Monica Mayhem, from beggar to princess porn.

Monica Mayhem, one of the most famous porn actress says in an interview that, in adolescence, in an unprecedented begging on the streets of Sydney. She looked blank forms for some money.

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Never had moral issues. She comes from a poor family, and when she saw her classmates brought to school in cars all the rage and dressed in expensive clothes and told that she must get money somehow.

And it looked very well started to strip for money. The biggest success she had when cars were stopped at traffic lights. In the 16 years I walked in sexy clothes and shows them visitors the tits and ass. Even got $ 20 “, says Monica Mayhem.

After seeing that thing going and money flowing, Monica Mayhem went to London when she was 18. There he engaged in a striptease, and then went with club owner in Los Angeles where she became a porn actress.

I think we did 15 years for something I liked and I won the money for the job“, said the actress XXX Monica Mayhem.

Monica Mayhem