Laly Vallade: Sex in porn does not produce any pleasure.

Laly Vallade: Sex in porn does not produce any pleasure.

Laly Vallade

It became famous through participation in the reality show “Secret Story” and when the portion of glory appeared to be over, Laly Vallade resorted to a trick: a XXX film to keep it in actuality. Fresh porn actress confesses that not having sex for pleasure felt new production. The success of her first adult film, Story of Lalygave wings. She financed and carried only the second film, Laly‘s Angels” and now makes his future plans all the XXX industry.

“We decided to make my production company and do my feminine style porn 2010 to show what he wants to see a couple or woman today, far from trucajeletrash that you can find on the internet. To be very honest, I know very little porn cinema. I have seen only five such films in my life. I did not inhale, therefore, in others, I only get about on their own fantasies. I put in place a couple or a woman and imagine what they would like to see “, said Laly Vallade.

The main actress, former star of reality show does not lack: it herself. And Frenchwoman claims that her sexual life has changed since becoming a XXX star.

“It’s a simple job. When you make love in a scene, I do not think than to light, the frame women who are making it explode, but I do not feel any pleasure … I do not have room for it confessed Laly Vallade.

Deh, you want to be not only XXX star, and businesswoman, ahe must give a little time to your satisfaction that life has to offer!…

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