Italian Porn starlet dead, as it were suspected to be KGB secret agent.

Italian Porn starlet dead, as it were suspected to be KGB secret agent. Shocking secrets about famous Italian Moana Pozzi porn star were released by Corriere della Sera“.

Moana Pozzi

The newspaper cites the television program Mistero” on channel Italia Uno, revealing that it was a possible diva XXX KGB agent involved in an operation to destabilize the Italian politics. According to the latest revelations, Pozzi had a key role in the trafficking of radioactive materials and even had died of polonium poisoning. Porn diva, actress, singer and politician, Moana Pozzi died under mysterious circumstances on 15 September 1994 at the age of 33 years.

Moana Pozzi: 20 years of mystery

Moana Pozzi: 20 years of mystery

Moana Pozzi sexy diva

– The news that opened RAI1 telegiornale of the September 15, 1994 was not a political scandal or a sports feat. That day, the Italians knew, noon, Moana Pozzi who had died in a hospital in Lyon because of complications from liver cancer, at 33 years of age.

His parents, practicing Catholics, baptized with such exotic name when reading in a geographical atlas “moana” Polynesian dialect, meaning “depths of the sea”. Fully matched for Moana Pozzi They come in fourteen years in the cinema, to the depths of the heart of the Italians, who bitterly mourned his death.

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From a day strolling around Lake Bracciano producer Edwige Fenech film proposed to work in Cinecittà, the figure of Moana Pozzi was idolized by the Azzurri to the point of considering it as “sex symbol” of his country. She, vocational actress, seized the opportunity and, although his first role was as small as ridiculous (was to show a tit in a scene from “The bollente potato” Steno), it served to pay for part of their studies in a school interpretation of Rome.

But Moana hated Italian erotic comedy, when a boyfriend had proposed to shoot porn, she did not hesitate and did “Valentina, ragazza in calore”, premiering at the Triple X, which appeared under the pseudonym Linda Hevert. A few months later, she was found in a Roman nightclub with Riccardo Schicchi and Cicciolina, the real “bosses” of the Italian porn early Pozzi 80. I became fascinated by the personality of Schicchi and began his career with them in the

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The rest of his life could have written it any good Hollywood screenwriter. Moana Pozzi Italian actress was the one that arranged, with no apparent problems with the conventional porn films, worked with such prestigious directors as Federico Fellini and Dino Risi, in commercial cinema, and Gerard Damiano, in porn, presented television programs and until he joined the “Love party” political formation that brought Cicciolina Italian parliament.

A liver cancer took her suddenly, leaving an entire country that revered and lots of famous lovers including Falcao and Marco Tardelli footballers, tennis player Nicola Pietrangeli or actor Massimo Troisi.

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But his legend did not end after his death. Eleven years after the publication of “E … live Moana. Political Giallo, “a curious book that unveiled some of the unsolved mysteries of his death, blew the whistle on what could have been a faked death to escape the life he led, marked by romances with celebrities and price fame. Lover of politicians, footballers, singers and actors, Moana possessed inside information about the private lives of those who held, in one way or another, power in Italy. A complex plot would have facilitated Moana fictitious anonymous death and a new personality you currently live.

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Be certain the book’s thesis or not, Moana Pozzi has been added to the list of legends of Italian society. Two books published since then (“Moana, tutta la verità” Francesca Parravicini and “Moana” by Marco Giusti) and a movie about his life (“Guardami” by Davide Ferrario) have fueled the myth of a woman whose life transcended his own death, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.

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