Porn star Alina Plugaru wants to learn to shoot a gun. The reason is hallucinating!!!

Porn star Alina Plugaru wants to learn to shoot a gun. The reason is hallucinating!!! Alina Plugaru has no qualms when she returned home from the African jungle. The actress is now seeking a new challenge. One more dangerous than the one in the jungle. Alina confessed her participation in “I’m famous, get me out of here!” was a challenge for her. Although perhaps not appeared on television as the period during which the African jungle state where they filmed contest was one where Alina had high levels of adrenaline.

Alina Plugaru Porn Star

Now Alina is looking for new challenges bringing adrenaline, the more that can not go along with the gallery Star appearances, which included. After all thought they could do, the actress chose: Ihave to learn to shoot a gun.

Not because they want to scare someone, put someone on the run, but from an entirely different reason. “I want to try something new, where to letting the tensions, given that no longer go to matches” said Alina a friend. Now she is in search of a polygon fired the gun where to be accepted and civilians.

Alina Plugaru, revelations about the period in which it was porn actress.

Alina Plugaru, revelations about the period in which it was porn actress. Alina Plugaru got famous after starring in adult films. Now sexy blonde is one of the stars taking part in TV shows.

Alina Plugaru in TV show

Even though it was criticized by the people for the choices she has made throughout life, Alina Plugaru accept her past and incur it.

The blonde was not embarrassed to talk about during the play and told how porn was her first experience XXX actress.

When I shot the first time I got stuck, I did not know anything. I like to see what happens, but when I was asked to do I block ,told Alina Plugaru…

What lies is behind the smile of Alina Plugaru! Drama for actress XXX: “My mother left us, and I did not go to her funeral!”

What lies is behind the smile of Alina Plugaru! Drama for actress XXX: “My mother left us, and I did not go to her funeral!”. Alina Plugaru confessed and told all about the drama experienced by the child. Former XXX actress was raised by a father because her mother left her at an early age.

Alina Plugaru talk

Alina Plugaru testified as her life before playing adult movies. Blondie suffered much because her mother has never interested her what‘s wrong with her or her other two brothers.

At 7 years old, my parents divorced. We were three brothers, we were summoned to court to ask us who we want to be. We all chose to stay with my father. My father fought for us and take us to grow. Her mother reconciled easily with the situation. from a point on it was no longer interested in our fate. for 16 years we were not looking. They did not care about us, us why should we care ? we have not ever looked! he could find me before he died. Maybe her family did not know us. we preferred not to get into her life. My mother had a problem with drink. I do not support people who smell of alcohol, I stayed with that small. My father said he should not drink to us. Tata has done its duty to raise me up to 18 years. What I chose to do my part just me, it is my responsibility, not his, to anyone. I was about 23 years old when her family members I announced when he died. As long as a person is looking for you, you can not enter by force in a person’s life alleys. From what I understand to remarry with a guy who had 7 children. Perhaps now regret that I have not searched my mother are in a phase of denial and acceptance. I have never dreamed. O remember how I was when I was 7 years. At her funeral I preferred not to go to my left her image. I do charity, in return”, Alina Plugaru said.

Former porn actress retired about four years ago, the XXX industry. It remained, however, somewhat in the industry. In the sense that opened a massage parlor, where he works from morning to night.

Alina Plugaru: “I did porn, but I’m not a prostitute. I do not do sex for money!”

Alina Plugaru: “I did porn, but I’m not a prostitute. I do not do sex for money!”

Alina Plugaru porn diva

Alina Plugaru, the former queen of XXX movies, continue to struggle with prejudices, even though retired from porno.ignită of friends” on Facebook, the blonde decided to take action. In a post on the social networking site, Alina has sent a message to those who judge and still treat it as a porn star.

I do not work in the adult industry for more than 2 years. I did porn, but I’m not a prostitute and do not have sex for money. Do not humiliate me in front of anyone and believe me I do not ashamed of my past. There are many people who ask me mess ID or phone number I would like to put yourself in my place and I will publish them on the Internet Do you still have privacy? If you really appreciate me, please do not use swear words on my Facebook page. Accept feedback and criticism on a civilized tone, but not obscene words “, wrote Alina Plugaru on social site.

XXX actress from Romania.

XXX actress from Romania. Performances. Almost unknown in the country, porn actresses born in Romania are among the highest rated movie industry Racy Cosmin Torr Although encounter prejudices countrymen, performance” romanian porn actresses were not rewarded with once adult film awards galas.

Sandra Romain
Born in Romania , brunette entered the porn industry in 2000. She was partner Rocco Siffredi legendary pornstar. She earned a reputation as the “queen of anal sex” and in recent years has been one of the most popular actresses in the industry (over 300 films), performance rewarded on 13 January 2007, with four awards at the Adult Video Nudes (AVN ) Awords in Las Vegas (Oscar equivalent). 29 years old Romanian woman plans to retire permanently from work next year.

Sandra Romain fucked

Clara G
Clara G, 28 years old, born in Romania. She began her career seven years ago, working most of the time in Budapest, European Capital of pornography. Clara G. has played only with other women, because her partner is faithful, Raul Cristian, Romanian producer of erotic movies. In January she received an award at AVN Awords.

Clara G porn diva in bed

Jasmine Rouge
In the 23 years old, Jasmine Rouge has already played in 47 movies. She began her career at age 19, her first and only partner already famous porn actor of Romanian origin, Titus Steel. It became her partner in everyday life, marrying the two last year. She was nominated for Venus and came to the attention of major manufacturers in the industry. She posed for “Playboy“, “Hustler” and many other magazines.

Jasmine Rouge fucked

Alina Plugaru
Young hope Plugaru Alina was born in 1987, in Vaslui. It was noted at the age of 17 years as an entertainer in erotic shows. At 18 she starred in her first film. This year, Alina collaborates with Floyd Agency, used the stage name Enrika. Alina became known after she proposed to have sex with 60 men in one day.

Alina Plugaru with a red car

Top 7: Porn Stars @ Eros Show

Tera Bond

Top 7: Porn Stars @ Eros Show. See what celebrities are doing erotic show for you … Porn stars in Italy, Hungary and Romania waiting for you. Shows exceptional that you will not forget easily. All you have to do is get them there to admire and take pictures with starlets. Presenters event will be Alina Plugaru and DJ La Reina Mala.

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Here are the Top 7: Porn Stars Eros Show!

7. Taboo Boys & Girls

Taboo Boys & Girls

Carmen, Taboo Girls

6. Maria – Relax Day

Maria - Relax Day

5. Ginger Devil

Ginger Devil porn diva xxx

4. Tera Bond

Tera Bond

3. Maria Bellucci

Maria Bellucci

2. Greta Martini

Greta Martini

1. Sofia Gucci

Sofia Gucci



Alina Plugaru – from pornography to saucepan.

Alina Plugaru – from pornography to saucepan.

Porn actress Alina Plugaru became Housewives. Blonde and her boyfriend were photographed by paparazzi while took their food, packed, from a fast food restaurant. The two started, then in haste home. Since no filming sex scenes on the set tough Hungarian Plugaru Alina has more time for her boyfriend. As a result, now spend evenings together and love more.

Alina Plugaru face

Alina Plugaru at sea.

Alina Plugaru at sea.

After making headlines in movies and shows porn, hot Alina Plugaru seaside atmosphere, where she appeared in a white bathing suit, who highlighted the attractive shapes and chocolate bronze. Oil from head to toe, the former queen of porn” was sprawled on the lounge chair, waiting to be caressed by the sun.

Alina Plugaru at sea

XXX actress best known in Romania is the Star! Alina Plugaru: “I complained to return to Maccabi”

XXX actress best known in Romania is the Star! Alina Plugaru: “I complained to return to Maccabi”

alina plugaru sexy

It’s a hot chick nocturnal atmosphere. They revolve around a large number of men, though not wearing any FIFA badge. Flirt with football when arranging dolls dresses, but sent the ball just ball handball. Countless strikers would want to exchange shirts, but rather put their lust-n nail! Is it? He has the gift to them … just twist the minds of (the) north stands and not standing with my hands. May and tremble for Steaua, even when summer break comes. Gestures, scream, răguşeşte, drinking hot tea and over again. Created reputation XXX star and her attachment favorite team would fit either 23 X 21 L. He lived a sort of despair alternating with feeble hope to return to Maccabi, but he’s sure rose and her lucky star. Thought Alina Plugaru (24 years) feels most comfortable on stage … for example?

Alina, why Star?
Star’s team of the soul of my father, I have never lived in Ghencea, but in the Diham (No – Bucharest) Steaua supporters are many that I have introduced blood love for Star colors. When I was little, my father looked at matches, and thus kept the Star sent me more than football bug from him. I play handball in school, and now behold, I came to “evolve” with hooligans in stadiums! And you know why? Because in front of the TV is missing the adrenaline from the stands, and friends of North Lawns kept alive my desire to go to matches. Without football … I think it would be all my life, but without the same joys and sorrows.

But how is a girl seen in the gallery?
At first I was wearing a cap, I dressed like a boy, but with time I realized that I have nothing to hide. It matters not to get involved in conflicts inherent. Risks are everywhere, but we are very good friends in the gallery, which tries to protect me as well. Otherwise, a female person is sometimes subject of cheap jokes, ironies attacks useless or free. About all together, but I try to live to the maximum passion and I am not interested evils of others.

You recognize the world?
I have often been recognized, but the last random funny that I lived it happened Cup match in Buzau (No – the Health Cluj, 4-0). I accidentally hit the gallery out of Buzau and those guys started chanting my name. I usually sit in the middle of the north stands the gallery. I clashed with gendarmes were but few who came to ask for my autograph … pause usually smoke a cigarette and drinking something I can scream louder.