porn actress. Akasha Cullen told us that women began to court. Oana told us that he was assaulted with messages from various suitors.

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I opened my dating agency! Inaccurate to say marriage”. After the interview I gave, many princes had jumped to help Princess Sleeping Beauty. They want to start a family with me, want to have children and a beautiful life without worry. Young or older … even women, all expressed interest in me”, she told us Oana Neagu.

In addition to dozens of messages from men, Oana was approached by a few girls, those who wanted a future with the beautiful actress.

“I want to announce the ladies, I’m heterosexual

Sorry, I want to announce the ladies, I’m heterosexual. But if I will ever change orientation, and I will take them into account. And the church jumped to help me and explained to me that God loves me. I greatly appreciated their messages, she told us Oana Neagu.

Interestingly, the church was with Akasha Cullen .

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Akasha Cullen: Attempted suicide at only 25 years! The reason that a porn actress wanted to die!

Akasha Cullen: Attempted suicide at only 25 years! The reason that a porn actress wanted to die! Akasha Cullen actress XXX industry, Oana Neagu her name from the bulletin, went through hard times. Even the day she turned 25, porn starlet wanted to commit suicide.

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Many people are proposing that up to a certain age to realize some things to start a family, to have a child or bought a house. However, when they fail to fulfill their desires, depression makes its place in the minds of the weak. This is what happened when porn starlet Oana Neagu, who had to lose about 30 pounds, everything to debut in XXX movies.

“To take a whole tube of sleeping pills and not wake up

Beautiful XXX actress told us that depression included a day that turned 25, and then the black thoughts have gone through my head.

I cried until I ran out of tears. It was a pain to tear me. At the turn of 10 and 11 January I wanted to get evaporate. I said, “nothing living on this earth if we did not anything that I want.” Friends were with me in those moments. The closest I did not have wished for years for fear that I will cry. At age 20, I proposed that by the age of 25 years to be married and have a baby. I did 25 years. What I got? With nothing. I even have a stable relationship. Unstable or stable, I wanted a relationship. There! I feel older. May joke, more seriously, halt on this earth for a quarter century. God as it sounds! It’s sad! You get to an age and realize that not everything is about money. Money is good, but can not buy happiness. I could not take a whole tube of sleeping pills and I no longer wake up dreaming for an eternity. Good luck with friends who have managed to save me last time “, she told us, sad, Akasha Cullen.

Oana wants to fix mistakes and injustices of others.

“I crawled on my knees and elbows to have a future

Oana told us that everything done so far and what you do next is for children, heirs that does not have yet. XXX actress secretly loves a boy, but it seems that he has no eyes for her.

“I worked and I crawled on my knees and elbows to make my future. We went on the idea that everything I do now is for my children. What children? With whom? I like a boy. I’m in love with him, but will never be anything between us. Unfortunately … I reached a point where you have to take the wisest choice. These are work-related, but my private life, the actress revealed.

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It was abandoned

Even if the family turned its back still small, Oana can not remain indifferent to the attempts of the heathen near them. As every bad thing has its benefits, I can say that my birthday I was taken by surprise. My father called me and told me “Happy Birthday”. I love that you begin to have a family and my father wants to be involved in my life. He said they welcome in her home. Despite having learned from television who I am and what I do, all girl‘s remains! My grandmother called me several times and wished me all the best. Even though I left homeless, I was very excited about her calls. I asked her to return to Romania and I promised that I’ll take care of it. I’m not a bad person. If you know how to behave with me, I am able to give my clothes on me “, concluded Oana.

And XXX starlets have some love! Fabulous love story of a famous actress XXX!

Oana Neagu, better known as Akasha Cullen, has big plans. Recently moved to Budapest, XXX actress has found half here. Even if you usually use Google Translate to understand what they say, they have plans for marriage. Oana Neagu, known as public amateur porn: Akasha Cullen, lives for a little while a beautiful love story.

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Although she insisted that it’s not ready for a relationship, the inevitable happened. She told us to have a relationship with a young man who understands and accepts it as is.

He knows that after every shooting will return to it

XXX starlet who had to lose dozens of pounds to be able to perform in adult films told us how she met her love. The young man managed to go very fast in the ninth heaven, especially because he prefers Oana Neagu and not Akasha.

The young starlet has met halfway in Budapest.

Although it is 21 years old, he is mature in thinking and manages to be my friend, brother, father and lover. The thing that is very important to me. I appreciate that it is not possessive. Understand my job and I can not comment on anything. He knows that after every shooting will return to him. There have been cases where I went and took me from filming told us Akasha Cullen .

He appeared in boxers in the kitchen

Adult film star told us that he met in Budapest, when he went to visit some friends and as first impressions count most, of it will be hard to forget...

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Oana used to do tricks to her colleagues.

I knew when I moved in Budapest. I went to my friends house and he appeared in boxers in the kitchen. Perhaps when he awoke“, she told us, laughing.

“Sometimes we also use Google Translate to enable us to understand

As another nationality, communication between the two is sometimes difficult. When Akasha goes to the store, he dictates the letters you need to buy, and home means a little more difficult..

Speak Romanian an average. Sometimes we also use Google Translate to enable us to understand. I learned a few words in Hungarian“,she he told us starlet. Moreover, even if a little time together the two have talked about the wedding. “Although we are a little time together, we had the opportunity to talk about marriage. We have plans for the future that we want to put them into practice. Data can not say exactly, but it will be in the fall, she told us Oana.

“I appreciate that it is not possessive. He understands my job and I can not comment on anything”, Akasha Cullen.




Akasha Cullen starlet has weakened to play in adult films, has written his first book! See what it is!

Akasha Cullen starlet has weakened to play in adult films, has written his first book! See what it is! Actress Oana Neagu, better known as Akasha Cullen managed a performance unrivaled by anyone in the XXX industry. Young succeeded in a few months to write her first book, and in future want to fill a library with her books.

Akasha Cullen

Besides XXX movies, Akasha Cullen, XXX star who had to drastically lose weight to get into the porn industry, is in love with writing. When not filming and take a break from the gym, young actress put in office and write incessantly.

Akasha Cullen told us that it took a year to finish the novel of love, which is based on the Law of Attraction, law has governed life. The idea of this is: askbelieveyou have. The novel is based on the Law of Attraction.

The book is called ‘Closed smiling, start lovingand is a romance novel, but the idea of the book is love. It is given only as an example of Newton’s law of universal gravitation. I wanted to point this law because my life was changed because of them. The action of the book takes place in New York- Manhattan. From geographically, everything is real. Since intersection and ending with small neighborhood stores. I’ve never been in New York, but I helped the maps and the internet to gather the information we need”, she told us young writer Akasha Cullen.

Akasha Cullen write a book

Akasha wrote the first book in a year. Moreover, Akasha Cullen, who is also an avid tattoo on his left forearm has drawn a painting” which refers to the Law of Attraction. If at one point all data is real, the rest of the action is fictional.┬á Akasha Cullen has big plans for the next period. Working on a biographical essay. Nor had he finished first opera, she already started to write the second. This time it is a biographical work, which is “dedicated” to her family members, who left a small, being forced to cope with life on his own strength. At the moment, working on a biographical essay that describes my life step by step. The book is entitled “Journal of a successful womanand is dedicated to my family, who have not passed my life. This book will be finished in two or three years “, said the young XXX actress.

Moreover, Akasha Cullen presented us some idea, which she started putting them on paper, in her new book:
January 11, 1990 is the time I came along. With the first breath, I felt the pain and suffering that will accompany me in years of life. An unwanted child … That we were and still are “…” Later I was to realize that sold me on anything. In my poverty, I accepted gladly, without a moment I realized that I sell my soul of evil “

No, I never thought to make a business out of writing

Akasha Cullen explained that she does not want to make a business of selling books, writing for her is just a hobby that I practice whenever you have time. No, I never thought to make a business out of writing. It’s just a hobby that fills my spare time. I do it for my mental satisfaction. I know that not everyone has the gift of writing. After publishing the books, I will proud with my own library! “, said the young actress.

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