Marlen Doll: “I want to revive the porn in my country”

Marlen Doll: “I want to revive the porn in my country”

Marlen Doll sex diva

We got in touch with Marlen Doll, the beautiful Chilean promised marathon sex while their football team win games at the World Cup in Brazil, to ask that this is going, and that was the experience of fucking over 100 guys in almost 30 hours of orgy. She answered some questions haunted us. Soon we will see here. With you: Marlen Doll.

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Tell us who is Marlen Doll.
A Chilean, porn actress 30 years

Since when do you do porn ?.
Since 2006

Have you worked in Spain ?. With whom ?.
Salma de Nora, Torbe, Videos Relax.

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Let’s talk about your famous marathons sex during the World Cup. Is the first ad did when he played against Chile, Spain, was somewhat improvised preplanned or something ?.
The first promise was 8 hours, when Chile juice Australia promise that went to 12 hours if Chile got 3 goals. The second promise was 16 hours, when Chile played against Spain, this time no talk !! goals. I am a fan of the Red (Chile) and every time I bet on them playing hot photos and heating up the atmosphere. When were selected for the World I made a live sex via twitcam. My followers started asking me to do this time ?, he would promise ?. After looking at social networks and see many people promising many things such as some promised free beer, hot dog at half price, free delivery … Then I said I will give something. And a porn actress who can give ?, and I happened to give away free sex.

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How many hours and how many men enjoyed in the marathon?
The first 12 hours. The second 16 hours. There were 100 men in all.

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┬┐You repeated the experience in the following matches for Chile ?.
They kept having wagers until Chile remained eliminado.Tus sex marathons quickly became famous worldwide thanks to the Internet. Do you think it has been a positive experience for you ?.
It was a good experience. I do not regret anything.

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What are your next projects ?.
Reviving porn in my country.