The self PORNO! How do you see what is happening inside your vagina when you orgasm?

The self PORNO! How do you see what is happening inside your vagina when you orgasm? The vibrator was “primers” recently innovators with a few people that ladies who use it can film or take self when using it even when they orgasm.

Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator

Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator is a new “toyfor ladies which allows them not only to service yourself, but to see what was happening inside the vagina when they orgasm or are hot”.

The device is provided with HD cameras designed to shoot everything, and LED for visibility. Manufacturers have even thought that people can use them to stage their small productions for adults, using little toy.

What risk if you do oral sex during pregnancy!?

What risk if you do oral sex during pregnancy!? Sex during pregnancy is a highly controversial and delicate at the same time for prospective parents. However, being pregnant does not mean 9 months of total abstinence, while taking into account certain rules.

What risk if you do oral sex during pregnancy

When I hear that partner conceived most men get scared and think that they have to bear nine months of total abstinence. No women things are not rosy, but the task should not be seen as but as a way to experience new sensations.

Some couples bolder “call” oral sex, but should take into account several aspects that could endanger the life of the fetus and mother.

Before sex with a partner, you should make sure you know the sexual history and was not contaminated with any sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, chlamydia, HIV or genital warts. If you’re infected with such a disease, it can be transmitted and fetus.

It is also recommended that if you prefer oral sex during pregnancy, to consider a little thing extremely important. If you receive oral sex partner should tell him to be careful not to blow air into the vagina. Although it is very rare a thing, a breath of air may block a blood vessel (embolism), which may endanger the life of the fetus and the mother.

Embolism is a medical condition characterized by blockage of a blood vessel.

What are the best days and times to have sex!

What are the best days and times to have sex! The surprising results of a study!

What are the best days and times to have sex

Perhaps many couples believe that sex should be something spontaneous and never scheduled, but researchers have found that there is actually a specific day and time when most people make love.
According to the Daily Mail, citing a recent study, most intimate relationships were held Saturday afternoon at 7:37.
At this hour, this day, 45% of couples surveyed admitted they make love. Sunday, 24% of couples have sex, and Fridays only 22%.
Researchers argue that it is not necessarily an intense erotic desire in this period, but ordinary when couples can spend more time together.
Interestingly, the time that is more intense sexual desire is actually 4:33 pm on Saturday, but intimate contacts occur a few hours later.
A quarter of those surveyed admitted, however, that are excited in the morning, first thing, but only 10% have sex then, because you usually have to go to work.
Therefore, the sexual act is not something spontaneous, but planned according leisure.

7 classic sexual positions not go wrong!

7 classic sexual positions not go wrong! Sex tips! Everyone wants from time to time intercourse seasoning. And if you feel the need to do this more often, does not mean it is a bad thing. However, returning to base positions can be more exciting than you think. Here are seven classic sexual positions you never fail not and can bring the most intense orgasms.

7 classic sexual positions not go wrong

1. The missionary position
The most comfortable position, especially when you are tired. It is an ideal position for beginners. Missionary position creates closeness and intimacy and sex can last longer than both sides.

2. On the back
A sexual position that guarantees a deep penetration, ideal for a quick game in the morning before leaving for work. The position has its dose of wild, so it can be very exciting for both parties.

3. Spoon
It is an intimate and sensual position which requires that both stand on one side, and penetration is on the back. It is ideal for days when both partners are very tired, but still want a little movement”.

4. It above
At times, women like to take control and position above is all they need. Position favors the woman as she decides penetration angle, speed and rhythm of movement. A variant of this position is that it will not lie down, but the seat or chair, sofa or in bed, back against something. This position gives also the intimacy and closeness, as you can kiss and caress freely.

5. 69
The best position for mutual oral satisfaction. All you need is a little imagination.

6. In feet
It is a slightly uncomfortable position, but ideal for a quick game. It is perfect if partners have the same height.

7. Virginia”
It is a position that requires no penetration. The woman lies on her back with legs together tightly, and penetration is between the thighs, as high as possible, but without entering into the vagina. This position offers privacy and is ideal for days when you do not have to reach other means of protection or contraception.


What does it mean if you dream about having sex with a stranger or a colleague!

What does it mean if you dream about having sex with a stranger or a colleague! Have you ever dream about having sex with one of your friends, and when you woke up you did not know how to interpret this? What is, in fact, this kind of dreams will surprise you!

What does it mean if you dream about having sex with a stranger or a colleague

Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig wants to rekindle dreams about sex. The interesting part is that dreams about sex a few times really relate to that. Sex symbolizes a union or joining the two parties own you. So, if you dream about having sex with your boss, which draws you in any way, could mean you’re eager to be successful or you want to be taken more seriously at work. What a relief, huh? “. Some theorists believe that you represent all the characters in your dreams. And dreams about sex, especially those with partners not you have never thought in this way can be a bit shy or may upset you. And because most of the times are very intense, encourages you wish to know more closely what they mean”, he added Robi Ludwig.

And to reassure you all, here are some dreams about sex, which can tie you happened to have, and their his interpretation, which certainly did not you ever thought!

If you dream sex with a former boyfriend

To dream that you have sex with your ex-boyfriend can awaken all sorts of doubts. And even though you might think that this means that subconsciously you want to get back together, things are not so. Dreams like this can be its own interpreter as an attempt to make peace with some unresolved feelings in what it regards former partner. And the kind of emotion that you experience in dream can give you a clue about the feeling that remained unresolved.

If you dream sex with a friend or known person of the opposite sex

Such dreams tell you feeling emotional closeness or the person you’re attracted to one of his qualities, not like him. So, stay quiet!

If you dream sex with a person of the same sex, in our case, a woman

If in real life you’re not attracted to persons of the same sex, this type of dream you talking about self-confidence. It may have to do with your acceptance of certain parts of which you have so far neglected or do not have a high opinion. Dreams in which you are pasions one of your friends close, or another woman you know, you can indicate that you have insecurities about your relationship, or you can say that you want to develop your quality or a talent you have girlfriend or the woman.

If you dream sex with a stranger

Dreams in which sex with a stranger man may be related to one of your male or female parts that you want to enable most to you in an attempt to maintain your mental balance. And if you dream you do not disturb or cause fear, may be a sign of personal evolution. What‘s the good news, is not it?




Answering the questions that we all ask ourselves: After how many meetings it is good to have sex?

Answering the questions that we all ask ourselves: After how many meetings it is good to have sex? Sex and the many dilemmas related to it slowly find their solution. Researchers take care of it. So one of the questions that many take tormented” is: Every how many meeting is better to have sex?”

Answering the questions that we all ask ourselves After how many meetings it is good to have sex

If you have sex on the first date you could be considered lightly, but if you wait too long might partner to be patient and not to seek happiness elsewhere.

A study conducted on a sample of 11,000 people worldwide has revealed that it is the exact number of meetings after which it is well to have sex.

Well, after all these people have answered the question concluded that sex is welcome after exactly 3.53 or meetings as some like to joke in the middle of the fourth meeting just before coming Desert“.

Only 10% of respondents were of the opinion that it is ok to have sex on the first date.

Top 5 lines which should not tell your lover after sex!

Top 5 lines which should not tell your lover after sex! Have you had sex and was “so and so”? If you’re not jumping to hasty conclusions and make them and say aloud! If a remark by would make you uncomfortable, and certainly your reply acid will make him withdraw into their shell.

Top 5 lines which should not tell your lover after sex

Do not risk to jeopardize your relationship using replicas uninspired after you had sex with your partner. Here are the top 5 lines that do not ask them again.

1. Do not compare with other
As much as i would like to know that it was better than the former, do not tell. If you wonder how was the sex that just ended do not rush comparison with another boyfriend.

2. Do not ask why you stopped
Was stopped, was rushed, finished ahead of you! Never reproached it because you’ll ruin something beautiful. Try to Talk subtle day, when you are relaxed.

3. Do not ask if you were good
Never ask his compliments. If it feels to do it, it will say for sure even during intercourse. If you ask will think you‘re insecure and his admiration will decrease.

4. Do not immediately ask them to do you do once
Let him relax, contemplate when orgasm just had. Do not ask again do so quickly, because you believe that you will be satisfied and inhibiting.

5. Do not tell him it was cute
You felt good and I want to say it. Then try to tickle his pride with sweet lines and do not summarize the cute, because you thought that was not up to your expectations.

9 Reasons Why sex is indicated for health!

9 Reasons Why sex is indicated for health! Sex is among the most pleasant and profitable human activities always. But to talk less about the beneficial effects that the sex they have on the human body. Here are nine reasons why sex is not only good, but also pointed to health.

9 Reasons Why sex is indicated for health

Kisses during sex helps oral hygiene
Kissing stimulates salivation, which leads to clean food debris between teeth and lowers the acidity in the mouth, which is the main cause of cavities and bad breath.

Sex combat allergies
A good game of love can be an excellent remedy against a stuffy nose, being a natural antihistamine that helps in combating asthma and high fever.

Sex stay fit
If you do not have time for jogging or other exercise we have good news for you: sex keeps you in shape and help you burn excess fat. Even parties short 20 minute week means 7,500 calories consumed annually, about as much if you were running 120 km. A game of love can burn up to 200 calories. The equivalent of jogging for 15 minutes incline.

Below we present a guide calories burned by certain sexual activities. You should remember that the results have not yet been scientifically proven.

Let’s open bra:

With both hands ……… 8 calories

With one hand ………… 22 calories

With teeth ………………………. 85 calories

Putting a condom:

During an erection ……………… .. 6 calories

Without erection ……………………… .. 315 calories

During foreplay:

Trying to find the clitoris ………… .. 8 calories

Trying to find the G …………. 198 calories


Missionary position ……………… .. 112 calories

Position handmaid …………………………. 386 calories

On the back ……………………………… 400 calories

Chandelier …………………………… .. 972 calories


Real …………………………… .. 112 calories

Mimicked ………………………… .. 315 calories

After orgasm:

……………………………… Embracing in bed. 18 calories

Get up immediately ………………………………………. 36 calories

Explain why you have to get up immediately ……… .. 816 calories

The second erection:

If you:
20-29 …………………… .. 36 calories

30-39 years ………………………. 80 calories

40-49 years ……………………… 124 calories

50-59 years ………………………. 972 calories

…………………… 60-69 years. 2916 calories

Dressing after sex:

Calm ……………………………………………… .. 39 calories

In the rush ………………………………………… .. 98 calories

When father / mother knocks on the door … .. 1,218 calories

Sex helps cholesterol
Regular sex parties help the ratio of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Sex balances hormones
Nothing is better than sex hormone balance body: estrogen protects women’s heart and long term may be effective in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis, while testosterone boosts growth of bones and muscles.

Sex boosts the immune system
An intense sexual activity means fewer colds, flu and infections. Onetwo games a week of love means a high level of 30% immunoglobulin A, which boosts the immune system.

Sex increases bladder control
Regular sex parties help increase bladder control as pelvic muscles controlling the flow of urine.

Sex improves sleep quality
After orgasm, especially in the evening people become sleepy. And sex increases the quality of sleep. After experiencing both body orgasm men and women relax completely, so will have a deeper sleep than usual.

Sex fight cancer
Several studies have shown that frequent ejaculation and intense sexual activity decreases the risk of developing prostate cancer. Another research has revealed that men who ejaculate between 13-20 times per month shows 14% less risk of prostate cancer than those who ejaculate 4-7 month. Also, women with intense sexual activity are less likely to develop breast cancer. Many cancers develop due to hormonal imbalances and perhaps sex and orgasm resolve this. However, any excess harm: too much sex can cause serious health problems.

Is there a difference between sex without a condom and the condom? Find researchers responding!

Is there a difference between sex without a condom and the condom? Find researchers responding!

Is there a difference between sex without a condom and the condom

Researchers at Indiana University have decreed without appeal: sex with protection is as full of pleasures, like unprotected sex. The study was conducted on a sample of 6,000 people aged between 18 and 59 years old, heterosexual, homosexual men and women. All parties involved in the study said the same thing: sex with a condom can be declared as satisfying as that without condom and full details were published in “Journal of Sexual Medicine“.

Although initially no preconceived idea is that a condom greatly reduce the degree of sexual pleasure, the respondents have shown that further break down myths and opinions longer change over time.

Men said they can obtain and can maintain an erection without any problems, wearing a condom, while women say they can not give heed and if lubrication is natural or condom comes with additional lubrication during intercourse and do not even realize what material is made condoms.

The experts therapists, sexologists and gynecologists – came to the conclusion that all preconceptions as to which sex without a condom would be superior in terms of quality, you, more of a macho attitude.

However, to avoid condoms could be attributed to the idea of comfort. Gay men have supported the idea that sex with a partner with a large penis can often do without a condom, because you just do not find necessary measure market.

Beyond what he feels, but each idea is that the most important protected intercourse forbid you from troubles such as serious sexually transmitted diseases.

Opinions sex in 3: Try and avoid this?

Opinions sex in 3: Try and avoid this? Opinions sex 3. Every man dreams to have such an experience!It is known that male sex fantasies 3 occupies a special place, what can not be said about women. However, it seems that lately regaining sexual experience ever more land. Here are some views about sex in 3.

Opinions sex in 3 Try and avoid this

Opinions sex about sex in 3:  Fantasy of every man!

Sex in 3 is exciting. It is possible that not everyone has opinions about sex in three. But those who have the courage to implement this experience say it’s exciting how can you shall offer a third person in the couple’s intimacy and sex. This invigorates them rekindle their relationship and desire to have sex, especially if sex life had become boring after a few years of relationship.
3 sex partners could make jealous. This feeling of insecurity is often installed in stable couples who tries sex 3. When you are sure that you want to have an experience like this, you need to establish some ground rules before. What is willing to accept each and what not, and if you can not find the answer to any doubt you try, it’s better not to go ahead in this experience.

Invigorates the couple relationship? Opinions sex in 3.

You do not have brought a third person in the couple relationship. It is possible that when proposing his life partner you want to have sex 3 her to believe that this is just an excuse for you to have sex with another woman, being tired of it. If not clarify exactly all aspects of sex in 3, this can leave sadness and disappointment in the couple relationship. Not everyone has positive views about sex in 3.
We agree with sex in 3. This experience is welcome, if both partners want and are prepared to support such an experience.
Sexual Exploration. Not everyone is also open to adventure, but you’ll want to know what you think about sex in 3 have others. Unfortunately, most are afraid that their partners might judge accepted because such an experience and would make them feel embarrassed. To overcome this time make sure you do not fancy long-term depreciating values and appreciate her openness to experience new things.

4 positions for a guaranteed orgasm!

4 positions for a guaranteed orgasm! If until now you did not believe that there are certain positions that help women reach orgasm, well you were wrong. And if there is why you did not learn boyfriend for so help yourself. And you’re using these positions, you will have sex as only dreamed of before.

4 positions for a guaranteed orgasm

Here are the top 4 positions that help you have an orgasm of your life:

1. Position the butterfly or modified missionary
She sits back and hips are on the bed while a guy penetrates feet. Then she puts her legs on his shoulders, and hips are slightly raised. This angle is excellent for deep penetration with cervical stimulation can produce an intense orgasm vaginal and uterine cancer. With a shallow penetration, the man can stimulate the G-spot

2. Missionary alignment technique modified
The couple starts in the missionary position. Once the woman is penetrated deeply, it allows to shake legs so she lie between his legs. Then the man Shimba their center of gravity forward and therefore pressed his erection and stimulates her clitoris as it moves. This position is excellent for women who prefer clitoral stimulation during intercourse for a orgasm.

3. Wearing scepter
Either partner can use the technique, although hand underneath the person may appeal to it more easily. Creates an index and ring fingers around the big penis at its base. Then Close the skin until the head is completely exposed genitalia. This move increases the sensitivity of the penis at the same time, however, can help maintain an erection. Start penetration with fingers around the penis to increase his pleasure.

4. On the table
The woman is lying on a table and penetrates a man standing. The man who is totally in control, it is he who decides how deep walk or pace action. You can look one in the eye of each other while making love. And no, it is a position about acrobatics, but about context.

What scares women in bed!

What scares women in bed! The human body is built for sex. Still, though, sometimes we tend to reject completely the natural side that I designed. It does reject something specific women ?! Is this explains that first” and always involves a glass consumed before, for more courage? Sex is a great, great, if lived with and loved is understood and perceived in a favorable age in which we can really understand what is happening to us. But can become strange, repulsive and unbearable in special cases. If you are in the early relationship with a woman or even the first night of love with it, should, however, have in mind a list of things that‘s better not try them first.

What scares women in bed

“We will not be our daddy
Perhaps only in movies anymore valid expression and the situation itself. Otherwise, no woman would want the other person to play the role of sex father, to use Freudian language that treat her like a little girl while having sex with her on the bathroom floor. Whatever type of woman met, none wants to remember her father at times of maximum privacy.

Do you remember when we did then sex and then you fell asleep ?!”
A lot of expert studies attest to the fact that most of the men fall asleep very quickly after sex, completely avoiding any conversation or extension of any state or partner connections. They may interpret this attitude as a lack of interest in maximum regarding them, or they were simply used and treated like a sex object. What can hasten the end of a relationship with you or can categorize as something frivolous, without any chance to spend the rest of your life together. It is good to remember that sex is to receive and give. It’s good to actively participate and get involved really, even if it means to make an effort to stay awake and to face conversations.

“I hope it was just a dream and keep it for you”
No one is interested in dreams and your fantasies. And you can multiply the word “nomany millions, especially when it comes to the woman you’ve just started to meet you. Whether it was a nightmare in which you argue your geography teacher in fifth grade, or a sexual dream, or you ran some geese on the runway at an airport, keep it to yourself. You do not get to tell her describe her and her geese threatening.

We used sex toys, but in no case at first sex or shortly afterwards
Let’s face it! As before going into the sea, it’s good to test how cold is the water, you can not go vibrators and dildos on the first night of love! They are delicate issues and situations, which should first talk, to know what each and cadets agreement before using them. In addition, your attention should be directed exclusively to her body, the desire to know and you know how better side. It is insulting and went to go get to use sex toys before creating a certain intimacy between you and knowing your partner well.


5 women’s sexual sins!

5 women’s sexual sins! Here’s a guide to what not to do a woman in bed. If you want to banish boredom and routine in the bedroom and rediscover your inner sexuality, here’s where you should start. Avoid these five sexual Unfortunately they make many women and you will never be alone:

5 women s sexual sins

1. To cry
If there is a top of the worst things that a woman could do in bed, crying as far winner. Not only will make him believe that he is a poor lover, but you will make you look and hysterical. In addition, there is scientific evidence confirms that crying is a major impediment in terms of sex. The researchers found that tears smell makes men to lose interest in love.

2. To laugh
If you start to laugh while making love, your lover will feel less sure of himself and his sexual performance. Did you know that 83% of men think they do love how can it be improved? Or, in terms of penis size, 45% of men would like to have a larger genital organ? Therefore, when your lover strives with all his strength should never laugh. Even if you do not laugh at his manhood or making love how he might feel offended or worse, make him not want to make love to you. And if you’re among the foremost Women who when excited, trying to focus on something serious.

3. To pretend
When pleasure is not large enough to reach orgasm can be quite easy to simulate it. Although, screaming: “Oh, yeah baby” seems a great option for the moment, pretending will make you both to suffer the long term. First of all, he does not know how to properly satisfy. In addition, many men realize they pretend girlfriends, so imagine what will happen when you discover. And last but not least, your lover might expect to have orgasm again next time and so you put unwanted pressure on both. So next time if you can not reach orgasm can tell lover: I really would like to finish now.” We love it.

4. Being shy
One of the best ways to make a man lose mood for sex is a woman to be ashamed when they talk about things kinky. So if, typically, are shy in the bedroom, do not get carried by your nature you talk ugly and not promise things you can not bring to fruition. Instead, focus on increasing confidence in yourself when you’re in the bedroom. You can do simple things like buying a sexy lingerie that you feel comfortable. Or you can read erotic readings together. The key is to remember that you can raise the temperature in the bedroom, even if you’re shy, but do not have to do anything uncomfortable.

5. Do not Know What You Want
Men love women who know what they want. Sometimes men feel pressure when you have to take control and go to work. So, when you emulate how you want to make love. Do not say: I do not know, whatever you want.” Instead, tell him you like or what makes you feel good. Even if it is only a few instructions, such as “touch here” or “Move faster”. If you usually do not know what you want in bed and feel lost when you ask how I want, maybe it’s time to discover how you like to make love. Teach your body and discover what excites you. So next time you ask, you’ll know what to answer him.


7 myths about contraception. What you need to know to not have surprises!

7 myths about contraception. What you need to know to not have surprises! Any sexually active woman should know how to protect themselves if you do not want to become pregnant. Over time women have come to all sorts of conclusions regarding contraceptive measures, however, most of this information only remaining myths about contraception.

7 myths about contraception What you need to know to not have surprises

Myths about contraception: Position the stand over me protects an unwanted pregnancy.

1. Do not get pregnant if I had not orgasm. It is one of the great myths about contraception, you think you will not get pregnant if you have not had an orgasm. Pregnancy is installed once the sperm manages to penetrate the egg membrane secreted by the female, so keep orgasm.

2. If I wash immediately after sex does not get pregnant. It is quite false. Washing after sex does not represent any guarantee against the installation of an unwanted pregnancy. When the man has ejaculated into the vagina, the sperm reach the cervix (lower part of the uterus) and even the most efficient shower can not remove them from there.

3. Sex in certain positions helps me to not get pregnant. Nothing could be more untrue to believe that if you have sex in certain positions you will not get pregnant. It is natural to have some myths Understanding contraception and believe that if you stay over partner’s sperm will not reach the cervix and you will not get pregnant. The truth is that no position to ensure this.

4. Partner retreat in time and not get pregnant. This is not a guarantee and is just a myth about contraception. Some men might yield temptation ejaculating inside the vagina, while others have no control over the timing of orgasm felt so that the occurrence of possible tasks to increase.

5. Do not get pregnant if you have sex in the water. It is quite mistaken this theory, sperm survive in water, and if they get into the vagina chances are to get pregnant.

6. If you have only one sexual contact not get pregnant. A woman can get pregnant at any time, be it at first intercourse or greater. Ovulation occurs independently of the nature of sexual life, no matter if she is sexually active or not. Meeting egg with a sperm insemination means therefore may be a burden.

7. Contraceptive pills => fat. It is a myth about contraception. Do not put extra pounds while administer contraceptive pills, but rather to blame style diet and lifestyle.


Myths about anal sex. What is true, what is false?

Myths about anal sex. What is true, what is false? Myths about anal sex. It can be painful if some rules are not respected

Myths about anal sex What is true what is false

Most women do not want to hear about anal sex, it considers unpleasant and unnatural. But in this article we find information that will destroy some myths about anal sex

Myths about anal sex. There will always be pros and cons!

The anus is dirty. Here are some myths about anal sex. It is said that the anus is a dirty area, which should not be touched. Not true, if we have a daily hygiene, proper anus is as clean as any body part. Indeed anus is his natural bacteria and to avoid infections, you should not touch the vagina after having had anal sex.

Anal sex is unhealthy and cause injuries. Most women think that anal sex is painful and cause injuries. The truth is that if some rules are respected, anal sex can be good and not harm the rectum or anusThe area should be well lubricated and the condom is required. You should be aware of the fact that the lubricant must be water-based or silicone.

Anal orgasm. Myths about anal sex!

Anal sex is only for homosexuals. Over time there have been several myths about anal sex. For a long time it was thought that anal sex is practiced only by homosexuals. The truth is that lately practiced anal sex is becoming more heterosexual couples. Anal sex can be only one option to achieve sexual pleasure and not about sexual orientation.

Anal sex is painful. When anal sex is painful, it means that something is not done right. Secrets of a successful anal sex partied are: relaxation, lubrication and not least information. If you do everything right, you get special pleasure, because the anus is full of nerve endings and stimulation can lead to orgasm.

Anal sex is a perversion. Myths about anal sex have always existed. The fact is that the partners decide what is natural. When you do not feel well with any sexual practice, you are not obliged to put it into practice.


How do you help music while doing sex – Top 10 songs that unleash you!!!

How do you help music while doing sex – Top 10 songs that unleash you!!! The psychology behind our actions, especially when listening to music during sex, greatly improves things.

How do you help music while doing sex Top 10 songs that unleash you

So you’re probably wondering if you should or should not listen to music while having sex with your partner. Some people say that everyone should listen to music while having sex. And because not everyone loves music, but there are psychological benefits because even musical rhythms, including music that gives you the tools to help you get in the best shape in the bedroom.

McGill University researchers found that the activity of listening to music stimulates the secretion of dopamine, the chemical in our brain that gives us a sense of feel good” and that is released when we reward as food, sleep and, of course, sex.

Another study from the same university showed that listening to certain types of music stimulants increase our signs of arousal, including the rate at which our heart beats, rhythm and breathe in electrical skin conductance.

It seems that you can maximize the secretion of dopamine to feel better by listening to good music while doing sex. That means to get involved in two major activities that cause secretion of dopamine at the same time. What could be more stimulating than that?

Listening to various songs during sex can help you focus on your movements and distract you from negative thoughts or feelings (be it fatigue, stress or whatever) that you could prevent you reach your full potential in bed. You’ll last longer, you will feel less tired and you will be superaware of every physical sensation during sexual game.

Spotify music application owners know that listening to music during sex is an important activity. So important that they conducted a study in 2012 to find out what people listen to music while in bed rages.

Led by psychologist Daniel Mullensiefen musical study surveyed 2,000 people in the UK aged between 18 and 91 years and they asked that their favorite songs and songs that have sex. Here are the top 10 results:

1. “She’s Like The Wind” – Patrick Swayze

2. “Sexual Healing” – Marvin Gaye

3. “Boléro” – London Symphony Orchestra

4. “Take My Breath Away” – Berlin

5. “You See The Trouble With Me” – Barry White

6. “Let’s Get It On” – Marvin Gaye

7. “Unchained Melody” – Righteous Brothers

8. “My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion

9. “Je T’aime” – Serge Gainsbourg

10. “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston.



Most bizarre searches on Google about sex! You must know it!

Most bizarre searches on Google about sex! You must know it! When it comes to sex, there are many curiosities. And many of us turn to Google to find answers to intimate questions. These are the top searches on Google, the largest search engine in the world.

Most bizarre searches on Google about sex You must know it

1. Sex between spouses

Popular searches on Google, with an average number of 21 090 of such monthly, has the phrase “marriage without sex. In comparison, unhappy marriage” has 6029 searches, while the term marriage without loveis searched for an average of 2,650 times per month.

2. Concerns and issues related to genitals

Women and men are equally concerned when it comes to their genitals, and the partner or spouse.

3. Obsession for men penis size

From the ten questions that men hope to find an answer on Google, nine are about penis size, including “How do I get a bigger penis?” Or “Why is my penis so small?”. But the most common question is How big is my penis ?. According women are concerned about the smell of their intimate areas, so often search Google for information to clarify their specific concerns.

Most bizarre searches on Google about sex You must know it 2


5 Signs that expected from you oral sex. Explore its fantasies!

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex Explore its fantasies 2

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex. Explore its fantasies! Want to know what’s going on in the mind of your lover? Then watch for signals that you transmit. If your partner is not exactly the type of communicative man, you have to find ways to learn thoughts and desires. Give her oral satisfaction when he wants. Here are some tips designed to tell you that needs oral delights.

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex Explore its fantasies

You pampers lips with fingers
If during foreplay, your lover touches your face with your fingers sensual line, insisting on the lips, is certainly very excited. If it goes further and introduce their easy finger in your mouth, you can be sure that dreams of a passionate blow job.

Word Games
Greets you with a passionate kiss and whispers in a sexy way he thought the whole day at your lips? Then you may want more than a kiss from you.

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex Explore its fantasies 2

You intimates that is sickly
However you longs. Translation: like sex without make much effort. Oral sex can be the best remedy or would make him forget for a few minutes of fever and headache.

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex Explore its fantasies 3

Invites you to a dessert with fruit and whipped cream served on his body
You‘re teasing a banana or serving the sensual with grapes or strawberries, gently touching your lips? It is clear that challenges you. If you are invited to enjoy cream on his naked body, then it is clear what he wants.

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex Explore its fantasies 4

You to the place in question
As is above you, lift you up higher than you get in front of his abdomen? Then it is clear what he wants. Another obvious move is when guides your hands or head to his manhood.

5 Signs that expected from you oral sex Explore its fantasies 5




10 games to try them sexy in bed.

Sex tips: 10 games to try them sexy in bed. Have you ever been bored one afternoon around near your partner and do not know what to do ?! Both you love, but that can happen to anyone at any given time to enter up ideas and knows how to spend time. And if you do not intend in any way to get out of the house, here’s what it takes to have fun and feel good together.

10 games to try them sexy in bed

Sexy games to try with your partner

Love and passion are not always sufficient to keep the relationship alive. You have to play each other, so you will never get bored. Here are 10 variants of such games meant to spice up your relationship and to banish boredom.

1. Make change of clothes
Go in front of your closet and fully dressed with other clothes. Including underwear! You will see that every time a game to be more fun and you taste it increasingly more.

2. Erotic Chat
Stand in front of their laptop every web camera eventually and start a conversation as if you were not in the same house. No need to get to have sex on camera, but you can pretend play, as you are far away from each other.

3. Doctor and nurse
It is one of the funniest games you can play in an attempt to convince each other to get to have sex.

4. The series of 20 questions sexy
Plug your both in bed, completely naked under the covers. And ask yourself one question at a time sexy, then set the reward response: either a kiss or a atignere, or even more than that. You will surprise each other with all sorts of spicy answers will emerge.

5. Strip Poker or Craps
Play two games with commands for the loser. Do not stop only when the first of the two of you remain naked.

6. Stun you with a little alcohol
Sex was slightly dizzy from some cocktails that make pleasure is just a situation where you will have great fun and you both so full taste of alcohol, and sex from him.

7. Massage and body painting
Massage your whole body boyfriend. Give him an erotic massage that will not ever forget it. Use his favorite flavored oil and anoint him everywhere. On the other hand, take off your clothes and you ask him to paint in the most intimate areas. Both of these activities you enjoy the most.

8. Read erotic passages from a text and then interpret those characters.
Buy a collection of erotic stories and read to each other dialogues. Get involved, as you read, how physically touch you and kiss you.

9. Him dress up
Dress up your lover in the face of sex toy! Even if you protest at first, then will start to like. Do not forget, since it turn into sex toy, sex necessarily against him.

10. Draw the fingers on the body words, then put him to guess them.
The naked body, finger traces different words. He will have to guess what you wrote. Then exchange roles. For each good answer, gets a kiss. For each wrong answer, a slap on the ass. Or rewards and punishments set together.

16 tricks to keep your libido up!

16 tricks to keep your libido up! Many factors contribute to loss of sex drive. But if you apply the tricks below you manage to keep your libido strong.

16 tricks to keep your libido up

1. Embrace
Embrace releases oxytocin. Besides the fact that this substance relaxes the body, oxytocin lowers inhibitions and increases intimacy between partners.

2. Break sex
Regular sex is healthy and helps maintain a good connection in a relationship. However, occasionally, a period of abstinence is recommended to increase sexual desire.

3. Flirt
Game glances, gestures and words can stimulate more than you imagine. After spending a lot together partners forget to flirting and it shows in the quality of sexual life.

4. Without Stress
If possible, try to reduce stress in your life. Stress the libido, and to regain your sex drive should have to deal with as little stress.

5. Gymnastics
Doing motion kill two birds with one stone. First, reduce stress, and secondly increase blood flow. And, as we know, the genitals are highly vascularized.

6. Alcohol
A glass of alcohol can make you look inhibitions, relax and get excited easily. Please note, if above dose” effect is reversed.

7. Sex Role
Although some people seem cliché, sex on the role can be very exciting. Put your fantasies into practice.

8. Romantic Escapade
Whenever you have the opportunity and the budget allows, get together. Only you will! Maybe a movie can be a dinner or a weekend in the mountains or the sea. No matter what, as long as you are together and you feel good.

9. Skin-skin contact
Massage is an excellent form of relaxation. In addition, it can be an excellent form of foreplay and flirt. Increases sexual tension, stimulates desire and, as such, sex life will improve significantly.

10. Adult Movies
Adult movies or literature can be syrupy excellent incentives for sex. In addition, you can put the characters which read.

11. Kitchen erotica
A delicious meal in which you add spices aphrodisiacs can be a great incentive. You can bring some food ingredients and bedroom. We make sex exciting.

12. Sexy clothes
This tip is mostly for women, but men can hold it. When sex is not satisfactory, try to change something in your wardrobe. Mundane cotton pajamas are so appealing, but if you use a silk or satin, sexy and exciting, you could immediately stir lust for sex partner.

13. Attention to medications
There are some medications that limits the appetite for sex. Get medical attention if you notice that a treatment after you lost your sex drive.

14. Give up cigarettes
It is scientifically proven that smoking contributes to thickening of blood vessels and the formation of deposits that block blood vessels. It applies to blood vessels that serving” genitals.

15. Add pesto
Contains pine nuts Pesto which, in turn, have arginine. Arginine is viagra natural role with increased blood flow.

16. Meeting for sex
Give yourself a meeting dedicated solely to either sex. Either end of the program, or during your lunch break if you both so, go home or to a hotel close by offices.


Things about sex that you must know!

Things about sex that you must know! Sex is not so simple and ultimately no one can boast that they know everything.

Things about sex that you must know

Women who have sex regularly are more sexy
When a woman is part of the game of love regularly estrogen levels or body doubles. Because of this hair becomes shiny and smooth skin. It seems that this hormone, estrogen, is the fountain of living water for women. Therefore, a woman should think about sex as the best and revolutionary beauty treatment and therefore have part of him often.

Humans and dolphins are the only mammals that have sex for pleasure
The truth is that people can enjoy and savor a sex and not to think of it as a means of procreation. And dolphins are exactly the same as men. So the two species resembles not only in brain size but also the way they look and approach sex.

9 surprising curiosities about sex.

9 surprising curiosities about sex. Top 9 of the most surprising and interesting things about sex at the same time as finding the end of year.

9 surprising curiosities about sex

  1. Size matters actually
Yes, it does, in spite of all statements which contradict the above statement. Size matters, especially for women who prefer vaginal penetration for other types of sex and women who have vaginal orgasm clitoral orgasm instead. However, the size remains only a part of a whole with multiple components.

  2. Sleep Better than sex
Yup! In all surveys on this topic, sleep emerged victorious!

  3. Mobile and sex at the same time!
Although it may seem incredible, Marisa percentage admitted they would rather give up sex than to go to bed without personal smartphone. And there’s another category that admitted to writing sms while having sex.

  4. Sperm is an antidepressant
Clear! All studies have shown that women who do not use condoms are much less prone to depression than other categories that do not have contact with semen.

   5. They are men do not cheat
Yes, any pet related matters and men at home, away from the comforts of other women. Oxytocin is to blame, which is released including during a simple hug.

  6. Friends are more than mere friendship
And your boyfriend is right and not just paranoia: your buddy wonderful that seems to give his life for you, like, really, to sleep with you. Chair if coupled, multiple studies show that men are more attracted to their buddies partners than by their partner.

  7. Sex drive of women depends on the season
Exactly: and here we talk about summer. Summer, women playfulness much more than in cold weather.

  8. And when it’s raining outside!
Specialized studies attest that the vast majority of couples who had sex in stormy nights parents are now already.

  9. Arguments lower frequency of sexual contacts
Yes, as you argue more, the less sex is one thing scientifically proven. And only 15% of participants in the polls on the subject said they know to solve their own conflicts and smooth.

The most dangerous sexual position! Find out what you expose yourself if you do that!

The most dangerous sexual position! Find out what you expose yourself if you do that! The woman abovewas named the most dangerous sexual position, according to Brazilian sexology.

The most dangerous sexual position

Scientists have found that there are 50% chances during sexual intercourse the penis to cause fractures and contusions strong. They said that the fracture can be caused by the fact that the woman controls her entire body weight penis, it is not possible to interrupt the movement.

This is because if a penetration wrongminor injury and pain for the woman, but strong men. The sexual position woman on top” was the cause of more than 29% of fractures of this type.

Jessica Drake: Learn from a porn starlet like to have some unforgettable sex.

Jessica Drake: Learn from a porn starlet like to have some unforgettable sex. Jessica Drake is considered by fans XXX movies sex queen“. Porn starlet 41 years no sex in front of the cameras, but remained faithful to the adult film industry.

Jessica Drake porn starlet

With over 300 films to his credit, Jessica Drake is one of the best rated adult film actresses. Even after she left the porn, after almost 14 years of career, passionate blonde makes its job well and wants to share her experiences with other women and sex.

Since she quit porn, Jessica chose to take sex education classes and launched her own book on sex tips.

Porn Diva them advises women to be more bold in bed if they want to satisfy their partners. Also of note 10 for sex, they should accept diversity and to give free rein to fantasies in the bedroom.

Moreover, representatives of the weaker sex should scream during sex sometimes, but mostly to put more emphasis on meeting the near them.

Bruna Ferraz: GOOD BAD, is in Brazil and its LEARN FANS HOW TO DO SEX!

Bruna Ferraz: GOOD BAD, is in Brazil and its LEARN FANS HOW TO DO SEX! A young woman from Brazil, used to strip in front of the cameras, thought to initiate the young less experienced in the mysteries of sex. Brazilian was shot with a rubber penis, mimicking a game of love the book.

Bruna Ferraz

Bruna Ferraz is from Brazil and is famous among adult film loving public. Beautiful brunette thought but to do good and the less initiated in the mysteries of sex and show them what should happen during a game of love.

Armed” with a rubber penis and a camera, Bruna Ferraz sat at horizontal and showed them students” what to do man, to penetrate as it should partner. Brunette gives advice about how to do oral sex by the book, but also a prelude intended to kindle the protagonists.

Sex tips: How to use mouth to spice up your sex life.

Sex tips: How to use mouth to spice up your sex life. When you have sex use your hands, fingers, lips, nose, feet and genitals. But your mouth can really help you spice up your sex life. Yes, you read right. There are many ways that you can play with your partner just using your mouth.

How to use mouth to spice up your sex life

1. A kiss pressed
Kiss good mood can change both women and men. It is one of the best ways to use wet lips and mouth. Instead of a kiss on the cheek, try one bed. The more kiss is pressed deeper the more you become wild.

2. The neck and behind the ears
You need to explore your partner‘s erogenous zones. For example, the neck, behind the ears, butt, inner thighs and the list goes on. They can suck, kiss and then lick. Any of these moves are exciting.

3. Go down
It is one of the best ways to use your mouth and spice up your sex. Oral sex position 69 or famous are the best example. If you want to use your mouth to excite your partner do not forget to go down.

4. Use your tongue
Many couples are licking, sucking or simply playing with language. Use your tongue as much as possible for a really hot sex. Look at it carefully while it excites, after sex to be truly phenomenal.

5. Play with lower back
It is one of the erogenous zones in men and women. Put your partner on your stomach, then starts to play with her lower back. Use your tongue and fingers so. Sure I’ll return the favor.

Hot Sex in 5 minutes. How to seduce your partner.

Hot Sex in 5 minutes. How to seduce your partner. From time as in the privacy of the couple, you need a few items to spice up the relationship so that routine can not find its place in your bedroom. Here are some tips for hot sex offered by dr. Bonnie Jacobsen, in his book Save your marriage in just 5 minutes a day.

Hot Sex in 5 minutes How to seduce your partner

1. Support her eyes.
You definitely felt something in the eyes husband / wife when you love him / her. Capture them and stand eye to eye gaze, smiling knowingly. These glances they will take effect faster than you expected.

2. Remind yourself and remind her how sexy is
Lack of self-confidence is one of the main obstacles in the couple‘s sex life. Remind yourself and remind her how sexy is your partner of the couple you love him / her. Make them compliments, sometimes dirty, so to increase the intimacy between you and be more willing to stay longer naked.

 3. Create a code message “I want you!”
When you are not alone is difficult to make statements love, but if you have a secret code known only to you, you will be very easy to send messages. For example you pull your earlobe or spin a strand of hair etc.

4. Visual excitation
Here‘s a passage from a book or show him a sexy adult movie. He can show advertising a sensual fragrance. Any image that enhances sexual desire is welcome.

5. Surprise, Surprise
Predictability has nothing sexy, but surprises are When he least expects it provides husband / wife a warm hug or a kiss passionately. A petting, talking dirty while you sit at a traffic light, for example, to boost your sexual tension.

6. A sensual shower
The combination of hot water, shower gel, foam is irresistible. So do not miss the opportunity of a sensual shower together. You can take advantage of the experience of oral sex. A surprise present partner not to expect.

7. Communication
Last but not least element contributing to a couple good sex is communication. Do not be afraid to tell your husband / wife what you like and what you do not like while having sex. Offer them new ideas that you‘re excited and you want to try them together. Talk openly so that everyone knows which buttons to press on the trigger and maximum pleasure.


Want to learn how to have sex? Follow these seven signs on the first date.

Want to learn how to have sex? Follow these seven signs on the first date. At the first meeting of the chance to meet someone new, to figure out if you want to see a second time and perhaps become the love of your life. At the same time, this first meeting, can be used to figure out if the guy out, knows what to do in bed. True, sex expert Tracey Cox, revealed what to watch to find out if a man will give you unforgettable moments in the bedroom.

Want to learn how to have sex Follow these seven signs on the first date

And all this only requires some attention to detail:

1. How talks
It looks like a conversation with a man not only reveals your compatibility with him or some of its traits of personality but she looks and how sex. If you talk monotone and changes its facial expressions once an hour when he is unseasoned. Lack of enthusiasm in public reveals boredom in bed. Instead person you throw your hands in the air, gesticulating with ample movement, is one full of life and passion. If outside the bedroom manifest so imagine how you are in bed!

2. Where stand
The place to stay when you go pick is another important clue. If you choose to sit facing the wall and you do not choose a place to observe what happens in the restaurant when you are in the company of a winner. If a man chooses to stay in a place where only you have in front of you is a very good sign when it comes to predicting how it will behave in bed, and the reason is obvious. The more you focus on you, the more intense will live when you remain alone time.”

3. What command for dinner
Yes, as you will be more adventurous when it comes to food, the more will be adventurous in the bedroom. Spicy and exotic food is basically the easiest way to find out if the man will make things spicy in bed. “If experimenting or trying exotic foods, try hard as any position in the Kama Sutra behind closed doors.”

4. How to eat
It is said that love goes through the stomach (for men), but also reveal and whether it will be a god man between the sheets. According to Tracey, how a man eating will tell you how it will be in bed and here motto applies with as matrix better. “Honestly, I bet all the money man with a healthy appetite at the expense of a flat abdomen Literally, nibble a chicken ready to steam. A healthy appetite usually means, and a libido to match.

5. It is a sociable person?
It is not that always be on you, but a man who is comfortable with others who invade personal space will feel the same in the bedroom. Spacing physics often translates into emotional and sexual distancing. The more easily express their affection even more full of love and affection will be during sex.

6. How do you hold your hand?
Looks like you the way you hand is a good indicator of how you will let you feel after a night of passion it’s fingers weaving. The twine finger means they are very erotic: fieare want to reach small part of your hand which means he wants to be connected with you both physically and emotionally. What does it mean if you‘re routinely hand (hand in hand)? This suggests affection and acceptance although chances are small surprise you from sexually“.

7. What is his style of kissing
As Cher said many years ago, it’s all in the kiss“. Just leave you breathless kiss his knees, then chances are high to be great in bed. However, if after he put his lips on yours, you could barely master disgust you, then it’s time to get to bed. Never


Sex Life: How to convince your wife to make love.

Sex Life: How to convince your wife to make love. If you wondered what you should do to have a more active sex life without finding the answer means you have to read further. Usually, men who binge of love, using the same words, moves to convince consort to go in the bedroom. But after a certain period, it becomes predictable, boring and have the effect of a decrease in sexual life. The question of a million points is the following: what you should do for things to unfold as the beginning of a relationship when you can not wait to get to the bedroom? Well, initiates sex appealing to new tactics. It will be pleasantly surprised and your sex life will get where you want. So here’s a few tips that you initiate sex in creative ways that may not have tried before:

Closeup of an unhappy lady having problems in bed with husband

Sex Life # 1: Prepare and serve him dinner and
The most effective aphrodisiac for a woman is a man who cooks for her. Your culinary skills and efforts will not go unrewarded. Give him a glass of wine and tell him it’s just the beginning. Feed it gently and then give her a small task in the kitchen. While she is involved in solving it, squeeze her in my arms and kiss her neck and cultivate anticipation moments to come. Your results will surpass even the highest expectations.

Sex Life # 2: Organize evening movie
Instead of renting a movie on the couch and Picot both better organize movie night. This is an unusual way to initiate sex. You can watch a film that sexy to like your wife, and before I prepare favorite snack. Dressed only in pajamas, spread a blanket and some pillows in front of the TV. Then during movie play with your wife. Initial movements will not have any sexual charge, but will as time passes. Sexy scenes will have a guaranteed effect on partner will want to make love. Your wife will relax becoming more and the chances of reaching orgasm grow.

Sexual life # 3: Fun with your adult games
When did you last played dressed only in underwear. Strip Poker is already classic. There are also more modern games that you find online or in shop adult sites. They can be very detailed with cards, dice, plays, scenarios all with one goal: to increase the fun in the bedroom.

Sex Life # 4: Reveal your artistic streak
There are temporary tattoos, body painting that can be executed on the body. The beauty of this work is that both have to get rid of some clothes and that will touch one another. Eventually you will wake up naked with hands walking the partner’s body to complete the artwork started.

Sex Life # 5: Invite her to dance
Dancing is one of the most effective preludes and one of the best ways to initiate sex. Music pulsing through your body while dancing and your wife begin to feel sexual. Women love men who are not afraid to dance so that they provide everything they want.

Sex Life # 6: Shower for two
At the end of the evening join your wife in the bathtub. Your soap each other, and after you exit the shower give him a massage using his favorite skin care cream. As it starts relax sensual caress. In the end she will be the one to crave sex.

How many times is normal to have sex in a week!?

How many times is normal to have sex in a week!? Some people are addicted to sex. Other people do not have sex at all. But is how much sex we should do in a week? Or in a month?

How many times is normal to have sex in a week

A study published by the “Wall Street Journal” to answer these questions, sexologists stating that sex is pretty powerful emotional effects, especially for men. Moreover, psychologists at Harvard University say that abstinence makes men to restrain primary emotional instincts.

The study revealed that 32% of respondents said they have sex at least twice a week, while 47% of respondents said they had sex at least 5 per month.

Another study, which were followed for several months 44 couples, showed that people who have sex more often and more emotionally involved in a relationship.