What scares women in bed!

What scares women in bed! The human body is built for sex. Still, though, sometimes we tend to reject completely the natural side that I designed. It does reject something specific women ?! Is this explains that first” and always involves a glass consumed before, for more courage? Sex is a great, great, if lived with and loved is understood and perceived in a favorable age in which we can really understand what is happening to us. But can become strange, repulsive and unbearable in special cases. If you are in the early relationship with a woman or even the first night of love with it, should, however, have in mind a list of things that‘s better not try them first.

What scares women in bed

“We will not be our daddy
Perhaps only in movies anymore valid expression and the situation itself. Otherwise, no woman would want the other person to play the role of sex father, to use Freudian language that treat her like a little girl while having sex with her on the bathroom floor. Whatever type of woman met, none wants to remember her father at times of maximum privacy.

Do you remember when we did then sex and then you fell asleep ?!”
A lot of expert studies attest to the fact that most of the men fall asleep very quickly after sex, completely avoiding any conversation or extension of any state or partner connections. They may interpret this attitude as a lack of interest in maximum regarding them, or they were simply used and treated like a sex object. What can hasten the end of a relationship with you or can categorize as something frivolous, without any chance to spend the rest of your life together. It is good to remember that sex is to receive and give. It’s good to actively participate and get involved really, even if it means to make an effort to stay awake and to face conversations.

“I hope it was just a dream and keep it for you”
No one is interested in dreams and your fantasies. And you can multiply the word “nomany millions, especially when it comes to the woman you’ve just started to meet you. Whether it was a nightmare in which you argue your geography teacher in fifth grade, or a sexual dream, or you ran some geese on the runway at an airport, keep it to yourself. You do not get to tell her describe her and her geese threatening.

We used sex toys, but in no case at first sex or shortly afterwards
Let’s face it! As before going into the sea, it’s good to test how cold is the water, you can not go vibrators and dildos on the first night of love! They are delicate issues and situations, which should first talk, to know what each and cadets agreement before using them. In addition, your attention should be directed exclusively to her body, the desire to know and you know how better side. It is insulting and went to go get to use sex toys before creating a certain intimacy between you and knowing your partner well.


5 women’s sexual sins!

5 women’s sexual sins! Here’s a guide to what not to do a woman in bed. If you want to banish boredom and routine in the bedroom and rediscover your inner sexuality, here’s where you should start. Avoid these five sexual Unfortunately they make many women and you will never be alone:

5 women s sexual sins

1. To cry
If there is a top of the worst things that a woman could do in bed, crying as far winner. Not only will make him believe that he is a poor lover, but you will make you look and hysterical. In addition, there is scientific evidence confirms that crying is a major impediment in terms of sex. The researchers found that tears smell makes men to lose interest in love.

2. To laugh
If you start to laugh while making love, your lover will feel less sure of himself and his sexual performance. Did you know that 83% of men think they do love how can it be improved? Or, in terms of penis size, 45% of men would like to have a larger genital organ? Therefore, when your lover strives with all his strength should never laugh. Even if you do not laugh at his manhood or making love how he might feel offended or worse, make him not want to make love to you. And if you’re among the foremost Women who when excited, trying to focus on something serious.

3. To pretend
When pleasure is not large enough to reach orgasm can be quite easy to simulate it. Although, screaming: “Oh, yeah baby” seems a great option for the moment, pretending will make you both to suffer the long term. First of all, he does not know how to properly satisfy. In addition, many men realize they pretend girlfriends, so imagine what will happen when you discover. And last but not least, your lover might expect to have orgasm again next time and so you put unwanted pressure on both. So next time if you can not reach orgasm can tell lover: I really would like to finish now.” We love it.

4. Being shy
One of the best ways to make a man lose mood for sex is a woman to be ashamed when they talk about things kinky. So if, typically, are shy in the bedroom, do not get carried by your nature you talk ugly and not promise things you can not bring to fruition. Instead, focus on increasing confidence in yourself when you’re in the bedroom. You can do simple things like buying a sexy lingerie that you feel comfortable. Or you can read erotic readings together. The key is to remember that you can raise the temperature in the bedroom, even if you’re shy, but do not have to do anything uncomfortable.

5. Do not Know What You Want
Men love women who know what they want. Sometimes men feel pressure when you have to take control and go to work. So, when you emulate how you want to make love. Do not say: I do not know, whatever you want.” Instead, tell him you like or what makes you feel good. Even if it is only a few instructions, such as “touch here” or “Move faster”. If you usually do not know what you want in bed and feel lost when you ask how I want, maybe it’s time to discover how you like to make love. Teach your body and discover what excites you. So next time you ask, you’ll know what to answer him.


Czech AV proves the reverse gangbang! XXX Video!!!

Czech AV proves the reverse gangbang! XXX Video!!!

Czech AV proves the reverse gangbang

For some years the Czech AV Czech producer has emerged as one of the generators of content pseudoamateur most interesting European industry for an obvious reason: the commitment to massive sexual fantasies performed by a mix of professionals and participants fully porno amateur of both sexes. The result is massive and Mega Swingers where everything has an air of authenticity that similar scenes can not imitate homemade orgies and Home Orgy.

The new fantasy that Czech is implementing is titled Czech Harem and is a direct import of a type popular in the Japanese market reverse gangbangs. The idea is not unusual in Porn: gangbangs where the number of women is enormous, between a dozen and thirty, and one man plays a passive role. The scenes are always smooth, but have some component in which the ladies (in this case all: young and old, beautiful and not so much) frolic perversely to type in a sort of oozing sexual curiosity tasting.

Reverse gangbang XXX Video:

Things about sex that you must know!

Things about sex that you must know! Sex is not so simple and ultimately no one can boast that they know everything.

Things about sex that you must know

Women who have sex regularly are more sexy
When a woman is part of the game of love regularly estrogen levels or body doubles. Because of this hair becomes shiny and smooth skin. It seems that this hormone, estrogen, is the fountain of living water for women. Therefore, a woman should think about sex as the best and revolutionary beauty treatment and therefore have part of him often.

Humans and dolphins are the only mammals that have sex for pleasure
The truth is that people can enjoy and savor a sex and not to think of it as a means of procreation. And dolphins are exactly the same as men. So the two species resembles not only in brain size but also the way they look and approach sex.

Top sexual fantasies in women and men! The differences are not very large!

Top sexual fantasies in women and men! The differences are not very large! All people have sexual fantasies. But most often, these fantasies are accompanied by uncertainty, fear that they will not make you a freak among your peers. There’s nothing to think about it, you’ll be surprised by the results of a study recently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Top sexual fantasies in women and men The differences are not very large

Dominance was often nominated Chapter desires in the bedroom. More than half of men and women who participated in the survey have revealed that they will partner to dominate in the bedroom. But even dominating partner is seen as a fantasy. 47% of women said they want to dominate between the sheets. 59.6% of men reported the same fantasy. Similar desires, and to be bound were also mentioned by survey subjects. Although whipping and kicking did not score high, a third of participants said they would like to try.

Group sex
This type of fantasy mixed scores obtained. A significant number of both men and women and between would like to have sex with two men, 45.2% and 30.9%. Fantasy sex with two women preferred men, so 84.5% of men said they are always ready to try it. Sex with three or more partners was extremely popular among men but only if all these partners were female, while only 24.7 women dreams of a similar experience.

Sex in unusual places
By far this is one of the most common fantasy among both men and women. 82.3% of men and 81.7% women want a sexual experience in unusual places. In general, the location of sex mattered rate of over 80% in both men and women view. Public places have achieved scores above average on both sexes. Almost 20% of participants would like to exhibit in public when sex and over 48 parties of men fantasize about sex in public.

Sex with a stranger
This fantasy is appreciated by women and men, especially when it comes to infidelity. 72.5% of men and 48.9% of women want to have sex with someone unknown. 66.3% of women want a sexual experience with someone you know, but who are not a partner, while the same is desired and by 83.4% of men. The study concluded that people have different fantasies which, statistically, are rare, unusual or typical. In addition, the variation between individuals who would like these wishes come true and those who do not want this thing is pretty big. So you should not stress about what you’d like to experiment in the bedroom.



According Pornhub, women consume gay porn.

According Pornhub, women consume gay porn.

According Pornhub women consume gay porn

In PornHub recently did a study in which the question was: What do women want in sex ? Through a detailed statistics of access to their porno videos analysis, it has been shown that porn that most women enjoy is the gay porn. And when we talk about women, we are referring to all types of heterosexual women and gay bisex. Furthermore, another curious fact is that women which puts them also is group sex: trios and gangbang. One of the most wanted porn actors is Colby Keller, it is also shown that the two categories most visited are lesbian and gay, while men prefer teen and MILF.

PornHub analytics




Japanese do anything to have some sensations XXX! In Tokyo held a charity project called ‘Erotic save the world’ where women were left pipe and men.

Japanese do anything to have some sensations XXX! In Tokyo held a charity project called ‘Erotic save the world’ where women were left pipe and men. So just see something Eros Show! Because they were tired of their monotonous life, the Japanese created a charity event called erotic save the worldwhich appealed to young women willing to leave caressed by dozens of men.

Erotic save the world 2 Erotic save the world

They raised their shirts and left their charms free sight and touch. It was all for a good cause but because the money raised from ticket sales and various materials of a sexual nature were then donated.

Besides this, the organizers have created Marathon masturbationwhere those who wanted thrills could watch DVDs for adults and touch.

Erotic save the world 3 Erotic save the world 4


The most popular fantasies of women.

Almost every woman on Earth has had at least once in her life erotic fantasy. Whether it is forbidden desires or about some that can be easily put into practice, women’s fantasies have always aroused curiosity among men. If you have any intense erotic desire, you should not be ashamed, because sex is an important aspect and normal life. In addition, it may not be the only one who thought of this

The most popular fantasies of women

Here are the most popular fantasies of women!

Top 10 fantasy women

Here are the most common female fantasies! And if you own at least one of them, you have nothing to feel guilty or imagine you‘re a nymphomaniac. Eventually, you should take into consideration that perverse ideas you could spice up your sex life. They will enhance the sensuality and you will find that you more easily aroused before an erotic act.

10. Erotic dancer for one night. And when it comes to fantasy women, does not mean they want to dance in a club of this kind, but that would treat them as a partner on an employee that lap dancing.

9. The Role of Women unknown. The desire to change something in the couple‘s sex life can give rise to interesting fancy. Basically, she wants her partner to treat it as a woman meet in a bar or club, as a one-night stand. An experience that helps you try new things that have not tried to be normal.

8. Sex with audience? Yes, please! Not many women admit, but would like to have public while involved in a sexual act with their partner. Some representatives of the fair sex come to trust them, feeling sexier and more motivated in this way.

7. Feminine touches. Among women include fantasies and experiences with other representatives of the fair sex. But not just any erotic feelings, but some of their partner can play to watch that.

The most popular fantasies of women 2

6. Between the two do not raining. Although it would not necessarily like this in practice, some women dream to have an intense experience with two men. The main idea is to receive attention from both.

5. Sex in nature. The monotony of the couple can awaken many erotic desires in a woman’s mind. For example, sex in the woods, in the sea or in a clearing in the mountains may seem tempting.

4. An alien in night. Many women want to meet a mysterious and attractive man with whom to have the most beautiful erotic experience. Stranger in the night seems to be the only man who will not judge for everything they tried. Prelude delicious, passion, dedication, orgasm – all just a memory eventually, without the woman was also aware of the ugly side of the relationship, in case you could have one.

The 7 myths of orgasm 3

3. Domination power of two. Even the most timid women want to dominate your partner in bed. Whipping, slapping, ordered to obtain sexual performance incredible partner pleas of other juicy details of this kind are just some of the fantasies of women.

2. The role of innocence and fantasy rape. One of the popular fantasy among women is also still trying to force your partner to have a sexual relationship with him.

1. A master bedroom. Some representatives of the fair sex have admitted that they wanted at a time in life to be dominated in the bedroom, while others said they would like to disobey the commandments and be so punished.

Although many women’s fantasies do not get to be put into practice ever, this does not mean that the right to dream should be suppressed. So do not be afraid to use your imagination, because no one knows what you think.

Have sex while watch a porn movie! Women like this!!!

Have sex while watch a porn movie! Women like this!!!

Have sex while watch a porn movie

The myth that women are not interested in porn is based on the belief that women do not want to enjoy sex as much as men. Such a view, however, there seems little outdated? Women enjoy to have sex, to excite and watch porn. As confirmed by sociologist John Carroll, Brigham Young University, who has conducted research among students, about watching porn. Most responded that they feel okay pornography, for which 83% of men said they had seen at least one porn movie in the previous year, declaring him the same and 40% of women. Although this percentage is not very high, more than one third of women admitted that they had watched at least one porn movie last year. The percentage of women who watch porn is probably much higher, but they are not willing to admit that I do something that is traditionally considered “masculine.

More sex often gain. How is it possible!!!?

More sex often gain. How is it possible!!!? According to recent studies, it appears that women tend to gain weight if they are part of too much sex. The study was conducted on couples who lived together for over three years and found that women have a greater appetite when you increase the frequency of sex parties. Weird right? If until now it was said that sex burns calories, here it seems that it is not.

More sex often gain

But Swedish women seem to be the happiest in this regard. Why? Because prefer, in their vast majority, according to another study, jogging in place to make sex. The Reason? It seems that Swedish women need to be met quickly and jogging gives satisfaction on time, even if not sexual. While the need foreplay and sex finds it too much time invested to be satisfied.

If we count the fact that researchers at the Society for Sex Therapy and Researchconcluded that the ideal length for sex is 13 minutes, the above theories about pica. Well in 13 minutes or do not have time to yourself get hungry nor to travel considerable distance jogging. So, better sex!



Pros and Cons – Porn movies.


Porn movies, porn sites … I’m there. Always. Even when you do not expect quiet and download a song from the Internet, you find yourself beset by more or invitations. We must recognize and that porn is a taboo for many women. Even more interesting is that many of those looks horrified about these films are exactly those that would cast a furtive eye of such a film. Why so reticent? Maybe because I was so educated, that we imposed preconceptions or because we do not have the strength to recognize and exploit sexuality. Things are simple: divide porn movies women and sometimes men into two camps PRO Porn and AGAINST Porn . And for the debate to be as objective, come to find out which are arguments each side.

Pros and Cons Porn movies


Those who remain steadfast against porn agree that a real sex is much better than the most successful film. It was even rumored that a comparison porn is associated preparations of “junk food”, while a real sex is associated a preparation easy and tasty. In addition, studies show that men frequently accessing porn contents on the Internet masturbating 50% more than those who do not have this addiction. So if a man would normally masturbate once a day, once you enter the trap will masturbate porn addiction even three times a day. If that man is 18 to 19 years is not really that big a problem, but if you have 40 years, things take a turn dangerous.

This dangerous turn is represented by the inappropriate behavior of these men with their partners in intimate moments. They become so attracted by what they see in porn, so impressed by gestures practiced there, that they can not concentrate to give pleasure to the woman next to her.

Men addicted to porn is bored during a sex, can not concentrate, not orgasm or conversely, ejaculate prematurely. Partner will be downright frustrated if not depressed, when they will realize that her boyfriend sexually torque neglect in favor of masturbation.

This is the negative side of porn productions that are not only exaggerated by many in number, but exemplify the techniques and tactics and behaviors difficult or impossible for many couples in real life, not a physical and mental training in this sense. It is easy to see that your couple gets frustrating once one partner wants to translate favorite porn in his real life.


PRO porn

When a porn movie is seen by both partners together in a relaxed atmosphere, can initiate an experience even more exciting than sex, an experience that will bind. The key is to not make a habit of it and know it will impose a limit to thought, namely that not everything that appears in porn is a normal and within the couple. In the couple in real life, limits are agreed according to the preferences, fantasies and capabilities of both partners.

A porn film can be an interesting way to explore taboos. Fantasies are fantasies for the simple reason that they can not be implemented. Here comes the necessary impetus in porn film to explore your sexuality with situations that normally do not you try.

No one should be judged for that watch occasionally or more often porn. In fact, some things remain behind the bedroom door and should not necessarily be a direct link between what you see and what you‘re trying to follow.
Women are more worried than they need when they know that their partner enters the porn production sites. I want different? They changed their preferences? Would have to behave like the actresses out there? The answer to all three questions is NO. He was looking at some porn, most men do what they do and nothing more. But if these questions linger in your mind for too long without him and ask him, your silence could harm the relationship. Communicate!

Once couples communicate openly even about porn, misconceptions and fears are somewhere far away. It can be a very good stimulus to talk about your sex life sexual fantasies or roles and techniques we discover in a movie. You can try any as long as both of you are comfortable with what you do.
Couple porn

A recent study in America shows that partners who watch porn together not only improve their sex life, but also strengthens your relationship outside the bedroom. The explanation is simple: while watching the reactions of your partner helps you figure out what he’d like to try and you would not want to do again. Moreover, given that most of us squinted out alone at porn sequences, when we choose to watch with your partner means reliable evidence, a brick” in addition to “structural strength” torque.

Experts say with certainty that, watching a porn movie with your partner is one of the biggest evidence of safety and reliability.



Porn literature for women. Books you should read them!

Porn literature for women. Books you should read them! Read them secretly at night before bed, talking about them with best friends and spice up your sex life with them. Sometimes they are blamed, sometimes recognized as the global bestseller. Here are five books of literature porn for women that you really need to read them!

Porn literature for women

Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James
Becoming bestseller shortly after launch, surpassing sales books like “Harry Potter” and “The Da Vinci Code” book “Fifty Shades of Grey” has created a new phenomenon in erotic literature mummy porn“. That’s because it sold like hotcakes, and those who bought it were mostly middle-aged women.Fifty Shades of Grey”, written by former TV producer in the UK, EL James is more than erotic trilogy that follows the story of Anastasia Steele and student affair between Christian Grey, the young man who likes to be in control, even when they are in bed. The book is filled with scenes of sadomasochism described in detail.

Bared to You, Sylvia Day
Another book that you should not escape is attraction” by Sylvia Day. Those who read it refers to it as the new “Fifty Shadesdeoarce addresses all adults and all evoke a passionate story. The protagonists are Eva Tramell, a young abused in childhood, and Gideon Cross, a rich guy, and he with an interesting past.

Tessa Training, Lyla Sinclair
Once you put your hands on Training Tessayou do not you will never want to leave out of hand. The book tells the story of Tessa Greer is forced to move to Texas after he lost his job in Michigan and engage the receptionist “plus” brothers Mason and Dixon. Soon they begin to punish the young girl to commit mistakes that job.But sanctions are not economic, but rather related to the BDSM (sadomasochism). Even more exciting is that these punishments begin to like and when feelings between her and Dixon exceed sexual side, no one knows what will happen next, but both want more. The novel became a bestseller.

Bedding the Billionaire, Ruth Cardello
It is the third book in the series and follows Ruth Cardello Dartley affair between Lily and Jake Dalton. The two will hook while dealing billionaire Dominic Coris wedding, best friend Jake.During reading, the two will find much more tense situation than the couple, both in the bedroom and outside it, and Jake will soon discover that finds it hard to keep her out of trouble on his new partner.

Comfort object, Annabel Joseph
Nell, a young woman who works in a restaurant but wants more from life, becomes the object of sexual Jeremy Gray, a movie star handsome. Nell‘s man proposes to become personal assistant, but the young will have to face sexual tasks. In public they will portray beloved, but behind the scenes Jeremy Nell will use to satisfy his sexual fantasies.


What do women think when having sex? No man wants to hear that!

What do women think when having sex? No man wants to hear that! Over 38% of women participating in a recent survey said they had the best sexual experience of their lives in a previous relationship. Only 29% of men said they had the best sex with a former partner.

What do women think when having sex No man wants to hear that

Thus, over a third of them believe that sex with a former boyfriend was better than the current practice life partner, which is why they think they have sex with former current. Sexologist Tracey Cox says that the syndrome of the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is not something new.

“Women tend not to marry the man who had great sex in the past. They marry for other attributes more sensitive if the partner will be loyal and a good father. I get a lot of e-mails from women who tell me they love their wives, but have sexual fantasies with their former lovers “, says Tracey Cox.

“I regret that I have not chosen as long-term partners, but lack great sex that I did with them“, said British sexologist.

The survey revealed, however, that for both sexes, sex gets better with age only seven percent of both sexes said that the first person who was in love and the best sexual partner. Representatives of both sexes said that the main ingredients of a successful sexual intercourse are love” and “passion”, informs Tuesday. Only 4% of women and 3% of men said that the best of their sexual act took place during a one-night stand and only one percent of both camps said that the best sex I have had occasion an adventure in a vacation. The survey was conducted by the network of sex shops Lovehoney on a sample of 1,100 men and women.

Affect the lives of the couple porn movies? See why women are jealous of their boyfriends who are watching erotic movies!

Affect the lives of the couple porn movies? See why women are jealous of their boyfriends who are watching erotic movies! Just what are you up suddenly, thinking to drink a glass of water. Is one morning and discover you get out of bed boyfriend / your husband looks at porn on the laptop. Mind, start to scream and you do not believe I can feel attracted to such images when you thought your sex life is enough. Experts say you have not anything to worry about. See why men look at porn and why women feel jealous.

Affect the lives of the couple porn movies

Emotions partner

According to experts, men are inclined to visual stimulation, while women are not completely satisfied if they are not emotionally involved in that relationship. Therefore men always prefer pornography, and the opposite sex is attracted cheesy novels that tell stories full of suspense. Jealousy or frustration arising from the fact that she feels threatened. That does not know or is not ready for possible challenges that come with these films might affect your confidence. It automatically compares with that actress and becomes jealous thinking that making love with her partner, but someone else is thinking. However, this is not necessarily a problem. The best studies show that only 5% of those who are watching porn images have a problem that interferes with their daily lives“, says sex therapist, Dr. Russell Stambaugh Michigan USA.

How many men look at porn on the internet or images

Men looked undeniably greater in number than women porn images. According to a US study (The Pew Internet & American Life Project), 26% of male users of the Internet have entered the sites with explicit sexual content, compared with 3% of women did the same.

Advantages and disadvantages

Seen in excess porn movies can affect your relationship. For example, excessive masturbation will reduce male sexual desire for the person next to him and thus intimate moments in couple will be rare. The advantage of this type is images that can spice up your sex life of a couple. The condition is that both partners participate in their view and try to unleash sexual fantasies. As long as your relationship healthy and satisfying sex is more likely that there is no problem if your husband or boyfriend looks and porn.


Mistakes that women make in the bedroom.

Mistakes that women make in the bedroom. Mistakes in the bedroom? And so the list goes when it comes to him and her. If men are generally placed against the wall and those who do not understand women, today we present you some of the things ,, do not go by the book and when it comes to the fair sex. Not infrequently happened that now want one thing and the next moment to change your preferences. Mood swings are typically female, and this is supported by men repeatedly. But the errors that occur in the bedroom,, is due to our desire to look good any time, even if some things that bothers women are invisible to the partner.

Mistakes that women make in the bedroom

Who takes the initiative?

We are interested in everything to look and be perfect, even in the bedroom. And when your partner appreciates the gesture, satisfaction is much higher. From time to time you can take the initiative in the bedroom. Not only will appreciate, but will be able to enjoy another position, you are the one who takes responsibility for your flexibility sexual experience.

Do not bet on Skin.

You must not mind if he did not notice new lingerie, scented candles or did not notice the new perfume. Moreover to them and point out these things. It is important for you to get into the game,, “not to discuss about the physical concerns.

Try new things.

Although the beginning of the relationship does not lack passion in the bedroom with hand during each couple feels the need to experience new things in order not to make room for boredom. Just because he feels the need to experience new things does not mean it does not feel good about yourself. Do not take it personally! Things beyond your comfort zone can banish the slightest trace of monotony.


What kind of porn excites women, in fact!

Relationships: Just because there preconception that women are not great amateur porn does not mean they do not enjoy the fair sex, even sexual, certain films for adults. Here are porn productions that excites them, in fact, women!

What kind of porn excites women

Attraction and curiosity towards other people‘s sex life are realities that define both men and women. A form of embodiment of attraction to everything related to sex consists porn movies, which until recently seemed to be produced for the male audience. The Reason? Classic porn films shows women as sexual object of man: it is the physically perfect and is always willing to have sex regardless of the circumstances.

Well, this woman promoted in classic porn movies have led many women to disregard the real-life adult productions, film precisely because reality does not match their reality. In the meantime, a woman who has a job and one or two children to raise home certainly can not have eternal disposition to do whenever he wants sex partner or a silhouette of porn actresses nor its flexibility when it comes about sexual positions.

But this does not mean that women do not excite at porn! On The Contrary! As men feel excited at the sight of women forever put on big things” in bed because in real life, do not get something, and women feel excited at some porn productions showing, in fact, what they lacking in everyday life. As women have emotional side more developed than men, it is obvious that adult films that excite women (mostly at least) are, rather than erotic porn.

So, here is how a porn film that excites and women:

1. Adult films that excite women must, first, to contain men neat, smart and very attentive behavior. While the man in porn movies for men is the conqueror of whom are subject to all women in porn who like women, male protagonist must have all the qualities which man lacks in real life (in general).

2. porn movies for women are those showing a man always willing to help even the housework woman, the man who, instead of sit on television with beer in hand, a girlfriend home to wait for a hot bath with foam and candles around the tub, the man who will cook dinner, wash the dishes and tired feet will mass of his lover.

3. But porn for women is not limited to that. Women can excite and perverse scenes as long when they do not cease to be feminine. In other words, a woman can easily arouse looking at a porn movie with two women having sex, as long as the atmosphere around lesbian sex is warm and intimate.

4. Another category of porn that excites women are those in which the action takes place in a different frame than usual, that is not an apartment, but in the woods, on the beach or on some mountaintop. Virtually everything in the atmosphere and character frame consists, in fact, the source of arousal woman looked at these productions for adults.

5. Women excite and porn movies in which the actors playing some sexy roles as teacherstudent, nurse-patient, headsubordinate (ie no man on top, but the woman!) And even mastersyoung virgin sex. Whatever the role, it is important to have a porn movie thread of action, not to start from the beginning with the sexual act itself. For a woman to be aroused by porn it must take place gradually, to create intimate and sensual, have a thread of action and then to reach the sex itself.

In other words, porn for women is like, somehow, with the ideal conception of the female sex, which starts with a long prelude to enter the atmosphere that continues with the actual sex action that does not lack privacy and passion that ends with a postlude tender (not falling asleep after sex with men).


Women from real life vs. porn starlets: this is the great difference between them!

Men who were looking at a significant amount of adult films sometimes have a tendency to believe that it is natural for women in real life to be willing to do the same things as porn starlets. False! Thinking of a woman in real life is very different from that of a porn starlets. Moreover, even in porn actresses are not as willing” to do anything in private life as they appear in porn movies. So, men who think that women should always feel like you have oral sex or other sexual practices should be aware that there are large differences between what they saw in porn and women in real life.

Women from real life vs porn starlets

Here are the major differences between a thought and a real life female vs. porn starlet:

About foreplay

Porn starlet: “Delicate caresses they are terribly boring. Penetrates and ends with tandreturi me, because I will have orgasm anyway and I did not feel like waiting 20 minutes until you make your number with caresses. What if I did not lubricated enough, so I bought at sex shop lubricant. To skip the boring stage of foreplay.
Woman in everyday life: If I caress and kiss me enough before entering will be drier than the moments when the washing bag. I have no way to get instant lubrication nor to be excited just thinking that you want to jump on me. Skip and caressing me. And remember: one minute equals not a prelude Cunnilingus

ABOUT body hair

Porn starlet: “Women should not have hair out of your head, eyebrows and eyelashes.”
Woman in everyday life: I find no pleasure in sitting naked with legs spread in front of a woman you do not know well and do not want to know and give me my tears as she pluck hair with wax strips. Me to wax at a certain time because you have, but not a week to do even if I would pay for it.

ABOUT huge cock partners

Porn starlet: “Oh! Lord! What‘s great! I love huge cocks anyway and anywhere!
The woman in real life: “Really ?! Where the hell have you come to this ?! Ouch, I move my ovaries out of place!

During oral sex

Porn starlet: “I do this all day! It’s more pleasant than my own orgasm!
The woman in real life: “Do not feel she? Apparently so Should we do something with his testicles? Damn! And I got a hair of his teeth. I’m starting to feel like I do not have air! If I start again the head to pull me over dinner he will vomit

About Swallow

Porn starlet: Hmmmm, that‘s good. You should to find the bottles bought this delicacy
The woman in real life: “Ok, I’ll swallow. Not the other, but I just put new sheets on the bed which cost me a lot of money and really did not feel like a mess. Not to say that I feel like sleeping in his sperm if spreads around here.


Porn starlet: Now I can tell youdaddy because it’s not weird for any of us. I love to dominate
The woman in real life: Come so even finish soon!” Or “I think you should paint soon.


Porn starlet: ‘I‘ve never felt so excited and I never had an orgasm stronger than anal
The woman in real life: “Ok, you have to prepare myself mentally. Buy an extra tube lubricant. You have to take care of eating or anal sex,” Why the hell I agreed with that ?! I find it? Ouch, I’ll shit on it!

About Cunnilingus
Porn starlet: Oohh, you’re great! Yes, yes, yes, there, yes!
The woman in real life: Something like that. Below a little to the left not so left. Yowch, beard sting me! Let’s just forget it and move on to things that really do too

Porn starlet: “I orgasm every time and multiple times at the same time!”
The woman in real life: “Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the partner, but mainly depends on my mood. He can throw off three times and I was hard still can not achieve orgasm. This is sometimes not working and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if I can not really stimulate the clitoral orgasm.


Porn starlet: “I want again! Again! Again!
The woman in real life: Is it some food cravings. I go to the fridge “or” Ouch! I Cate tight in the room! I had sex and I started jihad?


What men like in bed?

Women and men are not as different as we are tempted to think in terms of expectations of an intimate relationship. Yeah, maybe she wants to be kissed and caressed more than him, but this does not mean that men do not really love partner gestures to show how much he loves tender. And, most importantly, to reconfirm, whenever they could, that is attractive. Again something and women want from their partner.

What men like in bed

A partner with initiative
The thing I hate the hottest men in a relationship is, as you’ll see in our survey, lack of initiative partners. A sex simply does not happen. Someone makes possible, so someone takes the initiative. It would be good, for the good walk” relationship, that this initiative will not always come from him. When a woman says and shows that he wants to have sex with her partner, it will feel attractive. That does not mean that it has to build seduction scenarios developed for the surprise. Can come in a banal moment while watching TV on the sofa or prepare a meal together. But it will be more than happy if she demonstrates and imagination and spontaneity in the chosen time and place.

..with imagination
Enthusiasm woman should not be terminated once the bed achieve. Husbands love for a woman to take control. Again, imagination is an asset to a woman and she should not be shy to try new things in bed. Not that you should fulfill all fantasies, especially when they displease her things. It is important to focus on pleasure each other and to discover what you love everyone. If you receive attention, the man will not try everything aside to meet his girlfriend. In other words, if you want to have pleasure, gives pleasure!

and without complex
Men like their girlfriend to show that enjoys privacy. The way the woman is manifested largely depends on the enthusiasm of the man. Surely every man is different, and also his preferences. In addition to those mentioned above, there are certainly others, to be found. For example, some like her partner to wear lace lingerie, others barely notice it. Some like language “explicit“, others are not giving him crazy.

Pornstars Galleries: Carolina Abril, the mischievous smile posing in sexy porno Hall of Valencia

Pornstars Galleries: Carolina Abril, the mischievous smile posing in sexy porno Hall of Valencia


Carolina Abril top sexy

Carolina April is the kind of girl that when I meet her in an erotic salon always I have two very present things, that you will have legions of fans and followers waiting for his picture of that mischievous smile that has no equal in the domestic porn the other thing that I have clear is that I will not miss to memory card fills my camera to stop.

Carolina Abril top sexy1

The final winning reality Mansions Nacho Vidal poses with a brash and pircaron sense that it removes the most seasoned photographer, this time I wanted to give a touch 40s Hollywood to smile captivating teen making an edit on a silver selenium toning in black thing left that I never painted the girl and white.

Carolina Abril top sexy2

Enjoy the gallery of the most naughty teen porn Carolina in April of patriotic posing at our booth ADP in the Erotic Hall of Valencia and also the teneis always willing to make you have a good time in your room cam in one simple click on the link…

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How are women in bed depending on the sign.

Astrologers claim that sexuality is influenced by signs. Here are some women’s sexual features depending on the sign, according to the website Random Sex Facts.


Aries woman
For Aries woman sex is not romantic. It is a physical act. It’s a little kinky and likes dirty words. She likes to be desired and if not given proper attention, will look elsewhere. Favorite position: She likes to be in control and what she says is law.

Taurus woman
It is mild and gentle. When is the mood, spend hours to satisfy their partner. Favorite position: missionary position is for the woman bull romantic and comfortable and give him the opportunity to enhance visual contact intimacy.

Gemini woman
Is not likely to like lasting relationships. He likes spontaneity, and if not give him lose. If the setting does not change, will change the people around her. Gemini woman loves to talk about sex and especially to practice it. Provided to be something different each time. Preferred Position: 69 – because receive and give pleasure at the same time.

Cancer woman
It is sexy and likes to stay in the house. A man excites family man, who daily compliments and kisses everywhere. Cancer woman needs stability in order to unleash. Preferred Position: As long as it feels safe, and the movements are slow‘re on the right track.

Leo woman
It’s sexy without being too much endeavor. Leo woman wants to be the lead and partner to fulfill the slightest desire. Preferred Position: anything related to oral.

Virgo Woman
It’s working and careful with her look. Although it retains the image of a “good girl” secretly dreams of being “bad.” Virgo woman wants to be the perfect lover, even if she knows that perfection does not exist, but will be as good. Virgo woman loves passionately. Preferred Position: all positions provides visual because they like to seduce the eye.

Libra woman
Libra woman wants her partner to take charge and to fulfill all wishes. Favorite position: all. Get ready for nights (and days) passionate.

Scorpio woman
Seemingly quiet and innocent, wild Scorpio woman is the zodiac sign. I hate to play, knows what he wants and usually get what he wants. Can fail and seek revenge, so be careful and do not play with fire. Favorite position: all.

Sagittarius woman
It is adventurous and often changes her mind. They hide emotions very well, so it will be hard to read”. When he found halfway is committed as long as the commitment is mutual. Favorite position: all.

Capricorn woman
Is obsessed to have control and likes to experiment. Expect diverse demands and be prepared to get them please. Favorite position: spoon.

Aquarius woman
She needs a partner honest and responsible. Not willing to waste time, and if you play will disappear from your life. Try to hide your feelings, so you can seem cold and distant. Preferred Position: mutual masturbation.

Pisces woman
Pisces woman needs romance, nicknames and hot whispers. She likes to be desired and adored. If i meet these needs, all your desires will be satisfied partner. Preferred Position: anything to please your partner.

Free to masturbating!

I do not know from where to where, but I heard that women do not masturbate. At least, so said to me a pussy not fucked. I froze when I heard that. I think I went out a couple of white hair and hair because of it. I mean Wait What ?! No masturbation ?!

Free to masturbating

I sat there and started to make calculations: husband (lover, lover) is left home I do not know how many days your kitty is bored and wants to be spoiled, what do you do? You put your chastity belt, trying to explain that masturbation is not within the limits of decency. Mind you share decision (is as mad as you) but fefe yours prays to receive even a consolation. In vain. You sit in bed, to sit with the remote in hand and run programs until you fall asleep. Damn decent woman! Just you between four walls. Do you feel ashamed of yourself?

Let me give you a good reason to masturbate?

I could give you and me. The desire to change your outdated mentality of woman, I tell you that playing the chaste tree is healthy: its scientifically proven that women who masturbate have a level of self-esteem much higher than women like you who prefer to keep their pussy in chains. You want more? Do you give: masturbation relieves stress, improves mood, make you smile more and can easily replace a sleeping pill.

Masturbation makes you feel woman. I am convinced that many single women have not felt waves of pleasure from the time she was big girl grandmother. Why? I think it is self hatred. And so their diduca pales visibly.

We need sexology lessons to be happy?

Why do we set now must exemplify and where, when and how. Let’s start with the place and time: where and when you feel like nothing gets in your way. If you feel the shower, do it, if the mood to caress while stretch machine, take a little break, run into the room and play a little with it.

How? Here‘s a little more complicated, as the cakes, but easy if you know how to improvise. First mix desire with pleasure, take a handful eager for action and willing to take the role of a mixer for a few minutes. Add a pinch of imagination (to taste). Optionally, you can sprinkle and introduction to porn. The result? An orgasm hell, fewer nerves and a smile that will accompany you all day. Honestly, better with one hand than with a vagina tired depression.

To love!

Dana Vespoli, seniority and good work in the American porn

Dana Vespoli, seniority and good work in the American porn

Dana Vespoli porn woman

– Dana Vespoli is an institution the world of American porn. Although not as well known as other milfs that are hundreds of movies, Dana Vespoli if it is to be one of the best directors who have Evil Angel in its payroll actors also work behind the scenes.

Born September 22, 1972, in San Francisco, California. Dana Vespoli at age 42 still keeps rolling as an actress for Brazzers, and especially for kink.com Evil Angel where he is also Director of scenes.

Dana Vespoli porn woman1

Dana Vespoli has a degree in fine arts and literature while in college where he was also was co-captain of the Varsity Rowing team rowing team, because this is from his name “Vespoli,” which is a famous brand of rowing.

Dana Vespoli porn woman2

Activity afternoon in porn since age 29, but was slowly rolling up steps more sugarcane and hard scenes. As a curiosity in his personal life I was married to Manuel Ferrara with having a child.

Today not for recording for Evil Angel as director and performer and is sought by many US producers for their fitness despite having already spent 40 years.

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Hanna Mounted Reality Kings

Hanna Mounted Reality Kings

– Another Madrid that Spain like going out and shop around Europes to roll. Hanna Mounted another girl exits the factory Torbe, makes his first steps outside our borders and this time he has had the production company Reality Kings roll with it and see that their fans but have been very happy with it and actors who worshiped his “Spanish ass” as named in this video starring alongside Queen Kira. Mounted Distrutad Hanna.

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Marta Croft stars in a cane creampie Bangbros

Marta Croft stars in a cane creampie Bangbros

– and go for three times that Bangbros chose Marta Croft to appear on your website is one of the most sought Spanish girls by American porn company. Bangbros People have looked at the explosive Spanish pornstar and this time they have an awesome creampie shot the photos and we leave the trailer. Marta Croft comes out.

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These are GORGEOUS ActricesDe.com in Barcelona Erotic Show Klic Klic 2014

These are GORGEOUS ActricesDe.com in Barcelona Erotic Show Klic Klic 2014

RDCe.com booth will be the most torrid porn shows will be offered Barcelona Erotic Show Klic Klic 2014. And we offer this then is the photo set of the team of artists and it will melt pornstars the Vall d’Hebron Pabelló 2 to October 5. A smart combination of experience, youth and beauty that are sure to dazzle Barcelona completely public. ! Not to be missed !.

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The Return of Anastasia

The Return of Anastasia

Anastasia Mayo black dress

After two years of media and retirement scenarios “to rest” we can announce with great satisfaction Anastasia Mayo’s return to Erotic Lounge. We have it on the stand in the SEB ActricesDelPorno.com Klic Klic 2014. Anastasia is delivering smiles, autographs selfies and anyone who comes to greet her. Here we offer the docu-reality IlegalBussines two chapters where we announced his retirement in 2012. Now it’s SEB making the video of the return.

Franceska Jaimes and Anissa Kate, love to fuck.

Franceska Jaimes and Anissa Kate, love to fuck. 

franceska jaimes and anissa kate fucked

(For RockPepe) – Franceska Jaimes and Anissa Kate had the opportunity to meet at a favorite site of many porn fans for their good quality and cane her scenes, Brazzers and they are less than to leave a trailer and a photos for you to enjoy a piece of female and Franceska Jaimes and delicate while hot Anissa Kate, surely you are going to have fun with this post. I enjoy it.

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Anastasia Mayo: “Do not go to porn at the moment”

Anastasia Mayo: “Do not go to porn at the moment”

Anastasia Mayo sexy

Anastasia Mayo takes it in the blood. She has returned after a period of retreat and meditation satisfactory. I needed to feel and internally measure the distance with something that has done more than ten years, and has returned with a vengeance. She stressed on the stand ActricesDelPorno.com past Barcelona Erotic Show where she performed several dance shows that dazzled the audience. And it was obvious we were not going to let her escape without subjecting it to our video interviews. Enjoy.