Susana Estrada: Uncover that muse.

Susana Estrada: Uncover that muse.

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It was muse of cinema in transition and one of the biggest stars known as cinema coming out” and shows highly erotic, and his half-naked with Tierno Galván photo, left with mouth open more than one, because Susana Estrada is, as she says, “a woman to take up arms“. The star of films of the ’70s andBehind the scenes‘The Book of Good Love “or” The wonderful world of sex, films that censorship hung them an S’, since they could offend the sensibilities of a viewer, who finally had to not cross the Pyrenees to see the odd naked, always female, film, just collaborate in the Naked years. Classified S ‘, the new film by Félix Sabroso and Dunia Ayaso.

In the 70s, to film, had to undress, had no choice‘, told Efe by telephone Susana Estrada, who lives in Benidorm dedicated to music and he has recorded a new album, ‘Crazy Moonwhere there boleros, rumbas and a bit of everything‘, much along the lines of his other works, as one who published early eighties with the title of Love and freedom‘. Were Felix and Dunia who searched me and took them to find me, because I was on sabbatical, so when I joined the shoot and I got to choose the character, I could not resist the little paper contrary to cinema uncover feminist journalist. How ironic, no? ” says the actress, who encartaría to return to work with the filmmaking duo with a paper more serious‘. Symbol of freedom in the 70s, even dared a few months after the death of Franco brand new show ‘History striptease, featuring one of the first comprehensive nudes Spanish stages, coinciding in time with other actresses name decided undress as Victoria Vera, María José Goyanes or Marisol. Susana Estrada, who came to be processed by a sexological office in his magazine ‘Play Lady’ says that never’ felt manipulated’. Nobody put a gun to his head and forced to undress you, yes, if you wanted to make movies, you had to take your clothes.

There were four films and many short films, made by directors who had no idea how to light a nude, and all were staged by monísimas girls and actors, very good though, there were Pajares or Esteso, but that suitors had nothing . There were women object but women brochure he explains. In all his movies saved with special affection Passion prohibited‘ because she is Asturian, remember that spent a wonderful’ days on the coast of Finisterre, and did not like the filming of ‘Behind the scenes’ by Jorge Grau, in which María José Cantudo offered the first comprehensive naked Spanish cinema, because it was in Pamplona, with the mess of sanfermines and does not like bustle and crowdshe says. The actress, who is unrelated to other famous of gender as were Nadiuska or Blanca Estrada, concludes: Would do everything I did, those movies on a budget, but large lockers, I’m proud of everything done, although I recognize that I have an outstanding debt with cinema and would like to make some quality .

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