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Titus Steel: Secrets! With a career spanning over 15 years in the porn industry, Titus Steel is free but perhaps the best known Romanian actor in the business. At the age of 40, Titus was willing to talk about secrets no curtain on the set! It was just a kid when he decided to become a porn actor. He went to an audition and was chosen. The first film was the hardest, but in time, Titus became the most famous porn actor. He starred in hundreds of films, won million and for several years has opened a production house and directing XXX movies.

Titus Steel

Although many believe that this job is an easy one, in reality, things are totally different and Titus Steel has agreed to reveal the most intimate secrets on set.

In addition to a pleasant appearance and an adequate, any young person who wants a career in this field should have a very strong mentally, but also as an actor: It is not just a sexual act, there play a role , you enter a character. mime gestures, faking excitement, desire. the psyche is the most important, most of all. There have always erect, even if your partner is sexy. in those moments you have to impose, to help yourself , stimulate you. I do not feel pleasure every time, even you can not, it is impossible, so sometimes it mechanically. it really is hard to do this job is not for everyone. a normal man could not finish the other dozens and camera face“, said Titus Steel!

Also XXX actor confesses that he feels pleasure from intercourse: “There is a tremendous difference between the finish and orgasm. Rarely have orgasm on set. I’ve always when make love to my wife, because there are no and feelings , we said.



The self PORNO! How do you see what is happening inside your vagina when you orgasm?

The self PORNO! How do you see what is happening inside your vagina when you orgasm? The vibrator was “primers” recently innovators with a few people that ladies who use it can film or take self when using it even when they orgasm.

Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator

Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator is a new “toyfor ladies which allows them not only to service yourself, but to see what was happening inside the vagina when they orgasm or are hot”.

The device is provided with HD cameras designed to shoot everything, and LED for visibility. Manufacturers have even thought that people can use them to stage their small productions for adults, using little toy.

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Top 5 lines which should not tell your lover after sex!

Top 5 lines which should not tell your lover after sex! Have you had sex and was “so and so”? If you’re not jumping to hasty conclusions and make them and say aloud! If a remark by would make you uncomfortable, and certainly your reply acid will make him withdraw into their shell.

Top 5 lines which should not tell your lover after sex

Do not risk to jeopardize your relationship using replicas uninspired after you had sex with your partner. Here are the top 5 lines that do not ask them again.

1. Do not compare with other
As much as i would like to know that it was better than the former, do not tell. If you wonder how was the sex that just ended do not rush comparison with another boyfriend.

2. Do not ask why you stopped
Was stopped, was rushed, finished ahead of you! Never reproached it because you’ll ruin something beautiful. Try to Talk subtle day, when you are relaxed.

3. Do not ask if you were good
Never ask his compliments. If it feels to do it, it will say for sure even during intercourse. If you ask will think you‘re insecure and his admiration will decrease.

4. Do not immediately ask them to do you do once
Let him relax, contemplate when orgasm just had. Do not ask again do so quickly, because you believe that you will be satisfied and inhibiting.

5. Do not tell him it was cute
You felt good and I want to say it. Then try to tickle his pride with sweet lines and do not summarize the cute, because you thought that was not up to your expectations.

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4 positions for a guaranteed orgasm!

4 positions for a guaranteed orgasm! If until now you did not believe that there are certain positions that help women reach orgasm, well you were wrong. And if there is why you did not learn boyfriend for so help yourself. And you’re using these positions, you will have sex as only dreamed of before.

4 positions for a guaranteed orgasm

Here are the top 4 positions that help you have an orgasm of your life:

1. Position the butterfly or modified missionary
She sits back and hips are on the bed while a guy penetrates feet. Then she puts her legs on his shoulders, and hips are slightly raised. This angle is excellent for deep penetration with cervical stimulation can produce an intense orgasm vaginal and uterine cancer. With a shallow penetration, the man can stimulate the G-spot

2. Missionary alignment technique modified
The couple starts in the missionary position. Once the woman is penetrated deeply, it allows to shake legs so she lie between his legs. Then the man Shimba their center of gravity forward and therefore pressed his erection and stimulates her clitoris as it moves. This position is excellent for women who prefer clitoral stimulation during intercourse for a orgasm.

3. Wearing scepter
Either partner can use the technique, although hand underneath the person may appeal to it more easily. Creates an index and ring fingers around the big penis at its base. Then Close the skin until the head is completely exposed genitalia. This move increases the sensitivity of the penis at the same time, however, can help maintain an erection. Start penetration with fingers around the penis to increase his pleasure.

4. On the table
The woman is lying on a table and penetrates a man standing. The man who is totally in control, it is he who decides how deep walk or pace action. You can look one in the eye of each other while making love. And no, it is a position about acrobatics, but about context.

5 women’s sexual sins!

5 women’s sexual sins! Here’s a guide to what not to do a woman in bed. If you want to banish boredom and routine in the bedroom and rediscover your inner sexuality, here’s where you should start. Avoid these five sexual Unfortunately they make many women and you will never be alone:

5 women s sexual sins

1. To cry
If there is a top of the worst things that a woman could do in bed, crying as far winner. Not only will make him believe that he is a poor lover, but you will make you look and hysterical. In addition, there is scientific evidence confirms that crying is a major impediment in terms of sex. The researchers found that tears smell makes men to lose interest in love.

2. To laugh
If you start to laugh while making love, your lover will feel less sure of himself and his sexual performance. Did you know that 83% of men think they do love how can it be improved? Or, in terms of penis size, 45% of men would like to have a larger genital organ? Therefore, when your lover strives with all his strength should never laugh. Even if you do not laugh at his manhood or making love how he might feel offended or worse, make him not want to make love to you. And if you’re among the foremost Women who when excited, trying to focus on something serious.

3. To pretend
When pleasure is not large enough to reach orgasm can be quite easy to simulate it. Although, screaming: “Oh, yeah baby” seems a great option for the moment, pretending will make you both to suffer the long term. First of all, he does not know how to properly satisfy. In addition, many men realize they pretend girlfriends, so imagine what will happen when you discover. And last but not least, your lover might expect to have orgasm again next time and so you put unwanted pressure on both. So next time if you can not reach orgasm can tell lover: I really would like to finish now.” We love it.

4. Being shy
One of the best ways to make a man lose mood for sex is a woman to be ashamed when they talk about things kinky. So if, typically, are shy in the bedroom, do not get carried by your nature you talk ugly and not promise things you can not bring to fruition. Instead, focus on increasing confidence in yourself when you’re in the bedroom. You can do simple things like buying a sexy lingerie that you feel comfortable. Or you can read erotic readings together. The key is to remember that you can raise the temperature in the bedroom, even if you’re shy, but do not have to do anything uncomfortable.

5. Do not Know What You Want
Men love women who know what they want. Sometimes men feel pressure when you have to take control and go to work. So, when you emulate how you want to make love. Do not say: I do not know, whatever you want.” Instead, tell him you like or what makes you feel good. Even if it is only a few instructions, such as “touch here” or “Move faster”. If you usually do not know what you want in bed and feel lost when you ask how I want, maybe it’s time to discover how you like to make love. Teach your body and discover what excites you. So next time you ask, you’ll know what to answer him.


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7 mistakes that you do and who your lover decrease sex drive. Find out why you never want!

7 mistakes that you do and who your lover decrease sex drive. Find out why you never want! Boyfriend, he quickly falls mood sex with you? Maybe make some mistakes without you realize! Sex should not be something complicated, especially when there is attraction between two people. However, men will quickly lose interest in sex can and it happens most often due partner. Even if you find it hard to believe, when you’re in bed with your lover, you make certain mistakes that make you lose interest in you.

7 mistakes that you do and who your lover decrease sex drive

Here are some mistakes that you make in every woman during sex and you can make any man to lose interest:

1. Expectations too high during foreplay
Do you want every time you meet your partner oral and walk while their hands on your body until you‘re too exhausted to penetrate? Prelude will help you know better and Heat atmosphere in the bedroom, but try not to make too big deal out of this phase of sex.

2. There must no need to be a porn star
Men do not like when a woman is trying too much in bed. There must be a porn star to meet, nor should you try you see in porn. Be natural and try to leave everything goes by itself.

3. Sex boring
Yes, sex can be boring sometimes! Do not do it unless you feel the need. Rather than accept having sex with your lover for the sake of not deny it, better not tell you frankly that mood. Every man realizes immediately if a woman does not feel good to him, and this may affect.

4. You misbehave when you orgasm
Men want to have orgasm, and this is more of a challenge for them. But if you‘re misbehave when you orgasm, be sure that your lover will scare and will lose erection. It certainly is not as exciting look you give your eyes so bad over as head or shaking uncontrollably, as if you had an epileptic seizure.

5. You give too many indications
You have a list of instructions and you want your lover to comply with holiness? Be sure that this will make him lose interest in sex. Not a bad idea if you try in a playful and fun to show them what you like, but be careful not to overdo it.

6. You pray for him to finish faster
No man likes to be pressured to end soon, and if you get used to doing this with your lover, then ask yourself why will no longer want to have sex with you. If you behave in this way, you will not do anything else than to prove not feel good to him.

7. Mimic orgasm
Your lover will certainly not be happy if you faking orgasm. It is not pleasant for a man to know that he can not satisfy his partner. In addition, if you get used to do that very often, then ask yourself why your boyfriend will lose interest in sex.



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The 7 myths of orgasm!

The 7 myths of orgasm! It’s been a long time since scientists doubted the existence and complexity of orgasms. Today, the couple sexual satisfaction is a highly debated topic not only for specialists, but your girlfriends, men whom they know and especially you! Obviously, it is a positive step, but sometimes too many ideas ruin: the satisfaction depends on each person, so preconceptions might do more harm than good! The point is: it too can you pay attention to what you just a sexual performance by a myth!

The 7 myths of orgasm

How it works myths? Find out just below the 7 myths of orgasm!

1. All women want to reach orgasm G-spot

FALSE. It is true that many women crave a G-spot orgasm, but it is a big myth that all women want such a orgasm. For many women, it is already a real delight if it is stimulated point G “by the book”, can be vaginal orgasm or, in most cases, the clitoris.

And, surprise! There are women who do not like them either stimulated point G, because it can cause pain or sensation to urinate. Therefore, further proof that general ideas about sex rarely apply!

2. Women need an experienced partner to reach orgasm

Partially true. Many men take pride in themselves or in their circle of friends, with the ability to cause orgasm every sex lover. Is it really? Is it just his ability in the middle? The answer: not much. Orgasm depends 70% of women and 30% of men (involvement of gestures and movements).

It is selfish of a woman to blame entirely on man if you do not achieve orgasm, the more so as, the desire to achieve a vaginal orgasm is much harder to accomplish. Here’s one of the reasons we are endowed with a clitoris that, if properly stimulated, surely offers an explosive orgasm.

Another reason why a woman can not achieve orgasm is anxiety, fear or sexual dysfunction.

The 7 myths of orgasm 2

3. Sex is not sex without orgasm

FALSE. Sex is beneficial and fun even if you do not always orgasm. If you leave your lover booty sensations and totally involved sexual experience can be even more interesting and satisfying than a cliche as excitationorgasm.

75% of women prefer sometimes a very long foreplay or sex with little penetration, orgasm detriment because for them kissing, caressing and mutual knowledge are equally important.

Surprise! In men this myth tends to be true. 90% of men feel unsatisfied if you had sex without orgasm. Indeed, can have real problems: headaches, tension in the genital area.

The 7 myths of orgasm 3

4. Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral

Partially true. This myth is somewhat like a comparison between strawberries and apples. Both are fruit just like apples and strawberries are cheaper than the more expensive something is, the more difficult to achieve and so attractive! The idea is this: both are very nice orgasm, clitoral orgasm is reached only very often, is at hand” (see apples), while vaginal orgasm is so desirable because it is very difficult to achieve (see strawberries) therefore can be considered better just because you can rarely experience which gives a different perception.

Only 30% of women can achieve vaginal orgasm.

5. Women can not ejaculate

FALSE. Some women can ejaculate, some stronger than men. It is a subject still debated by specialists, but there are already plenty of evidence to support the existence and female ejaculation.

Women just like men ejaculate through the urethra, when they orgasm. Released liquid containing the same substances as that in men with slightly different (without sperm, for example). Content women ejaculate is produced by the Skene’s glands, called “Prostate woman”, situated near the urethra. Experts believe that female ejaculation is caused by intense G-spot stimulation

6. The male orgasm is always accompanied by ejaculation

Partially true. Women are, as we used sex to move toward end once he ejaculated and thus had an orgasm, because enters the refractory period when the body asks to rest not only physically and sexually, even for less time. The truth is that there are ways that their partner can delay ejaculation, while having an orgasm. The safest way is massaging the prostate activity facilitated not only your fingers, but rather a special sex toy that stimulates prostate and anus. A visit to a sex shop can do wonders in your couple!

The 7 myths of orgasm 4

7. Men are disappointed if their partner reaches orgasm

Partially true. You already know: every sexual experience every couple is different, depending on the pleasures and capabilities of each. Well, a lot of men are sexually satisfied couples even if their partner reaches orgasm rare, while many men are quite disappointed and even frustrated, lack of orgasm partner taking it personally, that depends solely on them.

As I said above, the orgasm is created in February, although much of the availability rests exclusively for female orgasm woman. However, do not let pride masculine men to come off the idea that either their partner is relaxed and happy sex parties, whether they are good enough that we offer top moments.

We arrived at the end. I hope you are now better informed and more confident about yourself preconceptions couple. Some assumptions are just myths that have no place in your mind, while others contain some truth.

The best reasons why masturbation is better than sex! Think about it?

The best reasons why masturbation is better than sex! Think about it? In case of doubts, and they blow us: masturbation be better than sex. Here is why.

The best reasons why masturbation is better than sex

1. Your partner is tired, bloated or not in the mood for sex. It is absolutely ok! You can masturbate anytime!

2. Feel free to experiment with any type of sex toy you want, without fear that you will be judged or hurt someone’s feelings as you.

3. Lack of noise and groans coming from your bedroom late at night requires fewer strange encounters with neighbors.

4. Who knows you better than you do excite you alone? Nobody!

5. No need to worry that you forgot to buy condoms or that you have not taken birth control pills.

6. No one will tell you that you have to leave in the morning from his apartment.

7. Sometimes sex can be very long. When you masturbate you choose how should last.

8. There is no pressure on you that you have to help your partner to reach orgasm. You can be as selfish you want.

9. Never you wake up regretting what happened the night before.

10. Nobody will care if you shaved or not in intimate areas.

11. You want to eat chocolate after you orgasm? Or do you fall asleep immediately? Is everything ok, no one is around to tell you what to do.

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