Chyna Laurer, former XXX star was collapsed in front of the stage.

Chyna Laurer, a former porn actress later became WWE fighter participated today in a convention organized by the producers of films XXX. Event it seems that was not bode well for the star, who got sick and collapsed to the floor, shortly before to go on stage for a presentation.

Chyna Laurer

Chyna Laurer, who quit and wrestling in front of the main stage collapsed at XXX Convention in Miami, organziat the adult film producers. It seems that the star was preparing to go on stage at Exxxotica Expo when she fainted. The entourage they lifted her and helped her to go back to your hotel, located near the site of the event.

After being taken to the hotel room, Chyna was the bench. They explained that the actress does not need to be hospitalized, but did not specify what were the causes fainting thereof.

Former actress is resting now and try to regain forces. Therefore canceled his participation in another porn convention in Miami, XBiz Summit.