Bibi Jones fucks like a goddess!

Bibi Jones fucks like a goddess!

The blonde Bibi Jones fucks like a good goddess and this colleague knows why when collected from the airport it takes her home to pay the favor meat and so she starts sucking his cock with a blowjob well salivada before starting to fuck in several positions and as the blonde is so horny wants hot cum on her face and tits.

Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders!

Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders!

Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders

The NBA is the best basketball competition at club level, so it has to have a level of cheerleaders in the same category. A brief example are two of the most famous porn stars in the US, as Jesse Jane and Bibi Jones, who have demonstrated their unconditional support to Oklahoma City Thunders, playing at the moment a hard number to enter the Western Conference semifinals against Los Angeles Lakers. And how have shown that unconditional love for your team? For uploading photos porno to their Twitter accounts to cheer their team with just a t-shirt of the club in which they teach everything and everyone. Surely these home of Jesse Jane and Bibi Jones autofotos give wings to the team as further progress in the competition, who knows if the next round of photos is with dildos, for instance?

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Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (1) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (2) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (3) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (4) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (5) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (6) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (7) Bibi Jones and Jesse Jane basketball cheerleaders (9)



Bibi Jones fucked in bed!

Bibi Jones fucked in bed!

Bibi Jones is one of the most famous American porn actresses and re-fucking-das in recent times in the US and around the international scene. Bibi Jones made in the image and likeness of Britney Spears (incidentally, both namesake, her real name is Britney Beth) and very young.Bibi Jones, at age 20, two years sowing takes few successes in adult screens, but not only that, it also has a second occupation in the world of sex and as webcamer. It looks to be a well paid job, especially for porn stars, with a cam other extra salary drawn. Cool, right? Getting paid for a front of the webcam is not bad. The downside is that it is very difficult to find a video recorded by his fucker, so if want to enjoy this little angel, will have to drop some cash on their cameras, or conformed with this pseudo amateur video. It is everywhere to give you up to 20 hard flip flops …

Bibi Jones fucked in bed

BiBi Jones, Shooting Star Digital Playground.

BiBi Jones, Shooting Star Digital Playground. BiBi Jones, the youngest of the girls Digital Playground, has decided to leave porn. She has publicly announced through a personal video on YouTube in which she explains that she has not been comfortable doing this job for the last year, to work in the porn industry has hurt her family and either does for her and by her family. Ensures that does not go with any resentment toward the porn industry, but it is not for her. Whatever it may be, whether it was coming.

In only 20 years, BiBi Jones is gone after just over a year and a half and twenty porno films to her credit. The accolade (too early) to her career seemed to come with the exclusive contract signed with Digital Playground when wearing barely a few months in porn. The company announced it as the great signing, but few (at least I do not) saw it as a big star. And the truth is that it was the shooting star of Digital Playground, if it has grown to become one.

BiBi Jones

The company opted much for her at first and she decided to confront Jesse Jane, the true star of Digital Playground. Their rivalry was the great gossip San Fernando Valley and remained patent until performing in movies. Although she has participated in company successes as ‘Fighters‘ or ‘Babysitters 2′, ‘Assassins(her debut in the company) has been the most important Digital Playground movie and in it we could see as she removed prominence to the Jesse Jane herself .

Assassins porn movie

Recall that by the time it was rumored that Jesse Jane was leaving Digital Playground. In fact, he returned to use your real name, Cindy Taylor, actress and stand as free for other companies. But the overnight, Jesse Jane changed his mind and nothing bad had happened with Digital Playground. And the producer decided to support the real star BiBi and that certainly did not do too much grace, returning to be in second place it deserved.

Now comes her retirement (although still can see in Nurses 2′) between sobs and self-help books and Digital Playground is silent about it. One of many actresses that although it was received and praised with big words come and go without a trace porn.

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Bibi Jones, Bye Bye Porn

Bibi Jones, Bye Bye Porn

Bibi Jones adio porn

Bibi Jones one of the beauties listed as girls of Digital Playground contract has said goodbye to porno few days ago as we saw in a video posting on YouTube itself. On home video the sexy Bibi Jones born 20 years ago in the state of Oklahoma explains the reasons I decide to leave the world triple X. “I have been extremely unhappy the last two months of my life,” he says in a sad tone in the video Bibi Jones, “I am not satisfied with myself” I need to break with all this and everyone knows that porn is not the first life and family if it is, if I continue in this my family will suffer a lot. I do it for them, for myself and for my health. Now you can confirm now that I am out of business “

Bibi Jones adio porn1

“I was promised many when entering the porn industry, I was excited, very happy, but nothing of what they promised I happen to be fulfilled and I will spend more for it. I do not want to disappoint anyone and I’m sorry if I’m looking very dramatic and although I have not been much in the porn industry if I started very young with only 20 years and the best we can do now is leave it. I’m not going to speak ill of anyone’s business or the particular industry itself greatly respect them all. I am delighted the friendships I’ve gotten at this time but this is not for me. I have to start over and be a new better person. I am very grateful to Digital Playground and Manwin “

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