Asia Carrera arrested for driving drunk with her daughter…

Asia Carrera arrested for driving drunk with her daughter…

Asia Carrera arrested for driving drunk with her daughter

Younger Asia Carrera name may not suggest anything to them but in the second half of the 90s, early 2000s the Japanese-German Mixed petaba so strong (in 1995 enjoyed the privilege of being the first Asian to win the AVN Best Actress). Besides her extensive filmography and its many achievements in the adult industry,  always found it very striking that Jessica Steinhauser (her real name) had such a high IQ to let join the MENSA, the international association for the gifted.

A attractive and intelligent woman doing porn ? That broke with many molds and prejudices of the time.

Unfortunately, in 2006 there was an event that would mark inexorably for life. Her husband, the writer and nutritionist Don Lemmon, by which it left the industry three years ago, died in a car accident leaving her a widow with a child of one year, eight months pregnant the second and the uncertainty of not having solvency necessary to take care of them. In 2010 Jessica Steinhauser confess through her blog that this event she fell into alcoholism.

That article also commented that, with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, got out of the pit, however the truth is that Jessica Steinhauser would never be the same. In June 2012 a third child for adoption ended up giving some friends. In November 2014 made headlines for having managed to appear on the photo of driver’s license sporting a colander hat (one of the symbols of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster).

Asia Carrera arrested for driving drunk with her daughter 2

She recently returned to the front pages of the press, but this time for something more lamentable.

According to the web the evening of Thursday the police department of the city of St. George (Utah) was alerted because of a woman passed out on the couches Building School District of Washington County. The woman, identified later as Jessica Steinhauser, gave off strong odor of alcohol on his breath and said she had brought her daughter in car for a test. After rigorous checks (vehicle documents and possession of his keys) the agent asked to do the breathalyzer test that was positive by more than twice the legal limit (0.254%). As a result, Steinhauser was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol with a child under 16 in the vehicle. She is currently on bail.

If we add the 22 February climbed the following video to their YouTube channel, we relapse into hell in the making. Tragically, very tragic.

What do actresses of erotic films after they retire from the stage. Can you believe it?

What do actresses of erotic films after they retire from the stage. Can you believe it? Have you ever wondered what are the stars of erotic films after they retire? Some of them end estate agents, writers, activists, private and obviously may be some of your neighbors in the opposite block, because they decided to live normal lives. Business Insider website published the stories of nine former erotic movie starlets who have retired from their devoted and decided to lead normal lives and boring.

Asia Carrera mega porn star

Asia Carrera was the first Asian woman half becoming a megastar in erotic films. She played in 389 films. Is a member of Mensa International, which includes people with an IQ well above average. Currently, Asia lives with her two children in Utah, USA, where pornography is illegal.

Asia Carrera old pic Asia Carrera and her kids

Tiffany Million appeared in 129 films. Tiffany Million left erotic film industry when she met the right man. Now is married and has two children. She has her own business: it is a private detective and bounty hunter.

Tiffany Million detective Tiffany Million funny pic Tiffany Million

Mary Carey win in her peak, $ 300,000 per month. A candidate twice for governor of California and advocate for the legalization of gay marriages and taxation silicone implants. She is currently the host of a political issue.

Mary Carey face Mary Carey young Mary Carey radio

During a career fulminant Raylene has become dependent and is grateful to his son because “saved his life. Currently she works as a realtor.

Raylene porn star Raylene

Crissy Moran Former model only appeared in 30 films, but it generated a whole cult around it. When she left the world of erotic films, the Christian community has saved her from poverty. It is now married and working in a program to help women in erotic industry.

Crissy Moran Crissy Moran a normal woman

Amber Lynn had a career of 17 years. She retired in 2000. She currently works as a realtor and hosts a radio.

Amber Lynn Amber Lynn radio

Shelley Roxy” Lubben reached the erotic film industry, trying to avoid prostitution and dancing in nightclubs. Shelley  Lubben left the erotic film industry when she took a sexually transmitted disease. She has three children and took a degree in theology. However Lubben, the battle for closing erotic movies industry.

Shelley Lubben porn diva Shelley Lubben protest Shelley Lubben

Seka, the first “superstar” of erotic films, was famous even in Hollywood. In 2013, Seka she released his autobiography and lead ordinary lives.

Seka old pic Seka porn diva

Houston is the first woman to receive a check for $ 1 million. Houston was difficult to find a job outside the erotic industry. Currently, Houston participate in religious services, beat cancer and has one child. Evil voices say returned, but in front of the webcam.

Houston and her dog Houston


TOP 10 respectable people who were Pornstar.

Stormy Daniels vote flayer

How would you react if you know that your child cook from kindergarten was a big porn star? This actually happened in the US, and the parents were completely hysterical. Here are 10 players in the porn industry after hundreds of XXX roles, chose to enter politics, police and religious life.

Top 10 respectable people who were porn star:

Tara Myers was known in the 90s porn industry as Rikki Andersin and Tericka Dye, because now be teacher of middle school volleyball coach and mother of four children.

Tara Myers

Melissa Scott is now pastor in Los Angeles, but in the 80s was a big porn star, known as Barbie Bridges.

Melissa Scott

April Garris is another porn actress, after a brief career in the adult industry, turned her face to the deity.

April Garris

Linda Boreman, known as Linda Lovelace starred in XXX classic “Deep Throat”. After this, he had only two roles and an appearance in Playboy, and then to come on track: she married, had two children and a happy life until she was killed in a car accident in 2002.

Linda Lovelace

Jessica Bennett, better known as Asia Carrera, entered the porn industry in 17 years and has become one of the biggest stars. After retiring in Utah, married twice and has several children.

Asia Carrera porn diva

Stephanie Gregory has 120 films to his credit as the Stormy Daniels. In 2009, Stephanie has announced her candidacy for a seat in the US Senate.

Stormy Daniels vote flayer

Janine Lindemulder is currently in jail for tax evasion related to its activities in the porn industry. It is best known for her relationship with Jesse James, before he marry Sandra Bullock.

Premiere Of "Pirates"

Louisa Tuck was a discreet scullion at a school in New Jersey, who earn no more than $ 6,000 per year. That is until her past surfaced porn actress, Crystal Gunns, crazed her parents total.

Louisa Tuck

Michael Verdugo appeared in one film gay before to make a career in the police.

Michael Verdugo

Shelley Lubben is another porn star who subsequently joined the religious life. Former Roxy” dropped the XXX industry, and now campaigning to reveal the dangers which lurk those who aspire to a career porn.

Shelley Lubben