Rebecca More, sex with 2,000 men in public and group.

Rebecca More, sex with 2,000 men in public and group. After a career of nearly eight years in the adult industry, British Rebecca More, for 35 years, is ready for the challenge of her life. Begins a national tour in which he would have sex with all her fans.

Rebecca More

Gave no better advertisement on British television channel Television XXX that 2,000 people have signed up and have sex with Rebecca More. The lucky one will expect clubs in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Southamp-ton and London, starting on September 17.

Who will impress me by letter that I will send it to the editor, you will get an unforgettable experience. I’m going to let my fans what they do as long as they like“, said bombshell for” Daily Star “.

The organ part and women

Sex parties take place in clubs, in public and will include group sex sessions. Moreover, 200 of the 2,000 subscribers are women, who asked Rebecca to let them come and boyfriends to meet their erotic fantasies. The entrance ticket to the party organized porn More cost about 100 pounds and includes meals. The entire performance will be filmed and broadcast on DVDs as a documentary XXX. Nor tournament started well that Rebecca More is taken from the eye of the authorities, who want to ban the tour, but not supported by any legal support. In localities where porn is prohibited performances in clubs, Rebecca found an ingenious solution: “I will do sex in bus with going on tour. We have over 150 sex toys that will make the pleasure more intense. “

Who is Rebecca More?

She poured over 300 XXX films over her career eight years. She is 35 years old and 100% British. No less than 500,000 fans from around the world watch her daily on her website. She managed to raise a fortune of about one million pounds and hopes from the tournament to double its funds.