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Old lesbian porn video of Janine Lindemulder!

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TOP 10 best porn actress in history!

TOP 10 best porn actress in history! Adult film industry remains one of the most profitable businesses in the world without any sign that there could ever enter into bankruptcy.

Paid fabulous sums, some have made a fortune XXX divas, but have gained the status of international stars. Here is the list of the most successful porn starlets in history:

10. Traci Lords.It is one of the most popular stars in porn industry. She debuted in handling movie for adults at no 18, using a fake ID. She later starred in films, but without the success of XXX era.

Traci Lords

9. Janine Lindemulder. Known in the industry as Janine, was the star of the film Pirates, one of the adult industry blockbusters. In addition porn career, and appeared on the cover of the album Enema of the State of the band Blink 182.

Janine Lindemulder

8. Jenna Haze. She began her career at 19 years. Although now no longer active, it directs XXX movies and has her own company, Jennaration X Studios. Although the age of 30 years, Jenna Haze has a fortune estimated at over 3.5 million.

Jenna Haze

7. Tera Patrick. Prior to beginning her career, was model. It was the first porn star who appeared on the cover of FHM.

Tera Patrick

6. Jesse Jane. The modern image of the porn industry. She starred in both movies Pirates – productions with huge budgets industry. In 2004 she had cancer, and since 2007 writes articles about sex Cheri magazine.

Jesse Jane

5. Sasha Grey. Over the years appeared in over 270 films. The record has awards for “best oral sex scene“, “best anal sex scene” or “the actress of the year”. In addition to appearances porn Sasha Grey could be seen in Entourage or in the film “The Girlfriend Experience”.

Sasha Grey

4. Linda Lovelace. She appeared in the movie Deep Throat, one of the first movies XXX budget and grossed hard countdown. Later, Linda Lovelace became a campaigner against the industry, launching crusade against pornography.

Linda Lovelace

3. Sunny Leone. From 2003, when he received the “Penthouse Pet of the YearSunny Leone is constant among the best porn actresses. In addition to her roles, appeared in her videos Ja Rule or The Girl Next Door.

Sunny Leone

2. Tori Black. Although he began her career at 18, has experienced rapid success thanks to its natural image. Currently, she took a break from the porn industry to take care of the second child.

Tori Black

1. Jenna Jameson. After working in the strip clubs, XXX Jenna entered the industry and did not take too long to obtain the crown of queen. She started their own business, ClubJenna has also hosted a reality show where participants were fighting for a contract in the porn industry.

Jenna Jameson


TOP 10 respectable people who were Pornstar.

Stormy Daniels vote flayer

How would you react if you know that your child cook from kindergarten was a big porn star? This actually happened in the US, and the parents were completely hysterical. Here are 10 players in the porn industry after hundreds of XXX roles, chose to enter politics, police and religious life.

Top 10 respectable people who were porn star:

Tara Myers was known in the 90s porn industry as Rikki Andersin and Tericka Dye, because now be teacher of middle school volleyball coach and mother of four children.

Tara Myers

Melissa Scott is now pastor in Los Angeles, but in the 80s was a big porn star, known as Barbie Bridges.

Melissa Scott

April Garris is another porn actress, after a brief career in the adult industry, turned her face to the deity.

April Garris

Linda Boreman, known as Linda Lovelace starred in XXX classic “Deep Throat”. After this, he had only two roles and an appearance in Playboy, and then to come on track: she married, had two children and a happy life until she was killed in a car accident in 2002.

Linda Lovelace

Jessica Bennett, better known as Asia Carrera, entered the porn industry in 17 years and has become one of the biggest stars. After retiring in Utah, married twice and has several children.

Asia Carrera porn diva

Stephanie Gregory has 120 films to his credit as the Stormy Daniels. In 2009, Stephanie has announced her candidacy for a seat in the US Senate.

Stormy Daniels vote flayer

Janine Lindemulder is currently in jail for tax evasion related to its activities in the porn industry. It is best known for her relationship with Jesse James, before he marry Sandra Bullock.

Premiere Of "Pirates"

Louisa Tuck was a discreet scullion at a school in New Jersey, who earn no more than $ 6,000 per year. That is until her past surfaced porn actress, Crystal Gunns, crazed her parents total.

Louisa Tuck

Michael Verdugo appeared in one film gay before to make a career in the police.

Michael Verdugo

Shelley Lubben is another porn star who subsequently joined the religious life. Former Roxy” dropped the XXX industry, and now campaigning to reveal the dangers which lurk those who aspire to a career porn.

Shelley Lubben