6 pornstars who left the porn for Jesus Christ!

Brittni Ruiz aka Jenna Presley 2

6 pornstars who left the porn for Jesus Christ!

Neither you imagine the vast amount of pornstars, mainly American, who claim to be Jesus Christ and deeply devout Christian despite being practicing in the industry. This gives for another article, but today we want to focus on who saw in religion a way out of their misery, pornstars who “saw the light” and hung heels, rosary stood and made their way to the house of the Lord a Bible under arm.

Brittni Ruiz (Jenna Presley)Brittni Ruiz aka Jenna Presley 2

“I always wonder how the man was born, and when they gave me a Bible and I got excited response. He was always reading it. The Devil tried to get me back to porn, but God fought for me. The Devil had an intention, but God has a plan.”

Brittni Ruiz aka Jenna Presley

Crissy Moran

“I went out with a guy and one day I said I did porn. He told me he already knew and asked if he believed in God. I said yes, and began to preach to the Gospel. I started to mourn and he asked me to redirect my life. I said yes, and after that stopped rolling and accept porn revenue.”

Crissy Moran

Sky Lopez

Sky Lopez

“Porn is tired a long and winding road that only leads to self-destruction. It’s an ugly world that would not recommend to anyone.”

Sky Lopez calls SpringBreak and Christian rap singer.

Sky Lopez 2

Sophia Lynn

“The truth is that I was never happy in the porn industry. I worked there because I had to pay bills and support my son. I was divorced at 18 and found another way that erotic cinema. Fortunately, I realized in time that should stop and lead a healthy life based on Christian morality. I also realized that if I continued my son would be ashamed of me.”

Sophia Lynn

Shelley Lubben (Roxy)

“I have suffered much at the hands of the porn industry, but after eight long and difficult years of recovery, and by the grace of almighty God, escaped from hell and I’m here. I am a mother of three beautiful daughters, thanks to a wonderful man, a man of God who helped me in my recovery process awful. Now I have a perfect life.”

Shelley Lubben aka Roxy

Barbi Bridges

The Pastor Melissa Scott, known as Barbi Bridges porn, pornstar was in the early eighties to an evangelist pastor retired and married him. When her husband died in 1995, she inherited his position as Pastor along with a mansion, a horse ranch in Kentucky, a collection of classic cars, a private plane, a team of bodyguards and a church.

Barbi Bridges 1

Barbi Bridges 2

What do actresses of erotic films after they retire from the stage. Can you believe it?

What do actresses of erotic films after they retire from the stage. Can you believe it? Have you ever wondered what are the stars of erotic films after they retire? Some of them end estate agents, writers, activists, private and obviously may be some of your neighbors in the opposite block, because they decided to live normal lives. Business Insider website published the stories of nine former erotic movie starlets who have retired from their devoted and decided to lead normal lives and boring.

Asia Carrera mega porn star

Asia Carrera was the first Asian woman half becoming a megastar in erotic films. She played in 389 films. Is a member of Mensa International, which includes people with an IQ well above average. Currently, Asia lives with her two children in Utah, USA, where pornography is illegal.

Asia Carrera old pic Asia Carrera and her kids

Tiffany Million appeared in 129 films. Tiffany Million left erotic film industry when she met the right man. Now is married and has two children. She has her own business: it is a private detective and bounty hunter.

Tiffany Million detective Tiffany Million funny pic Tiffany Million

Mary Carey win in her peak, $ 300,000 per month. A candidate twice for governor of California and advocate for the legalization of gay marriages and taxation silicone implants. She is currently the host of a political issue.

Mary Carey face Mary Carey young Mary Carey radio

During a career fulminant Raylene has become dependent and is grateful to his son because “saved his life. Currently she works as a realtor.

Raylene porn star Raylene

Crissy Moran Former model only appeared in 30 films, but it generated a whole cult around it. When she left the world of erotic films, the Christian community has saved her from poverty. It is now married and working in a program to help women in erotic industry.

Crissy Moran Crissy Moran a normal woman

Amber Lynn had a career of 17 years. She retired in 2000. She currently works as a realtor and hosts a radio.

Amber Lynn Amber Lynn radio

Shelley Roxy” Lubben reached the erotic film industry, trying to avoid prostitution and dancing in nightclubs. Shelley┬á Lubben left the erotic film industry when she took a sexually transmitted disease. She has three children and took a degree in theology. However Lubben, the battle for closing erotic movies industry.

Shelley Lubben porn diva Shelley Lubben protest Shelley Lubben

Seka, the first “superstar” of erotic films, was famous even in Hollywood. In 2013, Seka she released his autobiography and lead ordinary lives.

Seka old pic Seka porn diva

Houston is the first woman to receive a check for $ 1 million. Houston was difficult to find a job outside the erotic industry. Currently, Houston participate in religious services, beat cancer and has one child. Evil voices say returned, but in front of the webcam.

Houston and her dog Houston