Artists and Models.

Artists and Models. I’ve never understood the designation of porn actors or actresses. I have not heard an actor ever that so-and-so comedy actor in westerns. The work of actor, spacious itself by necessity and obligation can not be limited to one genre. The variety of records must be in the nature of the interpreter. Another thing is that success comes to them through a particular genre. Moreover, under this kind of cinema variation sexual in which porn has become the protagonists should not pretend, therefore should not be interpreted and, therefore, should not be considered as actors.

Salma De Nora

Moreover, with few exceptions, almost none at never bothered to learn a script or dialogues studied. There are exceptions that prove the rule. Nacho Vidal has some relevance roles in several films of conventional cinema. And Sara Bernat participated in a play cutting-edge dyes and interpretive method. Bibian Norai and Salma de Nora also made his first steps in the art of interpretation, I think. No longer that, isolated cases. For most participants in a porno scene, that they call comedy is nothing but a submission to be solved as soon as possible. A bitter pill to be gone through. What is important, what really matters, will come later. A couple of phrases and fuck.

Nacho Vidal

Whereas, so I think that fucking can be an art and realism porn should be beyond question, I think the name of the artist would be more appropriate than an actor or actress porno. And if you work behind a webcam, something very common in these times, the model designation may be most appropriate. Since I started in this business, dignify all around the porn world has always been one of my goals. And I think that the dignity begins to assume precisely the actual characteristics of the job. And do not be deceived.

Mike Horner

Many years ago, when the porno still rolling on celluloid, a Galician producer offered me shoot an XXX version of Don Quixote. Yes, yes, as I hear. Well, I decided that, in the event that the project delivery went ahead, Mike Horner would be my mad mad knight, not the books of chivalry, but readings hidalgas obscene sexual adventures. Mike agreed, but not all. Two editions of the works of Cervantes was purchased and insisted us to send you the original script in Spanish, for even after it was folded, he wanted to recite their texts in the original language. And fuck, of course. In short, Mike Horner itself was an actor willing to develop their work to the end. Those were different times, of course.

Bibian Norai

Sometimes, I have spoken with film stars and I have suggested that players would not be complete until you follasen on camera. If they can mourn, laugh or kill in fiction, why not make such a natural act as sexual? The answer is simple, tears are crocodile and laughter are easy to fake. But sex is something else. Still, all gave me reason, one way or another. The actor must be complete.

The dignity of defining our work is important, so I invite reflection. Let us begin to call things by their name.