Cheri: “I’m sexy international star” who claims to be the hottest porn starlet in Europe.

Italian media wrote about Georgiana Manescu (27 years), porn starlet, who was part of the team socialist candidate to the City of Rome, Riccardo Schicchi. It reveals that it is considered the sexiest Italy and Europe “I’m sexy international star who claims to be the hottest porn starlet in Europe.

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Cheri or Georgiana, how do you prefer?
Cheri: Both are correct. The first is my name arts”, the other is the last in the newsletter.

It wrote that make money in Italy in adult films
Cheri: I am here a public figure, we contract with Rai Due channels, Sky Italia Uno, no one would have accepted there at issue, whether working in the industry XXX . Oh yes, without false modesty, we can say that I am a sexy international star! Everyone knows me in Italy and Europe.

Your agent is involved in the porn industry, right? It’s a controversial
Cheri: Indeed, Riccardo Schicchi, my agent, who was a candidate for Mayor of Rome, became known because of women they drove in the adult industry. He‘s the king of cinema XXX. When Italy had not seen anything yet, he invented Cicciolina, Eva Henger . People think that if you are to Riccardo, you’re a porn star! With me, however, there is no porn. Before you say this word porn star – it is better to inquire, because it is not an easy word to say …

What do you mean?
CheriThis porn star if you can not do a lot of television. You may be invited to shows after 22.00. I did however show on Rai Due, starting at 7:00 p.m. About me, I can say that I did and timing Diva Futura 2008″ I attended the show “Ciao Darwin” I do “Il buono che piu show but sia, Bombay and Lucignolo , where we have been in Sardegna San Teodoro I also played in a movie alongside footballer Francesco Totti –Pallone Alenatore due nell .

Now what?
CheriCurrently working for Sky Fox, a new issue in Italy It’s called SOS stained. Then, go to the Maldives Then I go to Paris for a new contract, an important commercial for a perfume.

Since you are in Italy?
CheriFor two years, I went with my boyfriend. Finished high school and dreamed of becoming famous outside. Actress! A mutual friend working in television Rai Due. I went to a casting where Riccardo Schicchi saw me and liked me and offered me a contract of $ 10,000 per month. Before you answer “yes” or “no”, I asked what I should do. He replied that I must be available for these sexy calendars, to work on issues of Italy, in the theater and so on … I accepted today are happy.

Friends claim that home that can videochat
Cheri: I did not leave hungry, because it was well in the country! There I stood in videochat. When I was in Romania, did not speak any language, and to do this videochat should speak foreign languages I did, but for example, I was ring-announcer for boxing matches. I like sports, I did fencing Steaua, Dinamo swimming and handball five years. I liked sports.

You wanted to be Minister of Youth?
Cheri: Georgiana saysI am ashamed that are not Romanian. After I finish my career as a model, I get back home. “About his political career, says “I dreamed to be a minister, I and candidate for the European Socialist Party youth, but I won.”

You participated in the famous Island?
Cheri: Cheri attended the “Island of the famousa show similar to “Big Brother”, Grande Fratello in Italy“. Was filmed six months in the Caribbean. Conditions were harsh, who stand to gain final. I loose about 7 pounds. He won an Italian television star Milo Coretti from Rai Due. The house was given to me, then I left the rumor that his fiancee. I just had to laugh.Georgiana appeared in the satire show Lo show più che buono but sia“: “Once, I played a cop. We only cap, the rest were naked. “


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