Esmeralda Rose says goodbye to porn

Esmeralda Rose says goodbye to porn

Esmeralda Rose adio porn

The news came like a bombshell this morning via his personal blog and many have left us with open mouth. Emerald Rose leaves the porn world. Perhaps staff fatigue. Perhaps for personal projects that have nothing to do with cinema X. Or maybe pretend return to an environment more consistent with their qualifications and their studies. After more than a year as exclusive beautiful brunette actress Madrid has decided a change in format of 180 degrees in your life. After hearing the news, we contacted her to tell us the reasons for its decision. And the exclusive Emerald Rose, we respond in the hour of his farewell.

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And the worst memory ?.
The truth is that I have any particular memories that stand out as particularly bad. I have always personally chosen projects in which I participated, with fellow elected even by catalog and I made the workload I have seen fit at all times. Working with this capacity decision really is a joy. Perhaps envy and situations arising from the same (within the sector) is the most negative aspect, but I’ve always gone with my head held high and a very clear conscience. These jealousies have affected me little.

Is it a permanent withdrawal ?, or leave an open door to return ?. Do you regret something ?.
The twists and turns of life never know. As a graduate student I never imagined a few months ago here and I did not imagine the number of projects waiting for me beyond the porno. But obviously my place is out of this sector. I fear that this farewell is a goodbye, not a farewell. To this day, took stock, I regret not having valued over many things and people I had in my day to day and I went unnoticed and be overrated material things. I am a person of constant propose goals and objectives but now my ambition is not based on material and economic aspects but more personal, self-realized feel valued and loved … it’s just move up the pyramid of Maslow.

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