Ginger Devil and Adrian Boureanu have over 50 films in the porn industry!

Became famous as the Ginger Devil, the young shot up over 100 adult films scenes, half with her husband. Cook together, clean up the house together and go shopping all by hand. It is the story of the couple Ginger Devil and Adrian Boureanu. However, the same couple filming scenes in adult movies.

Ginger Devil and Adrian Boureanu

“They two were married when they entered the world of erotic films. I am married for eight years and seven films. Perhaps that came together in this world and assumed it helped them keep their love intact “, said producer of adult films Zoltan Nagy.

He puts the two in third place among the most popular families of European porn industry.

Their peak shape was between 2004 and 2006 when they made over 50 films together and won over $ 100,000 in it.”

Ginger Devil continued to film and with other actors, husband becoming his only partner erotic shows and impresario.

“He was never jealous that she filmed and other actors. Since 2009, Ginger began to shoot less and more dedicated to modeling “, he told Zoltan Nagy.

After seven years in the world of XXX films relationship of the two remained as close as the first day of marriage. The manufacturer told us that Ginger and her husband in an adult website design and personally even a child.

“When they started filming least have more time for themselves and began to think of a child“, said Nagy.

Ginger Devil and Adrian Boureanu

She is 28 years old

He is 36 years old

She filmed over 100 adult films scenes

They were partners in over 50 films

They won 100,000 euros erotic industry

Top 7: Porn Stars @ Eros Show

Tera Bond

Top 7: Porn Stars @ Eros Show. See what celebrities are doing erotic show for you … Porn stars in Italy, Hungary and Romania waiting for you. Shows exceptional that you will not forget easily. All you have to do is get them there to admire and take pictures with starlets. Presenters event will be Alina Plugaru and DJ La Reina Mala.

Some actresses have many awards XXX active productions won for benefits in kind. Now we present top porn stars who will participate in Eros Show and gives guests who will take you near the hottest girls of the moment!

Here are the Top 7: Porn Stars Eros Show!

7. Taboo Boys & Girls

Taboo Boys & Girls

Carmen, Taboo Girls

6. Maria – Relax Day

Maria - Relax Day

5. Ginger Devil

Ginger Devil porn diva xxx

4. Tera Bond

Tera Bond

3. Maria Bellucci

Maria Bellucci

2. Greta Martini

Greta Martini

1. Sofia Gucci

Sofia Gucci



Top porn actress from Romania.

Even if compared to American industry, the porn from Romania can be considered in its infancy, we also have our actresses who make a career abroad. They are the most sought after porn actresses Romanian women by foreigners. I compiled a top of the most wanted actresses XXX from Romania by foreigners:

5. Lucy Belle Americans and Germans is pleasant for her petite stature, but also for millions smile. She won hundreds of thousands of dollars in productions for adults.

Lucy Belle fucked hard

4. Angelika Black took his stage name (Black) from hair color. Her hair crazy curly take the English and Czech.

Angelika Black porn diva

3. Ginger Devil considered one of the most attractive blonde porn industry around the world. It was a constant presence at Eros Show.

Ginger Devil fucked

2. Jasmine Rouge Titus Steel‘s wife has a special beauty of birth. It is said that more support to play in only XXX movies with her husband. Cet is that foreigners will see her as much.

Jasmine Rouge sexy diva

1. Sandra Romain is proud to be descended from the Romanian nation, which is why he and the scene named Romain”, referring to Romania. Anal sex is considered actress and foreigners do not mind that he treats “back.

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Look what it did porn star to her new puppy!

Look what it did porn star to her new puppy! Georgiana Boureanu aka Ginger Devil is strong puppy love with her.

Ginger Devil

As to satisfy cravings, XXX actress took her to a restaurant and faced with plates full of goodies. Made, then a picture of the back, the dog apparently can not decide which to taste first. He was thinking what to start with, joked her friends virtual” socializing her account.

Ginger Devil puppy