Two videos of Jelena Jensen and Aria Giovanni ! 2 nasty porn stars ! :)

Two videos of Jelena Jensen and Aria Giovanni ! 2 nasty porn stars ! :)

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Aria Giovanni masturbating on webcam!

Aria Giovanni masturbating on webcam!

It is not the first time we have the holy light to rejoice the day with Aria Giovanni, but as fate is not always the work of the videos last a lifetime, today is a good day to return to remember this girl . Model erotic, porn actress and webcamer, is another of those girls who started in this world of easy money to pay for their studies and, incidentally, enjoy it, because a job if not enjoy, is unsatisfied prostitution.I‘ll leave you with this video, which although not seen in HD, has all the charm and joy of true amateur essence. Close-ups of her pussy penetrated by her dildo are really exquisite, me me want to pass all of the language, but ye more smash it on good lunges with that handle than five minutes will have well-wielded.

Aria Giovanni masturbating on webcam

Aria Giovanni Porn Star.

Aria Giovanni Porn Star: Is the famous and veteran supermodel erotic Aria Giovanni doing her first porn scene boy / girl … ?. James Gunn, director of Slither and Scooby Doo (!) And writer Dawn Of The Dead, just go to the market of pornography or something.

Aria Giovanni

Actually, the project is called PG Porn (hinting at PG, one stands with the MPAA lists the films) and is a series of short Internet Gunn directed and which focus on porn movies without sex.

“How many times were you watching a porno movie really enjoy history, performances and cinematography when suddenly ruin everything by having sex?” Gunn told us from the official website of this project.

This short first called and has the participation of actor Nathan Fillion (who worked with Gunn on Slither) and Porn Star Aria Giovanni, which have their bio below.
On the official website you can see some photos of the filming of this and other short to come soon in which Sasha Grey and Belladonna are two porn stars of world cinema.

Aria Giovanni play with pussy

Aria Giovanni

Her real name is Cindy Renee Volk. Born in Long Beach, California, USA she grew up in Los Angeles, California and attended high school in the county of Orange. Her father was Italian-Yugoslav and her mother was French-GermanIrishIndian. About her early life, Aria Giovanni realized it was quite shy, with only one friend in high school, but did very well in school. According to its website, did so well that he could graduate from high school at age 16 and enter college. This was partly because she had to be hospitalized at the age of 12 years in a rehab for alcohol problems and stayed there for 26 months. During his second year of rehabilitation could take classes in high school and two years forward. When he left the center and could now attend a regular school, she managed to get into college.

Aria Giovanni porn star

She received her early college years in the career of Biology. In addition to his studies, she received private lessons in mathematics and worked as a waitress to pay its expenses. It was during this time that she decided to start working as a model began answering newspaper ads in late 1998 and soon began appearing on various amateur porn websites such as BubbleGirls, Amateur Pink, Busty Amateurs and Seductive Amateurs. It was for Busty Amateurs when achieving his first important to be known as Kennedy between the famous models of the era such as Dazzie Kellog and Alissa Perry wins.

In 2000, Aimee Sweet present to Giovanni with photographer Suze Randall, who in May of that year took photos of Aria Giovanni which appeared in Penthouse magazine, being in September of that year the “Penthouse Pet” of the month in the journal. At the same time, appeared on the Web site Bomis, posing clothed for a Ferrari competition. During the same period of the photo sessions for Penthouse, was transferred to the University of California, San Diego, to obtain the degree in Biochemistry and a BA in English Writing. However, she decided to leave school because they felt that the workload for such studies would not leave him time to pursue her modeling career “I knew I could always return to school, but probably could not return to the world of erotic models “.

Aria Giovanni spread legs

An important event in her artistic life was when the pose for Penthouse magazine was contacted by filmmaker softcore Andrew Blake, who originally starred Blondes and Brunettes in 1999 after her film ARIA” in 2000 and Justine co-starring Aimee Stuart in 2001. It was in 2004 when he produced his first film,Meridians of Passion “which was received with great enthusiasm by the community of fans of” the Goddess “rather than by the international market .

She has appeared in several films of softcore type, though his scenes are almost always lesbian type, where the sexual contact has been implicitly. However there is a video of Bubble Girls recorded in September 1998 in which she is seen experiencing pleasure with her body (masturbation with his hands, introducing whole hand and various objects in her vagina and a scene where gives pleasure to her body as urine), to which numerous interviews said frankly, “Was a mistake, we all make mistakes and I think that video did not help get the current place has my career, I have no regrets because we must learn from our mistakes, but I think it was a mistake. Despite having received countless offers to step hard, has just made some soft, lesbian and solo works of Andrew Blake‘s hand, causing his refusal that the desire of fans grow further.

Aria Giovanni porn diva

In 2001 she performed with Monica Snatch in the movie Survivors Exposed“, a parody of the television series Survivor”. He also appeared in the TV dating show Shipmates” (episode 16 November 2001). Giovanni has also appeared in bondage, fetish and artistic photography. It has gained special respect for belonging to the few models, busty, working in the field without undergoing cosmetic surgery. Currently she is divorced, having been married a few years with rock guitarist John Lowery, better known as John 5, ex-guitarist of Marilyn Manson and currently guitarist for Rob Zombie.