Maripily Rivera poses naked!

Maripily Rivera poses naked! The beautiful MODEL TEACHES US HOW her BODY is an IMAGE OF A BRAND OF TANNING!!!

Maripily Rivera poses naked

It is always a joy to see the body of Maripily Rivera natural and without any artifice or garment that covers it. The beautiful Puerto Rican model and entrepreneur we have come to see it in many suggestive, but this time wanted to go one step further and shows us all his tanned by the sun of the Caribbean, its flowing mane black, Latino and racial her beauty, and her big breasts covered with his own hands. It also has a pair of tits so generous that it is difficult to hide them completely, and we can see them largely without any problem.

The reason for appearing in this manner is that Maripily, just launched as the image of a French line of organic tanning creams. Although suggestive photo shoot Maripily we can see completely naked during shooting tells you used a g-string to conceal its sex from the eyes of photographic equipment. And it Maripily, where you see it, is one of the most modest girl who feels shame with the fact undress in public. Also, she says she felt completely calm and relaxed during in photoshoot, as it was surrounded by professionals who gave him the confidence to show natural and confident from the outset.

As for the decision to pose nude, he says he had been thinking time. “It’s something that at some point in my life I had to do” says Maripily. It is true that there are many celebrities who have just undressing to promote some other product, so that was what gave him the push to dare to undress.

Recently, Maripily Rivera claimed in an interview that she had no intention of undress for Playboy magazine. However, it has now surprised us strip for the promotional campaign of its own line of tanning. Funny, but September 13 will be released into the adventure with a new Mexican reality called “Yes We Can”, which opens on September 15 in Telemundo and Azteca. You see, this woman will be more than busy in the coming months, so before getting down to work, it has decided to delight us with their suggestive body.

Maripily Rivera poses naked 2