Bruna Ferraz: GOOD BAD, is in Brazil and its LEARN FANS HOW TO DO SEX!

Bruna Ferraz: GOOD BAD, is in Brazil and its LEARN FANS HOW TO DO SEX! A young woman from Brazil, used to strip in front of the cameras, thought to initiate the young less experienced in the mysteries of sex. Brazilian was shot with a rubber penis, mimicking a game of love the book.

Bruna Ferraz

Bruna Ferraz is from Brazil and is famous among adult film loving public. Beautiful brunette thought but to do good and the less initiated in the mysteries of sex and show them what should happen during a game of love.

Armed” with a rubber penis and a camera, Bruna Ferraz sat at horizontal and showed them students” what to do man, to penetrate as it should partner. Brunette gives advice about how to do oral sex by the book, but also a prelude intended to kindle the protagonists.