TOP 10 best porn actress in history!

TOP 10 best porn actress in history! Adult film industry remains one of the most profitable businesses in the world without any sign that there could ever enter into bankruptcy.

Paid fabulous sums, some have made a fortune XXX divas, but have gained the status of international stars. Here is the list of the most successful porn starlets in history:

10. Traci Lords.It is one of the most popular stars in porn industry. She debuted in handling movie for adults at no 18, using a fake ID. She later starred in films, but without the success of XXX era.

Traci Lords

9. Janine Lindemulder. Known in the industry as Janine, was the star of the film Pirates, one of the adult industry blockbusters. In addition porn career, and appeared on the cover of the album Enema of the State of the band Blink 182.

Janine Lindemulder

8. Jenna Haze. She began her career at 19 years. Although now no longer active, it directs XXX movies and has her own company, Jennaration X Studios. Although the age of 30 years, Jenna Haze has a fortune estimated at over 3.5 million.

Jenna Haze

7. Tera Patrick. Prior to beginning her career, was model. It was the first porn star who appeared on the cover of FHM.

Tera Patrick

6. Jesse Jane. The modern image of the porn industry. She starred in both movies Pirates – productions with huge budgets industry. In 2004 she had cancer, and since 2007 writes articles about sex Cheri magazine.

Jesse Jane

5. Sasha Grey. Over the years appeared in over 270 films. The record has awards for “best oral sex scene“, “best anal sex scene” or “the actress of the year”. In addition to appearances porn Sasha Grey could be seen in Entourage or in the film “The Girlfriend Experience”.

Sasha Grey

4. Linda Lovelace. She appeared in the movie Deep Throat, one of the first movies XXX budget and grossed hard countdown. Later, Linda Lovelace became a campaigner against the industry, launching crusade against pornography.

Linda Lovelace

3. Sunny Leone. From 2003, when he received the “Penthouse Pet of the YearSunny Leone is constant among the best porn actresses. In addition to her roles, appeared in her videos Ja Rule or The Girl Next Door.

Sunny Leone

2. Tori Black. Although he began her career at 18, has experienced rapid success thanks to its natural image. Currently, she took a break from the porn industry to take care of the second child.

Tori Black

1. Jenna Jameson. After working in the strip clubs, XXX Jenna entered the industry and did not take too long to obtain the crown of queen. She started their own business, ClubJenna has also hosted a reality show where participants were fighting for a contract in the porn industry.

Jenna Jameson


What are the best paid celebrity porn in the world?

Traci Lords Porn Diva XXX

The porn industry is one of the most profitable areas of film despite probably involve the greatest risks. Although there are very few celebrities in this area receiving international recognition for their work does not mean that they earn very much money. In contrast, the spearhead” of adult film get to win a few million dollars a year from their work.

Officially, the US, a man earn about $ 500 a scene and a sequence between two faces is paid 800 dollars. A typical scene of sex between a man and a woman receives $ 1,000 and one for anal reach up to 1300 dollars. Regarding double penetration, these scenes can reach up to 3500 dollars. Moreover, it is among the few and very few areas in which women are paid better than men. However, at the moment there are more than 4 million porn sites in the US and thus may justify at least some of the colossal amounts they earn big names in porn.

1. Jenna Jameson
The most famous porn star in the world has a fortune estimated at over 30 million dollars, despite being retired” in 2008. On her real name Jenna Marie Massoli, the star turned 40 in April this year . Jenna began her career in 1993 and is active 20 porn industry awards. Moreover, it was introduced in the Hall of Fame XXX equivalent and have a wax model at Madame Tussauds museum in Las Vegas. Jenna Jameson has appeared in over 170 films and directed erotic or pornographic 4 other productions. In 2005, Playboy TV production emitted Jenna’s American Sex Star, a competition where aspiring actresses competed in sexual performance to win a contract with Jenna’s production company.

Jenna Jameson XXX porn diva

2. Tera Patrick
The actress, her real name Linda Ann Hopkins, was born in Montana, USA and wealth that has gathered in the porn industry amounted to $ 15 million. Despite that that holds a nurse, Tera quickly grown into one of the most popular girls in XXX movies. She made the first steps in adult productions in 1999 and in 2003 signed a contract with one of the largest production companies in the industry. From then until he retired in 2008 tera played in 126 films and has 30 industry awards including AVN Award for Best Benefit of a debutante.

Tera Patrick XXX porn star diva

3. Peter North
Alden Brown at the age of 57 years has the greatest wealth of men working in the industry. Known as Peter North, he managed to raise over $ 11 million years. Canadian claims to have entered this field in 1984 with productions absolutely random gay and then passed to the heterosexual. His career can be considered impressive film that man is active 2000 movie that had the lead role and another 70 in the director’s chair. It is also the producer of such films 20 and in 2001 he founded his own successful manufacturing companies, Northstar Associates. In addition, he is known for the large amount of semen ejaculated and actresses who says filming sex scenes with him oral require an additional fee.

Peter North XXX star

4. Traci Lords
Nora Louise Kuzma is one of the actresses who made the transition from child to mainstream cinema without experiencing any great success. It is known as Traci Lords but also used pseudonyms Kristie Elizabeth Nussman, Nora Kuzma and Cheech Bogdart. Her first appearance in a porn film was in 1984, when she was 16. That same year, she appeared in Penthouse magazine explicit nature, triggering a whole media scandal. By the age of 18, Lords had appeared already in 100 porn. However, she says that more than 80 of them were filmed scenes edited but older, unused in other productions. At this point her fortune is estimated at $ 10 million.

Traci Lords Porn Diva XXX

It will not come to you as gaining XXX stars in the world! You have to stay silent awe and you want to change your job.

It will not come to you as gaining XXX stars in the world! You have to stay silent awe and you want to change your job. The actresses in the porn industry earns money from this activity fabulous! Moreover, tens of millions of dollars earned by XXX divas would pale with envy any manager of a multinational in the world!

It will not come to you as gaining XXX stars in the world

Their annual revenues amount to several million dollars to tens of millions, and the industry in which they work these girls collect $ 15 billion annually. Here are porn actresses of the moment who earn the most money!

1. Jenna Jameson 30 million dollars
Jenna Jameson is the richest porn star in the world! He starred in over 160 adult films, he appeared on television, radio and recorded a great success with annually brought blonde making 30 million dollars, decided to sell it to the journal website Playboy.

2. Tera Patrick $ 15 million
For many years, Tera Patrick starred in over 100 adult films and made good money in porn industry heads. Now, porn starlet opened his own production, own studio, Teravision, which produces about 15 films annually, reaching business grossed 30 million dollars each year.

3. Jesse Jane $ 8 million
Besides appearance in 75 adult movies, Jesse Jane has her own line of sex toys, dolls and even producing tequila. Undoubtedly, Sexy Jane is one of the most famous porn stars in recent years.

4. Traci Lords $ 7 million
Appeared in over 100 porn movies and TV shows. Besides, Traci wrote a book Traci Lords: Underneath It All“, which was a bestseller in the United States.

5. Maria Takagi $ 6 million
What music did not offer money they could earn in the porn industry, Maria Takagi was reshaped. Now is the most famous and rich Japanese porn actress.

6. Bree Olson  $ 5 million
She retired from the porn industry in 2011, but left behind 230 films and image of “puppet films for adults“.

7. Katie Morgan $ 4.5 million
Besides porn, Katie Morgan has appeared in several shows HBO Entourage,” “Zack and Miri Make a Pornoand has his own radio show.

8. Jenna Haze 3.5 million dollars
Jenna Haze retired at the right time and opened his own production company. She starred in over 500 films and directed another 13.

9. Sasha Grey $ 2.5 million
Sasha Grey began playing in porn in 2008 with the role in “The Girlfriend Experience” and one in the HBO show Entourageand became one of the most popular porn actresses.

10. Gianna Michaels $ 2 million
It is one of the best paid porn stars in the world. It seems that the success of adult films in 2010 brought an important role in the cast of Piranha 3D.


The richest actresses from XXX films!

The richest actresses from XXX films! At one point made headlines in moments of intimacy of many men worldwide. On some of them have not forgotten now. And the princess took advantage of the glory years to inflate their accounts. Service counter service!


The most famous porn actress Jenna Jameson knew how to take advantage of the fame achieved on the set, where sweating hard. He starred in hundreds of films presented on TV shows for adults and founded the company ClubJenna, where you could go and see if you pay a subscription XXX beauties. In the early years, only club he earned over 30 million dollars a year. Now, almost secluded and twins, the most famous porn actress benefit the planet about 70 million annually. Plus you had a well hidden by banks and accounts.

Jenna Jameson sensual XXX diva


When I entered the industry, making millions for others. Now do for me! ” says Tera Patrick. And not only praise. Former nurse and passed in CV jobs president, owner and main star at Teravision, a company that annually produces about 30 million dollars, with at least 15 XXX movies per year, which sold 30,000 copies in each.

Tera Patrick sexy XXX diva

Maria Takagi

Mary was in its time the highest paid starlet in Japan. Her first major contract was worth 300 million yen, or about 2.6 million dollars. All 30 films, ie 86,000 dollars for a movie. Not bad, right?

Maria Takagi XXX diva


Lady became famous for making non-stop sex with 620 men. At least so say the annals. In 1999, the year that broke all record gangbang, had won about a million dollars, that is exactly $ 1,612 to man. For appearances in shows striptease, Houston take about $ 20,000 a week. In addition, honestly won $ 10,000 after he sold at auction a Labia, cut through vaginoplasty procedure. Bleah! Funny thing is that still poses, although little known trail years.



XXX actress declared himself big agreement with the industry: 1 million dollars. All for a period of four years. Although a $ 250,000 annual income is not very much to some colleagues in the industry, must take into account that Hillary Scott was a newcomer in the industry.

Hillary Scott XXX diva


Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master.

Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master.

Tera Patrick was born on July 25, 1976, in Montana, and moved to New York to meet success and fame. Up to 18 years worked as a model, but withdrew and agreed to pose nude in Playboy and Penthouse magazines for adults, which attracted the attention of producers of porn. In 2008 was presenter erotic show School of Sex” on Playboy TV television program. Tera Patrick was married to actor Evan Seinfeld. Together they produced five porn for Vivid and ten for Teravision. In an interview, Tera confessed she has nothing against sex scenes between her husband and another woman. Earlier this year, Tera Patrick released her memoirs in the book “Sinner Takes All”, written by journalist Carrie Borzillo. During realization of the book, porn actress and rebuilt relationship with her mother and has realized the problems you have with her husband since..

Tera Patrick pictures:

Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (1) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (2) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (3) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (4) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (5) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (6) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (7) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (8) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (9) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (10) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (11) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (12) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (13) Porn star Tera Patrick is looking for master XXX gallery (14)


They are the most awarded porn actresses.

In North America, in Las Vegas, organizes an annual film festival called “Adult Video News” (AVN), an equivalent of the Oscars.

This festival honors the most successful actors and actresses, best XXX scenes, but also the best manufacturers in the US pornography. Porn, the name commonly used for this type of film is that the production contains scenes where people are explicit sexual acts and deliberately played, in order to cause sexual excitement spectator.

Tera Patrick

Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro (33 years) known professionally as Tera Patrick, appeared in the magazine Playboy” and “Penthouse.

Tera Patrick big tits luxury porn star

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane (29 years), born Cindy Taylor, originally from Fort Worth, Texas. Jane grew up in different military bases in the United States. In high school, the actress was a varsity cheerleader. She graduated high school in Moore.

Jesse Jane XXX actress diva

Brittney Skye

Brittney Skye (33 years) in Los Angeles, California is, besides a porn actress and director appreciated these films. She says she was a teenager agitated, especially in high school.

Brittney Skye porn diva XXX

Eva Angelina

Eva (24 years) born in Orange County, California, is known for adult fashion parades, attended. She began her career at 18 years and is known for performances in a wide variety of genres, including GONZO. She won several awards AVN Award for Best Actress.

Eva Angelina hot ass

Mary Carey

Mary Carey (29 years) remained in the memory of Americans because she ran for governor of California in 2003. Carey was born in Cleveland, Ohio, a schizophrenic mother and father with cerebral palsy.

Mary Carey luxury XXX diva

Sunny Leone


Nikki Benz (28 years) is the stage name of an actress, who now lives in Los Angeles. Benz entered the porn industry by contacting an adult film director shortly before the age of 21 years.

Nikki Benz hot porn diva

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone (28 years) appeared repeatedly in “Penthouse”. She is also a successful businesswoman and appeared in several TV shows.

Sunny Leone fucked by a big penis

Aurora Snow

Aurora Snow, born in November 1981 in Santa Maria, California, is the pseudonym of a porn actress, and film director of VAIN.

Aurora Snow porn actress

Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze (27 years ) originating in Fullerton. Her real name is Jennifer Corrales. Jenna grew up with her older sisters after their parents’ divorce. The 15year, Jenna left high school, took lessons at home and started working.

Jenna Haze enjoy sucking a dick


VIDEO: Porn starlet Tera Patrick looking for a man to satisfy her in bed.

Porn starlet Tera Patrick looking for a man to satisfy her in bed.

Tera Patrick porn diva

Married for four years with rocker Evan Seinfeld, Tera Patrick porn starlet, 33 years, decided recently to divorce. According to American tabloid press, Tera Patrick was not happy with her husband’s sexual performance, affected by the fact that he drinks too much. As a result, day, XXX diva filed for divorce, and the Court has called out a newspaper ad to show that to find a man to satisfy her in bed.


Richest porn actors.

The porn industry produces over 15 billion dollars a year, so it’s no surprise that actors XXX is among the highest-paid public figures worldwide. The brightest men and most desired actresses in porn films make millions of dollars a year from their incendiary appearances, their fortunes rivaling those of Hollywood stars.

Top most XXX wealthy actors of the moment:

10. Lexington Steele $ 4 million

Lexington Steele

At 43, Steele is one of the most acclaimed actors of color in porn. XXX is named first star three times Actor of the Year” at the AVN Awards and, meanwhile, has extended his work to directing and producing porn. Lexington Steele has a degree in African-American history, obtained in 1993 and flirted for a while with being a broker.

 9. Katie Morgan – 4,5 million USD

Katie Morgan

Porn actress Katie Morgan came after he was caught doing marijuana trafficking in 2000. With no money to pay bail, Katie Morgan started to shoot film XXX and arrived shortly highly acclaimed in the industry. Currently hosts a radio talk show, entitled “having sex”.

8. Bree Olson $ 5 million

Bree Olson

Bree Olson, actress bisexual, which was coupled with Charlie Sheen, started her XXX career in 2006. She was a minor at the time, but that has not prevented her uncensored scenes occur, quickly earning the reputation of kid uninhibited. She became so passionate about her job, that she dropped out of college and her dream of becoming a doctor.

7. Ron Jeremy $ 5.5 million

Ron Jeremy

No other actor can boast the performance of being played in XXX movies since their appearance. Ron Jeremy appears in the Guinness Book of Records as “The man with the most appearances in adult films.” Despite your look or not “commercial”, Ron Jeremy rocked over 2000 porn and won, besides a large number of admirers, and a considerable fortune.

6. Maria Takagi $ 6 million

Maria Takagi

Prior to becoming a favorite fantasy of men worldwide, Maria Takagi was made known in Asia as a pop singer under the name Rika Inoue. When switched from playful porn clips limitless, quickly became the highest-paid actress in Japan XXX.

5. Traci Lords $ 7 million

Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Traci Lords was only 16 years when he appeared in the first XXX film career, checking” then many famous magazine pictorial in Penthouse”. By the age of 18, shot no less than 100 feature films porn, then having trouble with the law because of young age that came in XXX industry. Today is 41 years old and playing in TV movies.

4. Jesse Jane $ 8 million

Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane decided to become a porn actress after reading an article about the success of Tare Patrick. She contacted the people at the famous production house XXX starlets and eventually reached the catalog” them. Although it has a relatively small filmography, Jesse Jane make a lot of money from advertisements on sex toys and lingerie collections. Also, Jesse has often appearances at several exclusive clubs striptease US.

3. Peter North $ 10 million

Peter North

The highest paid actor in the XXX industry was discovered by chance in 1984, while working as a model and did commercials for lingerie. He began as an actor in gay films under the name Matt Ramsey. It moved into movies for heterosexuals and came highly rated because of endowments” and his passion that meet their partners. The most famous series of films in which he appeared XXX called “North Pole“.

2. Tera Patrick $ 15 million

Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick brunette beauty recently said: When I entered the XXX industry, we have produced millions of dollars for others. Now I keep to myself.” Ambitious actress made ​​her own production company, which launched about 15 porn year. In 2008 she became presenter of a TV show called “School of Sex.

1. Jenna Jameson 30 million dollars

Jenna Jameson xxx actress

“Queen of pornstarted playing in adult productions in 1993, and since then has built a strong career and won dozens of awards. Launched production company ClubJenna, which enjoyed a huge success and was eventually acquired by Playboy for a confidential amount. Since 2001, the impresarierea Jenna and promoting some actors XXX famous.