Jonathan de Falco aka Stany Falcone, a former football player, now gay porn actor.

Jonathan de Falco aka Stany Falcone, a former football player, now gay porn actor. After a career as a Belgian football defender, Jonathan de Falco young man was forced to withdraw from the sport, only 27 years because of a serious injury.

Stany Falcone

Many athletes who have gone through similar incidents have chosen to become coaches or business people. Belgian chose, however, another way: gay admitted and then released into the adult film industry as an actor, under the stage name Stany Falcone. The truth is that I had a big accident. In a workout, a teammate hit me on my head. I went to the emergency doctors sent me home but after a few days, I found myself totally blind. I had the chance to be operated by a great specialist in Belgium, which saved my right eye. I have lost 60 percent of view, but without his intervention ought to have a glass eye “, says Jonathan.

Shortly after retract, former quarterback met Jess Royan, gay porn film producer, and so began in adult films.

The surprise was the proportion for spo rts fans, especially since Jonathan de Falco had created an image of a womanizer. “Football is an intolerant environment, as there is racism, there is a problem with gays. What I did was a snap. If you do that, I went head into a wall. I decided to take my homosexuality, I decided to accept positive or negative criticism. I take what I do .

Ibecame best known homosexual in Belgium

For 20 years I turned in gay circles, but nobody knew that as long as I played football. If it would have been, I certainly had many problems. I had one girlfriend, I always felt attracted to men. Now I have a boyfriend. I enjoy how I see the world, I do not cry for me. I received many messages and even proposals to play in movies . the harder it is for my family. my mother and my brother knew, but it was our secret. Now we have become the most famous Belgian homosexual “, says former quarterback.