Titus Steel: Secrets!

Titus Steel: Secrets! With a career spanning over 15 years in the porn industry, Titus Steel is free but perhaps the best known Romanian actor in the business. At the age of 40, Titus was willing to talk about secrets no curtain on the set! It was just a kid when he decided to become a porn actor. He went to an audition and was chosen. The first film was the hardest, but in time, Titus became the most famous porn actor. He starred in hundreds of films, won million and for several years has opened a production house and directing XXX movies.

Titus Steel

Although many believe that this job is an easy one, in reality, things are totally different and Titus Steel has agreed to reveal the most intimate secrets on set.

In addition to a pleasant appearance and an adequate, any young person who wants a career in this field should have a very strong mentally, but also as an actor: It is not just a sexual act, there play a role , you enter a character. mime gestures, faking excitement, desire. the psyche is the most important, most of all. There have always erect, even if your partner is sexy. in those moments you have to impose, to help yourself , stimulate you. I do not feel pleasure every time, even you can not, it is impossible, so sometimes it mechanically. it really is hard to do this job is not for everyone. a normal man could not finish the other dozens and camera face“, said Titus Steel!

Also XXX actor confesses that he feels pleasure from intercourse: “There is a tremendous difference between the finish and orgasm. Rarely have orgasm on set. I’ve always when make love to my wife, because there are no and feelings , we said.



You see something on Youtube? A XXX actor,Titus Steel, filmed his wife, Jasmine Rouge, naked , and now images can be viewed by everyone!

You see something on Youtube? A XXX actor,Titus Steel, filmed his wife, Jasmine Rouge, naked , and now images can be viewed by everyone! Couple of adult film XXX actors Titus Steel and Jasmine Rouge forced to limit policy and Youtube have posted a very sexy film on the largest worldwide video content server.

Titus and Jasmine star in a video posted on Youtube own channel, named Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend“. In images, Jasmine (her real name Stefania) appears topless, caressing her breasts in a jacuzzi, until the arrival of Titus that leap into the pool and water showered on his partner, its ruining her all the time .

Jasmine Rouge pictures from a movie 2 Jasmine Rouge pictures from a movie

Replica of a famous movie advertisement is a brand of beer, just that this version is more explicit. Besides, footage is a preview” of a production more “hard” which will be broadcast on a specialized website. It is known fairly strict policy of Youtube about the nude scenes, so it is expected that these sequences to be removed from public broadcasting in the shortest time.

Titus Steel and Jasmine Rouge pictures from a movie Titus Steel pictures from a movie