Angel Pink and Clara G make headlines in the pornography industry.

XXX industry has big stars this in addition to the thousands of customers who pose crazy about porn movies, clips and journals. Two of the models who have made a name in the field and earning serious money from sex are 2 girls a brunette and a blonde with appetizing forms – are now furor among fans of the genre. Both began their careers in Hungary and now are heroines” in dozens of films that sell like hotcakes profile sites, are among the highest rated romance porn industry. Angel Pink and Clara G make headlines in the pornography industry. One of the girls, who took the pseudonym Angel Pink guild has existed in only two years, but rushes to catch up with blonde Clara G, which made its entry into the market since 2000 and which XXX currently give lessons on the set, being a director porn” with numerous awards to her credit.

Angel Pink and Clara G

Angel Pink – from television, 12 porn movies in two years
Brunette Carla M., aka Angel Pink, is only 22 years old. Our girl beautiful fire learned at school how to create clothes. He went to school in the textile industry, but as you can see, he liked to strip more than to put new clothes on it. The nickname comes from her fetish for pink, as I write specialized sites. In most movies and pictorials, baimareanca appears in lingerie and matching “toys” you use are usually on the shade. Brunette with green eyes, cat, has very large breasts, but neither turned to silicone implants. Measures 86 inches at the bust, 59 waist and 89 hips only, at a height of 1.60. Trump card is its naturalness, both in terms of appearance, and linked to the attitude has on the set whether it lesby scenes or episodes in which “playing” with men. As a distinctive sign is on the right side of the abdomen, close to the groin, three small tattoos. Very interesting career sexy brunette is that first appeared in front of the cameras to a TV. In 2008, Angel Pink was selected to perform dance numbers and entertainment, as an entertainer in a show, with another beautiful high school graduate. A year later, the young woman was no longer obedient because we begin to display their eroticism on the screen.

Clara G – long legs and public sex with her husband for “Oscar”
Clara Gherghel, is already a veteran in XXX industry, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from porn. In 2000, when he went to Budapest to test the market, has chosen a very suggestive pseudonym Clara G. idea to film naked and having sex in front of the cameras but belonged to her husband, Raul Cristian Satmareanul, who is in fact a partner in the movies have come to them and directing. Wives “G” have opened including a company operating segment and XXX movies they made together have won many awards at competitions in the field. They boast including the “Oscarin the porn industry. More specifically, received prestigious award AVN” for the film “Ass Traffic 6″, which I have made many critics” to place in front of Her – another beautiful fire that has built a career based on sex. About blonde said it was the longest legs porn, but what really brought fame is like putting on episodes of “harduninhibited. Although now be considered full-fledged woman, since she turned 30, Clara G retains sizes miss. At 1.68 meters tall, has bust and hips of 86 inches in circumference and mid-ii is fired as the ring 58 cm. Clara G of works including the United States since 2006 with contracts overseas. But even if excel” lesby scenes on the set, when it comes to sex with men, let just shot her husband. And if it mattered that has kept natural breasts and that, until now, been kept away from plastic surgery.



XXX actress from Romania.

XXX actress from Romania. Performances. Almost unknown in the country, porn actresses born in Romania are among the highest rated movie industry Racy Cosmin Torr Although encounter prejudices countrymen, performance” romanian porn actresses were not rewarded with once adult film awards galas.

Sandra Romain
Born in Romania , brunette entered the porn industry in 2000. She was partner Rocco Siffredi legendary pornstar. She earned a reputation as the “queen of anal sex” and in recent years has been one of the most popular actresses in the industry (over 300 films), performance rewarded on 13 January 2007, with four awards at the Adult Video Nudes (AVN ) Awords in Las Vegas (Oscar equivalent). 29 years old Romanian woman plans to retire permanently from work next year.

Sandra Romain fucked

Clara G
Clara G, 28 years old, born in Romania. She began her career seven years ago, working most of the time in Budapest, European Capital of pornography. Clara G. has played only with other women, because her partner is faithful, Raul Cristian, Romanian producer of erotic movies. In January she received an award at AVN Awords.

Clara G porn diva in bed

Jasmine Rouge
In the 23 years old, Jasmine Rouge has already played in 47 movies. She began her career at age 19, her first and only partner already famous porn actor of Romanian origin, Titus Steel. It became her partner in everyday life, marrying the two last year. She was nominated for Venus and came to the attention of major manufacturers in the industry. She posed for “Playboy“, “Hustler” and many other magazines.

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Alina Plugaru
Young hope Plugaru Alina was born in 1987, in Vaslui. It was noted at the age of 17 years as an entertainer in erotic shows. At 18 she starred in her first film. This year, Alina collaborates with Floyd Agency, used the stage name Enrika. Alina became known after she proposed to have sex with 60 men in one day.

Alina Plugaru with a red car

Clara G’s international porn star.

Clara G’s international porn star.

Clara G porn diva

Clara G is an actress and director porn in Hungary. Blondie has a crazy success due to eccentric positions which they practice. Together with her husband, Raul Cristian, Clara and founded his own production company and produced several films sexy. Clara G and Raul no longer plays only rarely in their films and then they only scene together or only with other women.

Clara G porn actress Clara G porn star Clara G