They are the most awarded porn actresses.

In North America, in Las Vegas, organizes an annual film festival called “Adult Video News” (AVN), an equivalent of the Oscars.

This festival honors the most successful actors and actresses, best XXX scenes, but also the best manufacturers in the US pornography. Porn, the name commonly used for this type of film is that the production contains scenes where people are explicit sexual acts and deliberately played, in order to cause sexual excitement spectator.

Tera Patrick

Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro (33 years) known professionally as Tera Patrick, appeared in the magazine Playboy” and “Penthouse.

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Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane (29 years), born Cindy Taylor, originally from Fort Worth, Texas. Jane grew up in different military bases in the United States. In high school, the actress was a varsity cheerleader. She graduated high school in Moore.

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Brittney Skye

Brittney Skye (33 years) in Los Angeles, California is, besides a porn actress and director appreciated these films. She says she was a teenager agitated, especially in high school.

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Eva Angelina

Eva (24 years) born in Orange County, California, is known for adult fashion parades, attended. She began her career at 18 years and is known for performances in a wide variety of genres, including GONZO. She won several awards AVN Award for Best Actress.

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Mary Carey

Mary Carey (29 years) remained in the memory of Americans because she ran for governor of California in 2003. Carey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, a schizophrenic mother and father with cerebral palsy.

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Sunny Leone


Nikki Benz (28 years) is the stage name of an actress, who now lives in Los Angeles. Benz entered the porn industry by contacting an adult film director shortly before the age of 21 years.

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Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone (28 years) appeared repeatedly in “Penthouse”. She is also a successful businesswoman and appeared in several TV shows.

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Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow, born in November 1981 in Santa Maria, California, is the pseudonym of a porn actress, and film director of VAIN.

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Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze (27 years ) originating in Fullerton. Her real name is Jennifer Corrales. Jenna grew up with her older sisters after their parents’ divorce. The 15year, Jenna left high school, took lessons at home and started working.

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Disclosures of a Pornstar: An actor broke his penis during the filming.

Aurora Snow, one of the most famous porn stars in the world, became an icon after speaking about how life arises a Pornstar when out of the adult industry, recently told some things less pleasant depsre happening on the set.

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She remembered the case of a porn actor who suffered a fractured penis during a sex scene, described the moment, but did not say who was unfortunate.

While having sex in the back position, his partner began to give back too violent. So penis loser” entry and was broken. There was blood everywhere, “ she told Aurora Snow, for Huffington Post.

Many people think XXX actors have an easy life. Actually, I’m kind of stunt, given the many dangers we expose ourselves. Often, sex scenes leave with injuries“, Aurora Snowadded.

Video of Aurora Snow:

Aurora Snow, Snow White from porn industry!!!

Aurora Snow, Snow White from porn industry!!!

One of the most perverted XXX film actress, known for hardcore scenes, is Aurora Snow. Entered into pornography by chance. The early years were heavier, because she was shy and inexperienced in the field. The first scene hot girl filmed it after several months of onset, and at last anal sex in a year or so. The nickname under which sex for money is a combination of Snow White and Sleeping beauty. Now, at 27 years, Aurora Snow has turned into one of the most perverse porn actresses in the industry.

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