Ai Uehara: If she leaves porn, 100 people will die. Which is the problem!?

Ai Uehara: If she leaves porn, 100 people will die. Which is the problem!? Now that’s passion! Only the announcement that she wants to retire from the adult industry is about to produce a wave of mass suicides among her fans. Ai Uehara, 23 years old, was threatened by “a group of 100 fans” whether to withdraw, they commit suicide.

Ai Uehara - If she leaves porn, 100 people will die

Tough decision for the young Ai Uehara, who at 23 wants to conclude a successful career in the adult industry. After four years of hard, “lesby scene queen” as a caress her admirers, wants to withdraw from pornography. She made the public announcement last week at “Nikkan Sports”.

After just two days, her fans have reacted harshly. Initially threatened her that “we must continue that still has a lot to offer”, otherwise they will oblige. And as with that were not successful, fans resorted to emotional blackmail: a suicide group, designed to make it feel guilty to the bone. According to the “Tokyo Reporter ‘admirers have sent countless messages actress, telling her that they will cut veins.

“You have to understand me and they me. I reached a point where I feel like I want anything. I lost my motivation. I love them tremendously all my fans should also think of me”, she said actress, who won the adult film industry in 2014. She wanted to retire as early as last year, but made up for her fan club members are extremely passionate.

Ai Uehara began in 2011

You Uehara began her career when she was just 19 years old. He worked with prestigious production house Tokai Lahaina and had a fulminant ascent due to her lesbian scenes. In March 2016 she will farewell to fans at the exhibition which will take place XXX in Tokyo. She wants to engage in cinema art.

Dozens of men jumped into Akasha Cullen help! Beat, to ask his wife!

Dozens of men jumped into Akasha Cullen help! Beat, to ask his wife! Unfortunately, XXX actress wanted to commit suicide! Dozen men jumped into her help, and some of them asked her to marry.

Oana Neagu, known more by the name used in productions XXX, Akasha Cullen was on the brink of suicide, and the reactions of men were not left waiting. Dozens of men jumped into using pornstar and many of them were offered to marry her. Messages started coming waves. Most were from men, who wanted to know the porn actress. Akasha Cullen told us that women began to court. Oana told us that he was assaulted with messages from various suitors.

Akasha Cullen very sexy

I opened my dating agency! Inaccurate to say marriage”. After the interview I gave, many princes had jumped to help Princess Sleeping Beauty. They want to start a family with me, want to have children and a beautiful life without worry. Young or older … even women, all expressed interest in me”, she told us Oana Neagu.

In addition to dozens of messages from men, Oana was approached by a few girls, those who wanted a future with the beautiful actress.

“I want to announce the ladies, I’m heterosexual

Sorry, I want to announce the ladies, I’m heterosexual. But if I will ever change orientation, and I will take them into account. And the church jumped to help me and explained to me that God loves me. I greatly appreciated their messages, she told us Oana Neagu.

Interestingly, the church was with Akasha Cullen .

Akasha Cullen naked on the street

Akasha Cullen: Attempted suicide at only 25 years! The reason that a porn actress wanted to die!

Akasha Cullen: Attempted suicide at only 25 years! The reason that a porn actress wanted to die! Akasha Cullen actress XXX industry, Oana Neagu her name from the bulletin, went through hard times. Even the day she turned 25, porn starlet wanted to commit suicide.

Akasha Cullen porn star

Many people are proposing that up to a certain age to realize some things to start a family, to have a child or bought a house. However, when they fail to fulfill their desires, depression makes its place in the minds of the weak. This is what happened when porn starlet Oana Neagu, who had to lose about 30 pounds, everything to debut in XXX movies.

“To take a whole tube of sleeping pills and not wake up

Beautiful XXX actress told us that depression included a day that turned 25, and then the black thoughts have gone through my head.

I cried until I ran out of tears. It was a pain to tear me. At the turn of 10 and 11 January I wanted to get evaporate. I said, “nothing living on this earth if we did not anything that I want.” Friends were with me in those moments. The closest I did not have wished for years for fear that I will cry. At age 20, I proposed that by the age of 25 years to be married and have a baby. I did 25 years. What I got? With nothing. I even have a stable relationship. Unstable or stable, I wanted a relationship. There! I feel older. May joke, more seriously, halt on this earth for a quarter century. God as it sounds! It’s sad! You get to an age and realize that not everything is about money. Money is good, but can not buy happiness. I could not take a whole tube of sleeping pills and I no longer wake up dreaming for an eternity. Good luck with friends who have managed to save me last time “, she told us, sad, Akasha Cullen.

Oana wants to fix mistakes and injustices of others.

“I crawled on my knees and elbows to have a future

Oana told us that everything done so far and what you do next is for children, heirs that does not have yet. XXX actress secretly loves a boy, but it seems that he has no eyes for her.

“I worked and I crawled on my knees and elbows to make my future. We went on the idea that everything I do now is for my children. What children? With whom? I like a boy. I’m in love with him, but will never be anything between us. Unfortunately … I reached a point where you have to take the wisest choice. These are work-related, but my private life, the actress revealed.

Akasha Cullen porn actress

It was abandoned

Even if the family turned its back still small, Oana can not remain indifferent to the attempts of the heathen near them. As every bad thing has its benefits, I can say that my birthday I was taken by surprise. My father called me and told me “Happy Birthday”. I love that you begin to have a family and my father wants to be involved in my life. He said they welcome in her home. Despite having learned from television who I am and what I do, all girl‘s remains! My grandmother called me several times and wished me all the best. Even though I left homeless, I was very excited about her calls. I asked her to return to Romania and I promised that I’ll take care of it. I’m not a bad person. If you know how to behave with me, I am able to give my clothes on me “, concluded Oana.

Stephen Clancy Hill, a porn actor committed suicide by throwing himself off a cliff.

Stephen Clancy Hill, a porn actor committed suicide by throwing himself off a cliff.

Stephen Clancy Hill

Stephen Clancy Hill, accused of murdering a fellow plateau with a samurai sword and attacked five others, was chased by police until the edge of a cliff. The officers negotiated with the man hours, during which Stephen was threatening suicide. Surrender with a gun to , the actor chose to jump into space from 15 meters. He was taken to hospital but has not survived.

XXX nude photos of the star who committed suicide … Tessa West.

Tessa West

XXX nude photos of the star who committed suicide … Tessa West.

Tessa West was a highly rated XXX star. Tessa West was born on June 13, 1982 in Oklahoma, the American father and a Romanian mother (second generation in America), Tessa West (1.60 m, 52 kg) was known for her willingness to play in any kind of production erotica from S & M to solo pictorial, like the one made on a lost island in the Pacific. She had several stage names, among them Sofia Blue, Sophie Scott and Paige Adams. Unfortunately, on July 11, 2009, Tessa West was found dead in her apartment. Her heart stopped beating and it is suspected that it had been a suicide, the autopsy has been identified as a large amount of antidepressants swallowed an hour before death

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