Lupe Fuentes saves a fan, for 20 years in prison.

Lupe Fuentes saves a fan, for 20 years in prison. There is very normal and happens many times a porn star saved from a sentence of 20 years in prison to a fan but this is what has happened with the now famous Spanish-born porn star Lupe Fuentes in the courts of Puerto Rico.

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Carlos Simon-Timmerman a fan of New York Lupe Fuentes was going on a vacation in his native land in Venezuela when he decided to gain a few DVD’s of your favorite porn star Lupe Fuentes in one of the video clubs in your country. In those DVD’s you can see a very young Lupe Fuentes aka Zuleidy or Little Lupe with only 19 years just turned age, everyone knows that Lupe Fuentes has always seemed much younger than it is in real life images and more even when she started in porn, having taken on more than once occasion the impression that those scenes in which Lupe Fuentes appeared to be recorded if any underage, which is totally false and that led to this good man end up with their bones in the prisons of Puerto Rico and a pending 20-year sentence for possession of child pornography but is not because Lupe Fuentes appeared in court in Puerto Rico alleging and proving to the judge that she was of age when recorded those scenes and thus releasing their fan having been deprived of their liberty.

Lupe Fuentes porn star

Well the events occurred as follows, after that time in Venezuela, Carlos Simon back to his residence and stopping at San Juan in Puerto Rico in August 2009 film Little Lupe the Innocent: Do not Be Fooled By Her Baby Face, besides other DVDs were seized by police in the US and Charles Timmerman was arrested so l US government means illegally possessing and transporting images and videos pertaining to minors under 18 years.

Carlos Simon was totally unable to provide data recording images where production data Lupe videos specifying, was when the lawyers of the accused contacted via My Space with Lupe for him to come to testify Yasi thus his presence in court and providing data itself could prove his majority when said recorded videos.

At the moment Lupe learned of this quickly grabbed a flight to San Juan de Puerto Rico on April 6, 2010 and the next day seven was already declaring in court in Puerto Rico, thus presenting evidence documents in you could see that she was already an adult when the tapes were recorded in the possession of the accused. According to those who witnessed the event, the entry in the court of Lupe Fuentes was the most style Hollywood film judgments looking Lupe Fuentes with its low 1.50 meters the famous television Allie McBeal lawyer defending one of his clients. With all the evidence provided by Lupe case has been filed and Carlos Simon Timmerman released of all charges that accused him of holding illegal pornography.

In all criminal cases in Puerto Rico only 3% go to trial and of those only 1-2% earn with the help of a lawyer. Proponents of Carlos Simon are very grateful to Lupe Fuentes. One of the lawyers Mr.Vega says: Justice has been done and Carlos is again a free man thanks to Lupe, you can now go home and get on with life, yet not without stealing eight months of his life by who was unjustly imprisoned.

Lupe Fuentes pornstar

Porn actress Lupe Fuentes: “Winning a million dollars a year”

Porn actress Lupe Fuentes: “Winning a million dollars a year”

Lupe Fuentes porn actress 24 years recently said in an interview that has annual receipts of around one million dollars. Originally from Colombia, Fuentes immigrated to the USA two years ago, where he continued to do what she knew better porn. She had brief relationships with celebrities in American showbiz and has gained international notoriety after being the target of a huge sex scandal.

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