I saw the first movie filmed porno with James Deen Google Glass glasses.

I saw the first movie filmed porno with James Deen Google Glass glasses.

James Deen first movie with google glasses

I sat across the table from pornstar James Deen and all I could think about was that soon will only wear my glasses Google Glass and do what he knows to do better.

I love gadgets. I love technology , said object of sexual desire of millions of people while munching a chocolate croissant.

How we Glass glasses only two days, I was just starting to play with them and I all we measure experiences with other users on the Internet. In a very strange series of events I found myself in this situation: I had the opportunity to attend the first porn movie and Andy San Dimas James Deen wear glasses and Google will record their experiences, that the world may experience sex in perspective them.

A week earlier, Seattle, Jen‘s interview had taken McEwen and Jesse Adams, founders MiKandi largest Android application store for adults. According to Law 34, which says that everything there is in this world, there are certain porn with that thing“, an engineer from MiKandi, who called himself Dr. Cocktor, obtained a pair of glasses Glass when he attended the event Google to launch glasses in May. After two weeks of work, MiKandi launched the first application porn Glass: Tits and Glass.

In the first porn movie filmed backstage with Google Glass.

The first thing everyone thought when glasses Glass has emerged that will be used in porn“, said Adams.

Once you have read the Terms of Service Google during product development, began to work on applications that are launched on May 27 and officially announced on June 3. But to their dezmăgirea have learned that Google had changed the terms of use Ad few days before and now prohibited Glassware content that contains nudity, explicit sexual acts or sexually explicit material.” Although MiKandi withdrew immediately after application terms of use had learned that change, they found that Google API set limits to zero, virtually forcing them to take it all over again. (Google declined to comment on this gesture.)

first movie with google glasses

They have updated terms without telling anyone,said McEwen. “After that we were punished for that phase.” As he wrote on her blog: “If you want the version TL; DR our app for Google Glass fell when Google has updated Glass Platform Development Policy.”

When fall application, Google has not launched a web browser for Glass.

“It’s very strictly controlled, said Adams. You can not go on Google to write: Glass, I want some porn.’ I‘ll find. It’s not a traditional browser.

But now you can access sites that appear when looking through the mechanism (very inaccurate) Glass audio translation. MiKandi team thinks it’s only a matter of time until the child will be as easy to find with Glass as the rest of the Internet, and if Google will not provide access to this and other hardware companies eager to do it.

Because of the novelty, technology development Glass is a formidable task to charge thousands of volunteers Google.

They gave a statement saying that the policy will change in time, so developers can not wait to work with them to help them build rules,” said Adams. “I think we are some guys that can help to develop new policies.”

And, indeed, have access to a huge team of developers. When Apple announced the iPhone prohibiting all applications with adult content in 2010 became pastor MiKandi herds virtual applications developers for adults, they drove to the green pastures of Android. And they made the late Steve Jobs enemy, who called on MiKandi, contemptuously, a porn app store“, without telling his name. When MiKandi were declared itself the first and largest application store for Android,” Jobs sent his legal team over her, claiming that owns the rights to the term “app store”. But the scandal only managed to grow the company MiKandi popularity because more customers curious and developers were angry toward heaven applications for adults.

Although Android has received MiKandi company with open arms, it’s hard to tell if this move was a chance to give over their main competitor bot market or a statement promoting freedom of information.

google analitcs

While Android and Glass are both ecosystems Google, Android is a thriving estuary compared to desert Glass applications market.

“By and write ‘Hello World’ on the screen took them probably 1000 lines of coded language“, said McEwen. Once Google has disabled the first version of Tits and Glass, team four developers took them ten days of scrambling to keep it updated to the new standards. Developer leaves a bitter taste. We worry, we check the terms of use every day.

They have gone so far as to specify that the user is allowed to do, but said that the developer is allowed to use pornographic spectacle“, said Adams.

Although developers were not allowed to use glasses Glass pornography, new Terms of Use Google did not prevent the users to share their creations with other users POV. So MiKandi set up a website to host Tits and Glass kind of content and its allied industrial publication Xbiz to produce a video that gives users what they wanted Glass POV porn big commitment. And they invited me to bring my glasses and participate in the fun.

On the plateau, Deen told me the first time he had heard while zapa Glass TV channels on the plane, when he drew attention to a piece on CNN about Google trying to block porn on iPhone. “As soon as I heard of glasses, I thought I wanted to play with them.”

And they played omu ‘. Deen wore my pair of dark glasses, San Dimas wore blue spectacles of Dr. cockles, and the two had received tips of their use during sex from the company MiKandi and me. At one point, Deen managed to get out of the “Guest Mode” and would put the glasses on Twitter a photo explicit if the wireless network was started. Pretend, of modesty, it is not good at technology, but see that he had seen enough instruments recorded in his life and soon coordinate all the action with San Dimas and made jokes about Glass between double.

James Deen first movie with google glasses 2

Hey, I wanted to tell you some really cool glasses“, a seductive whisper Deen to San Dimas, leaning over the desk where she works as a receptionist pretended.

Soon the clothes fell after protagonists were played with the concept of X-ray applications, which supposedly could see each other naked. Glass then began to run high, as it tends to do when you register for a period of time. The actors have become increasingly stressed by their extensions cyborgs that all clinked together and his hair caught in San Dimas.

I am out of the room and developers to let them reach the finish. We threw glances accomplice and guide each other when we heard the drone Deen various objects on the reception desk to make room‘s San Dimas wild groaning.

After the shoot, I was asked how to fuck with Glass. The two did not seem totally convinced, but I suspect their base of fans might be a different opinion.

When I asked what he thought maneuvers Deen Google to remove market MiKandi Glass, seemed undecided.

It is normal to be upset that MiKandi were feint, had no idea that violates a rule when they started working. On the other hand, when Google has spotted, thought he did not want to have anything to do with them, so I changed the terms of use. And it’s their right. After all, it’s a Google product. We can not only play by their rules.

Although McEwen fun to make fun of prohibition that Google put it on pornography assumed, however, that why they have disabled Tits and Glass was that they did not want to dominate the list of applications pornography sparsely populated. You do not imagine that we all look at porn on the bus.

The next day, the bus to LAX, I did fix it. I looked over shooting the previous day. No one can see or hear what I’m watching, because the sound is transmitted directly glasses Glass resonance head bones. But all I got to catch paranoia that someone, so I closed when the actors began to draw groans.

Although Glass has been designed as a tool with which to look at long shooting has incredible ability to transport you to another place and time. It’s not a piece of cake to have a camera on the front, even if there are many things to change him. But an experience which I hope will eventually be accessible to everyone who wants to remember their loved presence, whether it is real, imaginary or somewhere in between.

James Deen, the main role in the film by Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

James Deen, the main role in the film by Samuel Gonzalez Jr.

James Deen has landed the lead role in a mainstream film, directed by Samuel Gonzalez Jr. Novel” is the second part of the mainstream of the actor, having starred with Lindsay Lohan in “The Canyons” movie to be released later this year. In “Novel” Deen plays D. B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 on the 24 November 1971. After he led out the order was parachuted in flight, and since then has not been identified. Gonzalez says the film is a modern thriller that will integrate three conspiracies unsolved until now. Release Date of film and distribution have not yet been made public.

This year, James Deen won Crossover Star of the Year.

James Deen porn star